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Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

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What a moisturiser should be!

I have oily skin which tends to go dry quite quickly (both ends of the scale! ah) and I have previously used a lot of moisturisers that made me break out with acne, felt like I had applied layers upon layers of oily cream or just did't work at all. I'm so glad a friend recommended this. I need just the absolute smallest amount to cover my face and neck It doesn't leave a shiny sheen on my face at all which is excellent and It really feels like my skin has been "plumped up" I can't even explain it. It lasts all day and sometimes now I only use it every second day if my skin hasn't been exposed outside (i.e i've stayed in all day) which is unheard of for me. I use this in combination with about 4-5 other Dermalogica products and my redness has reduced and my adult acne is practically non existent except sometimes at certain times of the month.

Excellent product!

This is an absolutely amazing product for my dry skin. dermalogica is an fantastic evening brand and well worth the spend. Coupled with the Solar Defence Booster, my skin feels soft and protected. I have been looking for the perfect product for my skin for years and have finally found it. Purchased through gloskinbody.com.au, it's worth it.

Wonderful Product

This cream smoothes beautifully into the skin and leaves my face feeling moisturized all day (especially now, during the dry winter months). At the same time it doesn't look shiny. I use it together with other Dermalogica products (exfoliating wash and eye repair serum) and am very happy with the way my skin feels and looks.
Excellent results

Love this moisturiser... the only one for my skin

I've used this product since 2007 - changing every so often to try out other products but always come back to this. It's relatively pricey but well worth it as it's really good quality. I've got combination skin bordering on dry and this is the only moisturizer I've ever come across that really helps my skin. I use it night and day summer through winter and it always adapts to the needs of my skin.

The only downside is that it has no SPF but I mix it with a tiny amount of dermalogica facial suncream factor 30 or my makeup usually has SPF in it.
Leaves my skin soft, hydrated, smooth and with a nice glow
No SPF but as I mix with tiny amount of dermalogica suncream instead


This cream is great for normal-dry skin, or during winter / at night. Smooth and doesn't feel too heavy.

For those with normal - oily skin it may be a little too much to use during the day. I use the Active Moist during the day and the Skin Smoothing Cream at night or during winter.
Fragrance free, not too heavy.


Look online to find it cheaper, leaves skin so soft and love the clean fresh smell, even good for oily skins that can also be sensitive. For aging and dry skins but really is suited for everyone. its a great all rounder moisturiser
after going back to this moisturiser i havent looked back. it has definitly lived up to its promises in the smoothing department. OMG i cant rate this moisturiser high enough. Glides on skin and absorbs so easily, also a great primer for foundation
need quite a bit as it absorbs so quickly. So cost wise its very expensive.


This is generally something I've used as a 'primer' for makeup because it does smooth the skin and give makeup a lovely finish. It is, in my opinion overpriced though and I've found other products that seem to do just as good a job and cost much, much less. I love the sound of the ingredients used in this cream though and is a bit of a luxury product because of it's price and the 'research' that's gone into creating it, like all of Dermalogica's products.
Really does smooth the skin - good for under makeup. Gorgeous ingredients.
Expensive and doesn't contain any sun protection factor.


Fantastic product. Having combination skin, I found it reduces oilyness and prevents breakouts. I never get pimples, however I am prone to whiteheads and this product has reduced their occurence. I also have congestion on my forehead which this product has helped to refine. Skin always feels smoothed and hydrated whenever I use this product.
Smooth, light consistency readily absorbed by skin. Unscented, un-coloured.


This is a nice cream for night time but it isn't so nice under make-up during the day. If you've dry, congested skin it will be perfect for you. It worked wonders on my best friend!
It really does smooth the skin
It is too heavy for combination skin

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Skin Smoothing Cream
Price (RRP) $75
Release dateDec 2006

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