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Dermcare-Vet Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

Latest review: This shampoo smells disgusting, dries out coat & skin which is not surprising considering ingredients. I tried this on various dogs over many years & had no improvement at all. Have found several

NexGard Chewables

Latest review: Works great, never had a problem with fleas or ticks and it's easy to get dogs to eat, because I guess it must taste good. Only product I use

Jurox Amacin Eye and Ear Ointment

Latest review: Four years ago when my dog went blind due to Cushings, the vet sold me a tube of Amacin to put in the eye, as my dog couldn't blink properly, to act as 'tears' and relieve the grittiness. Four

Jurox VetACE Tablets for Dogs / Cats

Latest review: Our beautiful golden retriever Bluey aged 2 1/2 has been taking Vetace for six months now and is doing very well. Bluey was born with a heart problem and deformed valves, his prognosis at aged 3


Latest review: My 2 year old miniature fox terrier is very timid and fearful. After a trip to the vet for an unrelated issue, he became a little aggressive. Vet was concerned and suggested we put him on 225mgms of

Fido's Mycodex Medicated Wash

Latest review: I have been using this shampoo on my horses for over 20Years now and it is a fantastic product. When living in the Northern territory i found it great for rain scald. Not only good for that but for

Vetalogica Feline Joint Support Chews

Latest review: I was looking for relief for my aging cat for her arthritis (thinking there was no going back) and came upon Vetalogica for cats. As a herbal sceptic I hesitated purchasing the product. To my

Jurox Prolet Tablets for Dogs

Latest review: When my 13 year old Westie tore his cruciate ligament, the pain must have been severe as he went into shock, and could not walk. The Prolet tablets brought him some relief quite rapidly and after 2

Aristopet Scaly Face & Leg Treatment

Latest review: Please be careful!!! This product works well if you follow the directions. I had used it before with no problems but the last time I used it I applied way too much and the budgie swallowed some and

Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid

Latest review: This product saved my cat's life! I bought this just before my 8 year old cat had knee surgery and needed to be confined to a crate for a few months while she recovered. I wanted to make sure i was

Novartis Clomicalm

Latest review: It is prescribed for my Siamese queen when she is in heat, and it works. She has little to no side effects, and her incessant and loud calling is more bearable for her human and feline housemates.

Dermcare-Vet Pyohex

Latest review: During washing my Pomeranian he experienced a short seizure. It was the first time I used this on him and he had never had a seizure before. Not sure if its the product but just putting it out there


Latest review: Have a Golden Retriever who suffers from ear infections, caused by a yeast infection. Has been re occurring for some time now and have informed our vet that these ear drops do not appear to be very


Latest review: No difference. I have used it in the car, in my bed in thunderstorms. In my car for 2 dogs with travel anxiety used in conjunction with adaptil collars. No difference.

Rufus & Coco Bug Off

Rufus & Coco Litter Tray Mate

Rufus & Coco Itch Relief

Rufus & Coco Super Skin & Coat

Rufus & Coco Inner Balance

Ilium Opticillin Eye Ointment

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