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DJI Spark

DJI Spark

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Faulty product, terrible service

Purchased from Kogan
Battery was faulty out of the box - would not charge beyond 2 out of 4 dots.
When turned on (not flying, just turned on), the unit ran out of power in few minutes, when the flying time is supposed to be ~12 min. So the battery was not even charging 50%.

Contact Kogan - said to contact DJI.
Contact DJI, they send me an email with many questions, request for multiple photos and videos. After I complied with all that, they send me a questionnaire to complete.

This process has been ridiculously long. I'd say they designed their support system to be arduous on purpose so people will give up.

Purchased in April 2019 at Kogan.com for $499.00.

If you're buying your first Drone, maybe get something cheaper (2 year experience)

I've owned a DJI Spark for 2 years now and here's my experience. Note, the Spark is the only Drone I've owned.

After a couple of months of obsessing over the DJI Spark, eBay has a 20% off coupon and I seize the opportunity to buy one for a steal @ $699.
It arrives. It is as awesome as it looks in its photos and videos, if not better. It feels sturdy with a bit of weight to it, and it looks expensive, wearing its price well; I'm happy with the $699 price tag. I plug it in, charge it up via USB Micro cable and leave it until the next day.

The app (and hardware) is packed with settings. The camera alone provides a lot of functionality you'd expect from a DSLR camera (adjust ISO, digital aperture...etc.). You can also adjust the sensors, flight range, paths, gesture settings...etc. There's also video editing and sharing...the list goes on. It took a week to get my head around everything.

After familiarising myself with both the Spark, App settings and watching several DJI tutorials, I take her for a test flight. It's a little quicker than expected and exceptionally responsive to my mobile phone movements, "this is great!" I take numerous test photos, panoramic shots and videos. I push the Wi-Fi range limits. The Drone won't fly beyond 120m in height (it's just a speck in the sky at this point) and 200m in distance (virtually invisible on the horizon). The shots and footage are everything I can ask for.
So why only 3 stars?

Connectivity issues. I flew it off my balcony, soaring over the Brisbane river. The app warns of signal interference, so I hit the ‘return home’ button and it proceeded to return to me (auto-pilot). By the time it reached me, literally only meters in front of me, I resumed controls, suddenly the camera-view goes blank on my mobile, "No signal" WTH?! As if possessed, the Spark flies aggressively toward me, dips, then bounces along the external side of my balcony's glass bannister, then takes-off swooping around my building. I find it at least 30m away from my building, smashed into a million pieces, "WHY!??"

Unfortunately, over the last couple of years I've had a handful of lost signal experiences both in Australia and overseas which make me very hesitant to use it as much as I’d like. I’ve also had lost signal issues when taking panoramic photos, i.e. not interference issues at all, but as soon as it starts taking panoramic shots, it quits half-way through. Signal interference is also picked up on video footage, which can make for choppy clips.

Flight time! You’ll find yourself tapping out between 9-10 mins, reserving the last minute or 2 to return home. This is not long at all, considering it takes a minute or two to fly a solid distance and to gauge your surroundings for the perfect shot, another couple of minutes to complete a full cycle of photos/videos (spherical panoramic takes around 90secs), then return time on top of that.

I highly recommend purchasing the Flymore combo because the remote makes handling so much easier. Per my flight time statement – it comes with a spare battery (I purchased an additional one too), plus spare propellers, guards and a bag to carry most of it in. All of these are must-haves! You’ll be surprised at the number of times you’ll find yourself ducking through trees and shrubs to escape attacking birds.

Final tips – Practice as much as you can before going for the big shots and always set your home position.

Purchased in August 2017 at eBay for $699.00.

Terrible experience

We were excited to get our first ever drone and we enjoyed flying it the one time we took it out to practice where we live Australia. Pretty straightforward to use. This one flight, however, was the only one we'd enjoy with it. We bought it specifically to capture our 3-week vacation in South America. We brought it out once we were there and flew it for about 5 minutes before it flew far in the opposite direction, out of our control, and was never to be seen again. We looked for it for hours and reached out to DJI. About a week later, after analyzing our flight data, they got back to us saying that it was a product malfunction and that they'd replace it. Three weeks later, after our return to Australia, the replacement drone arrived. Unfortunately, it came without a box - just parts thrown in with some foam (and we left our box in South America thinking we'd get the whole package replaced). Not only was this incredibly ungenerous, but there was also no sense of recognition from DJI of the loss we sustained because of their faulty product. They had the opportunity to ensure that we'd be return customers, but they fell short. Now all we can say is that DJI's customer service was on par with the product we got: cheaply done.

Purchased in January 2019 for $456.00.


DJI Spark... I just flew it for the first time....never had a drone or anything remote control, WOW what a great product!. Only flew it with my phone , but i have the RC , just cant seem to connect, can anyone help me? Any ones advice would be great.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great tech but needs extras not included

I upgraded from the Phantom 3, the spark is superior in every way! It’s amazing technology for the price. But you will need to buy landing gear and a battery safety clip to protect your investment. The bag it comes with is less than useful, eBay has better options for cheap

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Awesome first drone

This is a perfect small portable drone for a beginner to intermediate operator. Very stable and manoeuvrable even in slightly windy conditions. The supplied DJI remote links to your phone allowing the operator to take high quality photos and videos as there is a good quality camera. Recommend to purchase and learn how to operate prior to upgrading to a more capable unit.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

A compact drone with all the bells & whistles

The DJI Spark is incredibly sophisticated for its size featuring a vast array of automated modes.
It can be controlled with the DJI Remote Controller, or with just your mobile (or tablet) or just hand movements.
If you want all the accessories, you can easily end up spending the Spark's purchase price all over again - but they are good to have (some would say essential, and generally excellent quality.
The quality of the Spark's still pictures and (HD) video is fabulous..
Larger drones are much noisier and are inclined to attract (often unwanted) attention.
I highly recommend The DJI Spark.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good camera drone for beginner

I had this drone in the DJI Spark Drone Fly More Combo as my last year Christmas present. From the past 6 months Spark pilot experience, it is extremely easy to control with the remote controller (RC) and takes nice videos and pictures in sunny and open spaces (for it receives 10 or more GPS satellites' signal, i.e. P mode). Initial feeling is excellent as beginner for the price and performance.
Some of the new features of camera drone as shown in DJI ads are not fully functional and reliable. e.g. Object avoidance (it just stops short distance in front of the barrier and not as the ads misleading it will turn sideway or up to continue its flight). Gesture mode control is not reliable and it is good for pilot to have some exercise and then pick up the RC again. The complicated panorama is not always working, the stitching is easily fail after you land the aircraft and downloading the panorama pictures. Maybe a NO wind day and simple background will help. The downloading of panorama pictures are very slow and it must go through the WiFi.
As it is all under control with RC in P mode and moderate wind (say 5m/s), but at times, it will turn into A mode or ATTI mode with a warning due to not sufficient GPS satellites' signal, fly near high tension power line, under trees, under open caves, inside gorge etc. Then you will have big trouble in the A mode. You beg the Spark is at nearby then you will have high chance to have it back to your hand otherwise your Spark will crash/flyaway. These incidents are very common due to the Spark is programmed not to fly higher than 5m in A mode or smart pilot changes to Sport mode and the height limit changed to 30m in A mode. 30m is far not high enough for you to fly it back if you had sent the Spark down to film a waterfall, cliff base, or gorge. DJI classified these area as improper flight environment which give you an unhappy lesson. The only way to rescue the poor Spark is select a place for emergency landing and you have to climb down at your own risk to retrieve it later. One to two days effort and luck to retrieve is not uncommon. The best spot I found is landing on low and soft bushes so that the ultimate damage is only one or two propellers but the Spark is safe and anchorage for later search and retrieve. The release of 5m or 30m for flying higher to have more GPS signal is still difficult to hammer through DJI.
So there are a lot of terrains in Australia that are improper for Spark to fly into. On the other hand, gust of 10m/s is also a killer to Spark. The so call 3D VPS is not reliable on water surface as well.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Superior quality, well worth the cost

I upgraded from a Parrot branded drone and I honestly could not recommend this drone more! The quality of the video and photos are absolutely amazing for a $700 drone. The camera has a 'steady' function, when means the camera is able to film footage that is both steady and of high quality. The drone is very small, but has the ability to fly up to 2kms away and up to 500m high (law permits 120m), as long as you have the optional controller. My family and friends are amazed at the quality of the footage. The app itself offers so many functions - plus has this cool function that allows you to combine various videos and it will make you a short 30 second clip of the 'best' bits of those clips! I have recommended this drone to friends and family, and this is something that would suit a novice! Don't be freaked out by the cost, because it's worth it! Also, I would recommend that you purchase the 'fly more combo' because it's value is great in comparison to buying all the additional items separately.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good small intellegent drone - best on market for size and price

After owning a few drones in 2017, i sold my last drone for bought a smaller more expensive DJI Spark. The range of features on Spark is amazing and not used them all yet, check out youtube for instructions. With front sensors i have not crashed it into trees or wall outside and flys well in high winds. I would advise getting the controller, for accurate control and longer signal range than using mobile only.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Good quality, but...

Flying for an hour now. In all the built is very solid and the control are very accurate. Tested with mobile phone control has no problem flying 100m far and 50m height. Image and video quality is excellent. Only thing is that gesture control is not that accurate. Need more practise and move slowly.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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