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Diamondback Outlook

Diamondback Outlook

Outlook, Outlook DX and Outlook Sport
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Crash & Learn

Like: 24 gear ratio.
Modified(didn't like): Tires, Pedals, Handlebars, Seat.
Unconvinced: V - Brakes.
#1 concern: Gooseneck/Suspension Fork combination - The Stem Bolt (located on the top of the section of the gooseneck that rises vertically from the frame) is arguably not capable of withstanding the pressure that it must to maintain the perpendicular relationship between the handlebars and the front wheel.
In the event that a rider is traveling downhill and turning under brakes, stem bolt failure will see the handle bars and front wheel adopt a parallel relationship, most noticeable by the front wheel direction being side-on to the direction of travel. You may notice this as you are concurrently being catapulted over the handlebars or if you manage to retain consciousness, when you return to the bike and find that a quick "Nothing Happened Here" get away is awkward.

Dangerous bike

Several brake failure since May 2014. Last one happen in busy fast moving traffic, came very close to rear ending a car by millimetres. Wheels are only single wall and do not take much to buckle. I when down a gutter last week broke 3 spokes and badly buckled destroyed the rear wheel. Tyers had to be replaced after only 3 months. I have had to also replace the rear derailure. Seat is very uncomfortable. Pedals have cracked and been replaced. Front forks vibrate severly under braking. I have stopped riding this bike because it is a death trap. Should have brought from my local bike shop, I have now spent enough in repairs.
Looks goods and cheap.
Made cheap and dangerous component failure.

This is perfect! Can't live without it.

This bike is fantastic. All parts are working well, with nothing broken at all. Had this bike for more than 2 years and still in great condition. I don't regret buying this one bit. This bike is great for outdoor purposes and I recommend this bike for ages 13+. This bike climbs so well, it may even be better than a Giant defty 3 Road Bike ($800). This bike is also cheap for it's price ($198).
Everything about it. Reliable bike, great price with lifetime warranty.

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Sounds like its good. I have a gt aggressor about 3 or four years old. Pretty good but I'm thinking about doing something like selling or trading it in

Questions & Answers

How do I put the seat down?
1 answer
Hi . I found a picture of a Ladies Diamond Outlook. It is the same setup on most bikes, the only other fastening method is lever operated like the quick release fastening system used on a lot of wheels. Anyway , i digress, If you have a clamp where the seat post meets the bike frame, it will either have an above mentioned quick release lever , which you would open , thus allowing the seat to be lowered. Then close the lever again to fasten. For the the one i saw, you will need an all-em/hex key. Insert it into the opening in the bolt and turn anti clockwise. If its tight, (which it should be as its extremely annoying when that comes loose and your seat drops down to the lowest position) grab a section of pipe or a seat post/handlebars and place it over the hex key as the extra length will dramatically increase the force you are exerting on the bolt. When it loosens , stop and see if you can rotate the seat from side to side. This motion combined with downward pressure should see thew saddle lowering. The right height is that which allows you to place both feet on the ground while seated. at the very least the toes of both feet. Re-tighten the Hex bolt (use the pipe to make tight if required)


Diamondback OutlookDiamondback Outlook DXDiamondback Outlook Sport
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