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DJI Mavic 2

DJI Mavic 2

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Amazing Drone

I have had the Mavic 2 Zoom for about 3 months now.
Short version = Great Drone, easy to fly, get the Zoom unless you are a pro (you won't be disappointment). It's expensive but totally worth the money as compared to a lot of other options.

- Amazingly stable and easy to fly (even for total beginners)
- Compact and easily portable
- Great image quality
- Great video quality
- Zoom

- Price

There about a thousand reviews of this drone (and it's brother the Mavic 2 Pro) on YouTube and other websites. I won't try to replace those or add to them a great deal. If you are a serious videographer or photographer then there will likely be better reviews to read. As with most of my reviews, this is meant for people like me who are thinking of buy one of these for fun and to get some great shots of the places you visit (as well as the pure fun of flying something).

This drone is amazingly stable and easy to fly. All of the technology that DJI have packed into this make it very hard to crash provided that you are paying attention and not trying to be overly clever (flying through small spaces etc...). I have found the drone's sensors and safety features to be very useful and have protected me from a few minor mishaps and have never had a crash in all of my flights. The drone is also surprisingly capable in relatively windy conditions and I have had the drone out flying for footage of my friends on their kiteboards without any warnings or issues.

The Camera takes stunning pictures and video however the panoramic shots and ultrahigh def stitch shot (SuperRes pictures) haven't turned out very well even on quite static landscapes - could be me.

The remote is is brilliant, easy to use, good clean interface and holds a phone nicely. That said it is definitely designed for larger phones Eg. iPhone Plus models that still have the home button (less of an issue for the new phones with face recognition) this is because the gap for the home button will be out of alignment on smaller phones - pretty minor issue.

Flight time and other characteristics are true to the published specs and you will find that the 20-30min of flight time is sufficient to get most of the shots you want once you know what you're doing however early on when you are learning and not totally comfortable with your drone it can feel a bit short.

Finally if you are reading this and like me you may be wrestling with whether to get the Pro or the Zoom. Let me help you here. Get the Zoom if you are not a professional photographer, near to it or seriously planning to become one! I battled with that decision for about a month, scoured the internet for every review I could find and didn't really find anyone giving a clear opinion - lots of well if you want this get that sort of stuff. Again, if you're not a pro, please do yourself a favour and get the zoom, save some money and never look back. The image quality is fantastic with the zoom and the ability to zoom is really nice in flight. Having access to a billion colours will not matter to 90% of people using these things are will only matter if you are doing a lot of post-processing!
*If you have the money and are desperate for the fancier Hasselblad camera later on you can purchase it separately and install it fairly easily for around $600. - I doubt many will feel the need for this.

That's it for me, hope that helps

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