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Sounded great but left me disappointed

The unit looks great. Very easy to install and use. Very user friendly setup. Decent images day and night.
I bought it because it was wifi but the wifi is extraordinarily slow at over 10 minutes to download on 300mb 3 minute file. Front and back are separate files. Removing the micro SD is the best option.
I've had issues with both the units I bought where the micro SD becomes corrupted or the footage just hasn't saved. I've had to use scandisk in the PC to fix the cards.
I've contacted DOD (Canada) twice about issues. No reply.
One of my main gripes is that I have it set on 3 minute loops. If the incident I want to capture starts at 2.58 and I press the 'incident' button at 2.59 then the remainder of the incident isn't saved. It goes to the next file. Might sound ok but when you're on a multiple hour drive or haven't the time to download it, the footage you wanted is gone. I asked for the firmware to be altered to make the device save the adjacent footage in these cases, no reply.
Their customer service is non existent.
The camera itself has some good features but I believe there are much better options for less money.

Over-promised, UNDER-delivered.

Like the last few reviews i only have negative things to say (unsurprising to see DOD not warranting a response either).

Bought the unit around 1 year from DashCamsAustralia after being told this was the best.

Whilst i agree the footage is indeed great (sharp, clear and great ISO in low light), this doesnt really matter if it wont capture footage when you need it most (accident).

We were in a particular accident (behind a truck who lost its load and it ended up hitting our bonnet). After arriving home to review the footage, surprise surprise the SD card did not capture anything!

This would have made the insurance claim a whole lot easier and that was the prime reason i ended up forking $500+ for a dashcam.

More so the entire app is very non-intuitive. It's as if someone with no design background designed and programmed it.

My other car is running a Thinkware dashcam and i really wish i stuck with that brand!

Save yourself the troubles and look elsewhere!

Great Image but extremely unreliable

Purchased 2 of these cams about a year ago, installation was easy but immediately had issues with not recording when it should have been. Firmware update helped but still having to clear the memory every week, sometimes using a card reader as the app wont do it at times, other times it will. The video quality is excellent but that means nothing if it wont record when you need it to! Stability issues when trying to connect the rear cam as the connectors are terrible. Tried a new top of the line micro sd in each but no improvement.

I had high expectations

I have probably had this about a year or a little more now. I have been really disappointed, I thought I had purchased what was supposed to be one of the top of the range cameras around. Very unreliable in recordings, I have gone to check recordings and for whatever reason it has not recorded a fair chunk of the day.even though the lights showed it was on. Have had issues with rear camera not working , so I had to reload firmware twice . Initially lots of issues with the android app but that seems to be working better now. I wanted to run a larger 64gb card for whatever reason these cameras do not recognise the standard format of the 64gb card or higher so they recommend using a format tool to change the larger sd card to exfat which is what the 32gb cards are formatted to. Well had issues with the dod software to format the larger card and it ruined my new 64gb sd card. So I just use 32gb cards to save the hassle.
I also early on had problems with the optional d4 hard wiring kit, so removed it and worked better after that. Another waste of money.
Only good thing is the video quality is good but hopefully it has recorded when you need it. I personally would not buy this brand again. I feel like I have wasted my money and have no faith that if I am in an accident that it will have recorded it anyway.
Will see if there is any updated firmware for this, hopefully it improves it.


We have recently purchased the DOD RC500S and have no idea how to use it and cannot get it to work.
You have probably guessed that we are novice users and this is our first Dash Cam.
The reason we bought it was because it was recommended by Dash Cam Owners Australia and secondly because we thought that it would be novice-friendly. Definitely not the case.
The instructions that come with the box are very hard to follow as it is just mostly pictured. You then download the PDF instructions which are more descriptive, however, what it states and what actually is supposed to happen are two distinctly different things.
We have downloaded the app and connected wirelessly, although this does not seem to work properly. We cannot access the control settings as a result, the voice commands keep on telling us we are approaching traffic lights or something like this, even though we are parked in the garage.
Also, is the wireless feature just to change settings when you have the car at home. What is the purpose of it other than this, I don't understand as nothing is clearly explained??
As a consequence, we have a very expensive unit which cost $300 to install that is now disconnected. Maybe we should have gone the cheaper units?

The phone app and the camera firmware can do with some work but are usable.

I only recently purchased the unit so I cannot comment on the long term reliability yet however currently it is working just fine.
I will use a score out of 10 for each item and try to be unbiased. Noting that this is my first ever dash cam purchase.
The Good:
Packaging: 10/10
Not much to say except it is excellent.
Cables: 8/10
I found that the supplied cables were more than adequate in length for my Hyundai i30 and the Commodore station wagon. The only thing I would change is to make the connector that plugs into the rear camera a straight connector as opposed to a 90 degree angle. This would have made passing it through the rubber wiring loom covers on the i30 and Commodore hatch much easier. It took a lot of patience to get the connector through without breaking the rubber or damaging the look inside.
Product build: 10/10
The front and rear unit both have a good solid feel to them. I don’t see much going wrong there. They also have a clean low profile design that offers minimal interference out either wind screen.
Control buttons, status LEDs and interfaces. 9/10
The buttons are well placed and easy to use.
The status LEDs can do with a little work. I found that while driving or stopped I could not see the LEDs easily at a glance. This is more of an issue with this unit being new and me wanting to glance to see if the record LED was flashing. I don’t see myself doing that much anymore. I even asked a passenger if they could see it and they said no. Unless you looked directly at it or it is night time you simply cannot see it easily.
The female voice in the camera telling you the status of things like recording is starting, going into park mode, shutting down and that the WiFi is on is a very nice touch.
USB interfaces and microSD slot placement are excellent. Unlike some reviews I had no issues with inserting the microSD card. It is very obvious if you try and put it in the wrong way. Once in it stayed there.
The cables are designed to fit in snugly and firmly giving good confidence that they will not fall out in a hurry. The right angle on the front facing camera allows for the cables to be neatly tucked under the trim and are positioned such that when the camera is facing correctly they almost point directly at the trim.
The inclusion of plastic chisel like tools to allow you to easily lift the car trim to install the cables was a very welcome addition.
There is an adjustable polarising filter that can be mounted to either the front or rear unit. I placed it on the front and it allowed me to almost completely eliminate the glare from the front view. This inclusion gets 11/10
Aside from the plastic tools mentioned they do provide a spare set of adhesive pads just in case you mess up the position of the camera and need another pad. That said I did mess it up but I was able to very carefully pry the camera off the windscreen without ruining the original pad. The supplier I purchased it from, Dashcams Australia, threw in some adhesive clips. Nice but not necessary as I was able to tuck all the cables under the trim or inside rear panels. They even put in a strawberry and cream chupa-chup. Helped me contemplate how to run the cables.
Operation of the camera itself not the App: 10/10
I found the WiFi connectivity to my Samsung Galaxy S8 to be stable with none of the dropouts mentioned in other posts. The range is short but more than adequate to allow you to walk in front of the car and the rear to see how what your cameras are seeing in the live view. 10/10
Picture in Picture on my S8 was very clear.
The unit started recording almost immediately the ignition was turned on. Recorded video during night and day driving are very clear with all the performance shown in the advertising. 10/10
The phone App: 8/10
Even though the app is very unpolished and childlike in design each of the functions do work as described. Once you get past the confusing connection screen the main screen does show the important information with the Picture in Picture. There is one caveat. See my comments below regarding the installation of a new large capacity MicroSD card like a 128Gig.
The Not so Good:
Printed User Manual: 1/10
The paper user manual included in the box is rubbish. Looks like it was written by a 7 year old at best. Why did they even bother with it? Should have just given you a link or barcode to the web page for the online version
On-line user manual 8/10
The online version is better but it leaves out some simple things like how to install that wonderful polarising filter. It was not hard to work out once I noticed the thread on the filter and realised I had to unscrew the ring on the camera so I could screw in the filter. I also knew from other such filters that it probably had a rotating ring once screwed on the camera to adjust it. But that was just because I have used filters like this on my camera. The online manual does explain the operation of all the camera functions but is held back by the poor design of the App.
The phone App:
Design 4/10
Looks like it was created by an 8 year old in a discover App creation class at school not something I would expect from a premium product. Point in case. If I press the record button on the App why doesn’t it blink red like the LED on the unit to show it is recording? The icons are childish looking. I get that the company logo is lime green but that doesn’t mean the icons should all be lime green! Get an App designer in to make the App with the same quality as the hardware.
Functionality: 2/10
Connecting the phone to the unit via WiFi. I found the manual to be mostly accurate. They should have said to wait until the female voice announces the WiFi is on before opening the App and attempting to connect. The connection screen on the App is a terrible layout at best and totally confusing until you work out what is going on and I work in IT.

My main issue here was when I installed the 128Gig microSD card. The unit started trying to record immediately when the unit was powered on even though I had just installed an unformatted MicroSD card. It took me a lot of mucking around to get the unit to stop trying to record so I could format the MicroSD card. It will not record until it is formatted to FAT32. So I recommend you use a computer to format any new memory card to FAT32 before installing it.
Would I recommend this unit? Absolutely. Things like a rubbish App design can be fixed with an update. Let’s face it. You are not going to connect to this thing every time you get in the car. I will connect to it once a week for the first few months to confirm it is recording but after that it will be once a month to format the memory card. Manual says do this on a weekly basis but I don’t drive the car that often. The video quality is the main thing and that is excellent. Well worth the frustration of the App until they get that sorted.

December 6th 2018 Update: After Sales Service

One of the DOD RC500S units I purchased recently from Dashcams Australia failed. After sending it back and getting it checked out Dashcams Australia determined that the unit was indeed faulty and marked it as dead on arrival. It had in fact failed after using the unit for about one month. Dashcams Australia replaced the unit with a new one. So full marks for after sales service.

By the way. The first unit purchased in September when I wrote the first review and the replacement unit I have just mentioned have both experienced their first really warm conditions in the Car. Outside air temperature was 35C so in the car in full sun it was hot. Both units working fine.

Maybe oneday they will get it right!

So my RC500s Dual Camera is setup for continuous power as parking mode was an import feature to myself. The unit randomly stops recording without warning or letting you know, the traffic information in useless due to the many inaccurate locations in the Australian data, connection to the unit via wifi is flaky as with many disconnects, and downloading via wifi off these units for a 300 mb or 3 min file will take the best part of 20 min with random disconnects to frustrate you. Overall I don’t believe many who have contributed these reviews have truly used the units. They have potential but the firmware release quality is terrible, I have missed recording events which were important because of the unreliability of this unit which is meant to be an insurance policy, a pricey one!

Hi Dave, Thank you for taking the time to write a review and we are sorry you are experiencing some issues with your DOD unit. The manufacturer is aware of some of the concerns you have mentioned and have developed new firmware to combat the issue you have described of the unit randomly restarting. We would recommend to please visit www.dod-tech.com.au to download the latest firmware available for your unit. If you have any further queries, or if there is anything we can do to help you, please get in contact with us via support@dod-tech.com.au. Kind regards, Simon DOD Tech AustraliaDear Simon, I am currently running firmware version 1805160 which is much improved on the previous. However the unit still falls over with no indication. Only as early as this morning I though I had captured footage of a school boy run in front of a bus almost being injured, I was hoping to share the footage with the school to help them in there safety education of students. However after reviewing the very high quality fit for purpose surveillance and temp rated memory card I discovered the unit had locked up on the evening before after existing parking mode. Hopefully further advancement can be made in the next firmware release. Currently the unit going dead silently, traffic camera alerts, and the wifi transfer time are major short comings. The last time I tried using the wifi communication the connection would die during transfers which were more than 10min per 300MB video file. The hardware seem to be there, the firmware has some polishing still, which has had an excessive gestation time already which only begs the question, do they know what they are doing? Cheers, DaveHi Dave, Thank you for your follow up. We certainly can understand your frustration in the lack of a proper working camera. All of your feedback has been forwarded to the manufacturer in Taiwan for consideration and I hope new firmware can be released quicker to help rectify any bugs you find. The fact your camera locked up could potentially be related to your SD card. Is this locking up consistent or is it randomly occurring? Kind regards, Simon DOD Tech Australia

Excellent Quality


Both my neighbor and I picked up the RC500s. The quality of videos on his camera has been very impressive.

Sadly though, I received a faulty piece which I have now sent back for replacement. Hopefully I get a replacement quite quickly.

I will post a review once I get to test the replacement cameras.


They have sent the same cameras back to me (no replacement) and I have had them back in the car for 10 days now. Still facing multiple issues. 1. Two days ago I noticed camera had no lights and there was no response from the buttons. Had to disconnect and reconnect the power to get it back on. Saw that there was no footage for 5 days. 2. I connected to the camera this evening and it now looks recordings are being deleted. All of the recordings from yesterday and this morning have disappeared. There are only a few recordings from this evening. I have asked the support team to swap the two cameras with new ones or refund me. Will keep you posted. Cheers AlanHi Royal, we are sorry to hear that there were some issues regarding the replacement. I am sure our support team will do everything they possibly can to assist you. If there's anything still outstanding please let us know and we will help you as soon as possible. Thanks again ;)


If you want an easy to install (did it myself in about an hour) but very feature rich dashcam - this is the one to get. Truly a set and forget device with great clarity. Unobtrusive in the field of view you will forget it is there and you can turn off the annoying prompts and reminders (You will get tired of them very quickly) but they are there for the real geeks who love the tech. Highly recommended you will not buy better

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Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your feedback and we are thrilled to hear of your experience with DOD. All the best :)

Great Camera.

I was not satisfied with the quality of my dash cam, so I decided to research dash cams. I found the DOD RC500S-dual. I thought it was a bit pricey in the beginning but the reviews helped me to take a decision. I am happy with the quality of the recording day and night. Installation is a breeze. And the App is very easy to use. I highly recommend it. It is worth every cent.

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Hi Mr Happy!, thanks for sharing your feedback and we are thrilled to hear of your experience with DOD. Yes we always strive to make sure our Night Vision quality is of the highest. All the best :)

WOW!! DOD RC500S is the Ulimate Dash Cam Package

After owning 5 previous inferior dash cams thinking each time I was buying quality at $200, I was bitterly disappointed. After having enough of poor quality video, unwatchable night vision footage, I decided to research to find out why I was always watching great videos posted online, that were so clear both day and night. Before long it was obvious, I was continually buying absolute garbage quality dash cams. In order to witness a REAL Dashcam, I had to buy the DOD RC500S. Unbelievable. Build quality, lens quality, wide angle view, clarity I have never seen before is what makes up the DOD package. Stop wasting your money and time. Trust me, you will be amazed at the dual cameras. I set up my car with both cameras within20mins. Mind you I had experience form fitting the previous garbage time and time again. Apart from the shock of the brilliant clarity, you will then go on to learn about the DOD mobile phone app. It connects from the camera storage to your mobile wireless via the app. The features don't stop there. don't have any more time to tell you how good this unit is but can honestly say that you shouldn't be put off by the cost. This is a pay for what you get deal!!! Cheers

Thanks for your review of our products, we are thrilled to hear the good news! :)Hi, Just to update everyone, almost 6 months has passed since installing my DOD dash cameras and very happy to report that the set up is working 100% like new. Brilliant. Just goes to show that this is a quality product. :)

Perfect Dual Cam

Excellent Clarity both at Day & Night. It's a fabulous dash cam which can be operated by your Mobile phone via DOD app. The only downside is the price, but you get what you pay for, definitely a premium brand, I bought it with 128 GB card and the camera works even at Parking, if used with Hard wire Kit.

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Thanks for your review of our products, we are thrilled to hear the good news! :)

Questions & Answers

Gday all, many have posted issues with not saving footage including myself. For those who still have one of these I have found it works much better with this card. SanDisk High Endurance Video Monitoring Card with Adapter 32GB (SDSDQQ-032G-G46A) I have been using this SD card reliably now for at least 6 months. It is ridiculous though that these dash cams are so sensitive to what type of SD card you use. Thanks
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Price (RRP) $579.00
Camera Resolution1080p (Full HD)
Channels 2
FeaturesAutomatic Incident Detection (G-sensor), GPS, Motion Detection, No Screen (Camera Only), Smartphone App and Wi-Fi
Memory TypeMicroSD card
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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