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Dove Go Fresh Touch Nourishing Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash

Dove Go Fresh Touch Nourishing Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash

3.9 from 14 reviews

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Smells great, doesn't exfoliate

Bought this as it was on special in Coles. Really liked the fresh cucumber smell of it but i find i have to use more than two pumps for each shower since it doesn't exfoliate that well unless you have a lathering ball. it leaves your skin smooth and feeling great after each wash.
nice refreshing smell
doesn't exfoliate well

The smell is great!

I think after you use this you feel more refreshed! I love the smell and it lingers for a while which is nice! I love that they have a whole range in this scent. I think they should make this in bigger bottles as its easy to go through it quickly. It may be a little bit runny.
Smells so good!


I have found all the Dove Packaging to be dull and dreary, but the prducts are always good, and always at a fair price. Available at any supermarket and nearly always in stock what you want. I do like the products they have proven to be good over time, from their shampoo's and I will say their Body Wash is one of the best. I use it and whilst it isnt my favourite I know a few of my friends who always use this one, I use it but would not recommend this one to family let alone friends. By the way it does lather well as most do when you use a loofa with them.
I find all the Dove packaging to be dull, but price wise they are reasonablen and the product is a good product.
The Packaging


I bought this because I used to like the Dove soap bars with moisturiser in them and thought this would be an easier to use alternative. I also bought it because I liked the fresh cucumber scent (although, I never knew cucumber really had a smell!). Light, moisturing and refreshing to use. I am looking forward to trying other ones in this range. The only downside for me is that it does not have exfoliation in it, which I sometimes like to use. But that is a personal preference.
Affordable, nice amount of foam, smells nice, moisturising. Does not irritate and is gentle on skin.
No exfoliation, but that is a personal preference.


This body lotion doesn’t stand out from any other I have used, and is not particularly moisturizing. I received it as a sample and would not purchase the full size product. The fragrance is too strong and lingers around, which irritates my nose. The texture is quite fluid, spreads easily and absorbs quickly, but soon after it feels like I haven’t moisturised at all.
It absorbs quite quickly, doesn’t feel heavy on skin, spreads easily and quickly
Unusual thin texture (too liquidy), does not moisturize any better than most other regular body lotions, the fragrance lingers and bothers me


I cant wait to shower with Dove. The brand is such high quality and the smooth texture of the wash lasts and lasts. I found my skin felt very smooth after using it.
This is a beautiful product and a brand that you can trust. The fresh feeling and nice smell really makes showering very refreshing after a long day of work. I like the wide range of aromas and types of body washes for all skin types. The pricing is superb compared to other products such as radox. I will buy more of these from this brand they are top quality.
There is nothing i dislike about this product.


My favourite scent in this range is energise which has a grapefruit and lemongrass fragrance. This is so cheap and works a treat. It is really invigorating and lifts your senses, leaving your skin feel like it's had a refreshing boost of hydration. It lathers up into a nice creamy foam and leaves my skin so soft and smooth to touch. Also it does not irritate my sensitive skin so it is a definate winner for me.
Beautiful range of scents available. Very affordable. Leaves skin soft and smooth while being good for sensitive skin.
I like everything about it.


It isn't the best body wash that I have ever used but it does have a wonderful cooling effect on the skin that leaves it feeling very fresh and pampered. I add it to my bath water as well which makes for a great relaxing soak.
Quite a unique product that I was very keen to try because of the green tea element. Easy and very pleasant way to get these nutrients onto your skin with great effect.
I would like if it came in a pump bottle. As always with Dove it is a little more expensive, but I think this one is worth it.


great product.i would repurchase this. this is a little different to other dove creams, the smell is lightly fragrent of cucumber but floral. i have used this after shaving and its texture is smooth, and a little bit goes along way, so its cost effective! (its great to treat sun burn )
Good for sun burn


A way to keep soft supple and sensual.A creamy consistency with a rich feel .You feel almost `babe` like after a soak in this.


This is the best body wash that I have ever uesed I dont mind paying the price and I love the smell it keeps my skin mousturised and I dont get itchy skin anymore which is a bonus. I would recomend this to anyone who has dry skin it is good I like the colour and it feels great on.
Love it


I am not keen on the smell it's a bit stornger than other moistureisers that I have used in the past it absorbes in very quickly but you have to use lots to get it to work its a little thin. I wonldn't use it to much as the smell is to strong and last for quit a while on your hands and gets in everything you tuch but appart from all theat it is a ok product to be used some times I was given a small bottle for Christmas and it cam in handy when my hands were very dry
The colour
The smell


a little bit of luxury in the shower each morning - makes my dry skin feel nourished and smooth, the smell is beautiful but not over powering which is a bonus.

i still need to moisturise after my shower but i find i don't use as much now.

all Dove products seem to be priced a little bit above the average, but I honestly don't mind paying for a bodywash that makes my skin tingle and for a product that does what it says it will.
smells fab and goes onto skin smooth as silk
would be better if it came with a pump like other body washes


It works well smells delightful and is competitively priced. I trust the brand dove but do not like the packaging at all.
The scent it is beautiful
The lid is a little bit awkward and the packaging leaves a little to be desired.

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