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DeWalt 745

DeWalt 745

3.8 from 6 reviews

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Expected far better from the dewalt stable

I've been a long time DEWALT user and very disappointed with this saw and from a safety angle. Near lost my hand on the stupid, dangerous start switch fitted on these saws, most of these type of power tools have a lift up emergency stop paddle on the front then the start/stop buttons underneath and when I lifted the paddle, the saw started near losing my right hand very close to the blade and this same event could happen with small curious kids about, now I'm a retired electrician and been around hand tools far too long for this crap,anyway that same week I went to CARBETEC and bought a NVR [NO VOLTAGE RELAY] start switch [about $27] and replaced the original one on this saw at least making it a lot safer to my mind, now the crunch is that voids my warranty on a brand new saw, but what good is warranty if you lose a hand because of an unsafe tool, anyway, I'm a lot happier using the tool now, but the really stupid part is DEWALT fits these NVR switches on their dearer machines but seriously for $30 would you choose to run the risk and lose your hand or best part of it, no second chances with the power of these saws, this tool I'm fine with now but check the switch out BEFORE you buy one, it could be your fingers or hand involved

Purchased in April 2018 for $845.00.

Absolute Garbage - (Or I am very unlucky)

I am gob smacked. How could you go wrong with DeWalt? After reading all the positive reviews I thought I had found the perfect table top saw. Sounds like DeWalt have recently changed/cheapened their design or I was extremely unlucky and received a total lemon. Out of the box, the saw blade was no where near parallel, was >5mm out. No amount of adjustment (as per the instruction manual) could get it anywhere near parallel to the fence guide. Could not adjust the latteral position of the blade so that it didn't hit the slot when taking it through it full range of angle adjustment. (0 - 45*) The vent pipe at approx 15* blade angle, banged up against the bottom framework, requiring considerable force to move the blade towards the 0* position. (It actually flexed the frame) The anchor point for the motor/blade assembly on the down stream side was extremely loose...It was like it was just swaying in the breeze. There is definately something different with the saw I purchased (Bunnings) to that of the Youtube videos I watched. All the Youtube videos basically showed the saw been taken out of the box, the fence guide clipped on, blade guard installed and off they went. They all showed the ease at which the blade angle could be adjusted... and one video clearly showed there were no issues with the exhaust vent hitting the framework. Looks like you had a bad day on this one Dewalt.. unfortunately I would never touch one of their products ever again after what I expererienced. Bunnings were shocked, but to their credit they kindly refunded me in full. By the way, I am trade qualified and have owned similar products in the past with no issues. Well I can say, I owned a DeWalt product all of 16 hours and never got to be plugged in. lol.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

The parallel fence is outstanding help !!!

O.K. many table saw's are good. The BIG DIFFERENCE is the fence running on rack and pinion. This is the best !! ...and some more interesting fixtures... It saves so much time. I'm building wooden models and toys..... Absolutely the BEST !!!! Setting the saw first, cutting a small piece of 12mm for example, next piece needed is 19mm, just turn the wheel to 19mm on the scale and it is done !!! Never seen before on any table saw. Peter Aschi from Aschi's Workshop

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Very Happy

Terrific table saw. Very compact, versatile and accurate - so nice to set the gauge to a required size and actually get an accurate result! With these types of tools you only get what you pay for so it's worth paying a little more for good Dewalt quality. It's quite noisy in operation but most saws are very noisy. Can't fault anything else - very happy chappy.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Thing of beauty

What an awesome machine. Had it for almost a year and have used it on several home projects. Cut a 2.4 metre board with only half a mm variance from end to end.... im uncoordinated so trust me that's quite an achievement and it's thanks to this machine. It's pretty loud so if you have neighbours probably best to use it during the day. Would recommended to any home enthusiast - spend the money and buy quality rather than fluffing around with brands that'll never cut straight

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

The Quality of a Cabinet Saw in a Bench-Top Saw

This little saw is a beast. I've cut through a lot of jarrah with this saw with no problem whatsoever (60-70mm thick) and continue to be impressed with the accuracy and reliability of this saw.

The rack and pinion fence allows you to cut to width accurately (within 1mm) and because it can be adjusted to be aligned parallel to the saw blade, there is no pinching of the timber against the saw blade and fence, as can be the case with cheaper fences. The fence extends to over 600m wide, which is great for sawing up panels. There is even a flip-over sub fence to support wide panels so they don't tip over, to aid the relatively small table area. The accuracy of the fence system is such that I no longer do test cuts to measure the width of cut. I simply dial up the width using knob on the front and the metric scale on the table and cut. The fence can also be calibrated with two adjusting screws (front and back) to get this just right.

The riving knife/anti-kick back pawls took a while to figure out how to attach to the saw blade assembly, but once fitted worked well. You don't have to move the saw guard up and down either as the blade is moved up and down, because the former is attached to the latter. They move up/down together eliminating another common nuisance with traditional table-saws.

The whole saw assembly is enclosed in a metal shroud to direct all the saw dust away. A shop vacuum doesn't really work well enough here (the attachment is too small and not powerful enough). Once I get a proper attachment fitted to my dust extractor, I'd imagine it would work better.

The best thing is that mounted onto a trolley with a few screws, it can be wheeled all over my garage to wherever I want it.

The one downside with the saw is the small table area. Pieces longer than about 1m need to be supported by a 2nd person at the outfeed end. But for what I do it's fine. It could always be built in to an existing workbench setup to help this. Also, it is a modification of an imperial-based saw (so the flip-over guide is 2in wide, not 50mm). Another thing I've noticed is the table-top scratches very easily. I think it's cast aluminium, so there's no rust problems. Nevertheless, it will look a bit ugly after prolonged use, but it's only a visual concern, nothing functional.

This saw is expensive, but worth every cent.

Questions & Answers

Can I use dado blade?
2 answers
Not sure. I don't have any experience with using dado blades.Na mate, can't use dado blades. As far as I'm aware most Aus table saws don't have the funcunailty or recommend using them

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