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Dermcare-Vet Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

Dermcare-Vet Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

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Awful shampoo

Left my cat with a respiratory infection & skin blisters all over him gone in the bin absolutely terrible stuff will stick to Johnson baby bath in the future expensive stuff too get refused refund

Purchased at Vet Net Supplies for $36.00.

Smells amazing

If you have been on the hunt for a great shampoo for your dog and haven’t found anything out then look no further as this product leaves your dog looking and smelling so fresh and clean and the benefits last ages .
I have tried many shampoos for my dogs and this is the only product that leaves them smelling so good for so long !
When it comes to price it is on the higher end of the spectrum but you pay for what you get in the end it’s cheaper than taking them to a grooming salon and yet you get the same great smelling result!

Purchased in April 2019 at PetBarn for $40.00.

better than i could have expected

a little expensive, but i've saved a fortune on vets bills and medication, and have a happier dog. Wished i'd known about this years ago when i was advised the only remedy was cortisone

Purchased in January 2018 for $55.00.

Horrible product

This shampoo smells disgusting, dries out coat & skin which is not surprising considering ingredients. I tried this on various dogs over many years & had no improvement at all. Have found several natural products not filled with toxic chemicals that do a far better job although since I started feeding my 3 dogs only fresh fruit, vegetables & free range chicken with no processed food at all they have never had any skin problems.

Itching and smell have gone

Malaseb Medicated Shampoo was recommended to me 2 years ago after my little dog was diagnosed with a skin condition that made him itch and gave off a nasty odour. I wash him twice a week (once in winter) making sure to massage the malaseb in well and leave on for the recommended 10 minutes. I noticed an improvement almost immediately but have continued to use malaseb to avoid the dermatitis an itching from returning. Happy dog and happy owner as he no longer rubs his back over the carpet.

I use this product in my grooming salon.

I’m a groomer & I swear by malaseb. I encourage any of my clients who have fur babies with skin conditions to try it. I have never had any say it didn’t work. I strongly recommend you follow the instructions to the letter, such as letting your fur baby “soak” for a full ten minutes. If you don’t you will not get the full benefits. I hope others have the success I have seen with this product.

Best product

Vet suggested for dermatitis on our boxer was itching non stop and was totally uncomfortable one wash and was 90% couple more and was totally gone best product ever


I used this product on my dog and it really worked well massaging the product ont her skin and then wash thoroughly helped her skin from being red to normal highly recommended this product

We use it every week

Our vet recommended this shampoo as our Bulldogs tail pocket was a bit smelly and this really solves the issue if we stay on top of it. Would recommend

Perfect. Done the job

My poor girl was as so itchy and I tried a few different products to no use. A helpful lady from overstock suggested I try this and my dog instantly relived from irritation and itching that was driving us both insane.
She is much happier and on top of leaving her nice and clean She is soft and fluffy!

Perfect for my Lab

My 1 Year old has bad skin reaction to super market products and out vet told us to try this product for our pet. No more reactions.

Great Product

Fantastic product recommend by our vet for skin allergies. We found out during renovations our Scott terrier was allergic to plaster dust. shampooing once a week helped with the problem


I used Malaseb on my dog because it is supposed to be safe for dogs with skin problems but some got into his eye & it very quickly caused a chemical burn on the eye. His vet has been treating it for nearly 3 weeks now & we had to see an ophthalmologist because it caused so much damage, there is still a chance my dog will lose his eye so I will never use this again. There are many other products available that contain natural & safe ingredients that would be safer than this toxic shampoo.

Used on horse for bad case of greasy heel/mud fever

Had used Malaseb with success for dogs smelly itchy coat problem so gave it a try on horse's 6 month old severe case of greasy heel which developed into cellulitis at one point (cured with antibiotics but still had greasy heels) and it finally started to improve within a week. Vet had recommended I try washes in chlorhexidine, 5% bleach, Canesten & saline none of which helped at all. Horse didn't mind Malaseb washes even though skin was red raw & bleeding in places but had objected to C/hex, bleach & Canesten which irritated already sore skin. Have used Malaseb since at first sign of greasy heal and stopped it in its tracks. Great product if you follow the instructions & rinse/dry off treated areas. Helps soften scabby skin which is typical with greasy heel & helps active ingredients penetrate the affected skin.


After using malaseb for years on my cavvies...my latest cav pup..1yr old..licked shampoo vomited for hours..now has a liver toxicity problem won't eat and came close to passing away.. It's a very severe reaction but really not worth the risk.. Poured malaseb down sink. Would not ever recommend to anyone. Dog groomer of 25 years.

Amazed at results

I have tried selsun blue,neem oil,coconut oil,acv,probiotics, oil of oregano, and everything else. I started using about 8 washes ago (twice a week)ted has gone from a miserable itchy, greasy, black skinned dog with major hair and weight loss to a dog with a beautiful full coat, skin so much better, itching 100%better,put on weight,happy,sleeping not itching, definitely works on yeast infection. Brilliant!!

This product is brilliant for dogs with difficult to treat, skin conditions

I have a small x bred terrier who is so low to the ground, she often gets rashes from her belly touching grasses etc. (especially rye grass) when this happens, I wash her in a diluted solution ( 1 part to ten parts water) of Malaseb medicated dog shampoo and whatever rash, infection or skin irritation she has, has calmed down within two to four hours. It is not the greatest smelling product on the market, but it works each and every time I use it. It is also highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I have had the same bottle (which is still half full) for over a year and a half now. I recommend this product highly for dogs that are prone to recurrent and or difficult to treat skin conditions.

Top stuff

Great medicated shampoo For dogs. Cream Male retriever 4 years old.
We go camping a lot so it's nice to know, it has bug fighting ingredients in. He also had a staff infection and this really helped calm his skin.


My dog was allergic to this product and made this skin flaking and itchiness worse. I rang a specialist skin
vet who told me that they recommend this shampoo to be diluted 1 to 10 parts water. i tried this poured over him
lathered it up and then rinsed it off within 2-3 minutes. It now has helped him. No one else recommended this shampoo to be diluted.

Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

Previously been to three Vets and a respected dog groomer concerning my dogs skin and ear yeast based infections. Trying everything from tea, vinegar, prescription medication, and other ear cleaning products. Wasn't until our dog had a very bad breakout of a skin infection that the last vet we saw recommended Malaseb. The change in my dogs skin condition was very noticeable after a couple of days. Two weeks later and he's virtually all better with no signs of infection. Can't recommend the product enough and I wished one of the other vets recommended this earlier. Will continue to use this product as a maintenance strategy.

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Does Malaseb shampoo strip the dogs coat of flea products
No answers

My cats licking herself after being bathed with the shampoo. I hopefully rinsed it quite thouroughly but could there be an effect is for some reason I didn’t I’m very worried just in case
No answers

Can malaseb be used to wash my dog on a monthly basis , and is it ok for there coat.
1 answer
I haven't used this for years because I found it to be a waste of money, smells digusting & really dried out coats on the dogs I tried it on. I've found having a great homeopathic vet is far more cost effective & much better for my dogs health than using any of these types of products especially for skin issues. I now have 4 dogs & the only chemical products I use are heartworm & regular worming tablets.

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