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I booked through drive now and I had to chase for my $50 deposit which is still didn't pay back from car rental company. I complained to Drivenow they haven't not done anything. So disappointed.

Customer Service
Price Accuracy
Booking Type Car Hire

Shop Around

This site looks good on the surface but after getting quotes using their comparisons for an airport car hire, I decided to go to one of the major care hire co's directly that was also listed on the quotes from Drivenow. Well, I'm so glad I did - I was able to get the same car for alot cheaper if I booked direct with the care hire co and online.....approx $127 for 1 day hire using Drivenow VS approx $80 for 1 day hire incl excess redn using the car hire co directly. As the old saying goes, it pays to shop around.

Outstanding comparison web site

Having all the car rental companies on one web site to compare pricing makes it so easy. Such a simple web site to navigate around. Stress free and no time wasted, will definitely use again.

Do not book through these

Charge you double the price when you collect the vehicle. Fine print states these are estimated pricing. It's basically a search engine that does not offer the correct pricing.

Horrible Experience saved by Amazing Customer Service.

Let me just start off with whenever I write a review it's usually for all the BAD reasons. So the fact that I'm taking time to write a GOOD review says A LOT. In May 2016, I booked a car online for hire with Europcar. When I got to Gold Coast airport they said they couldn't find any such booking, therefore I had to pay an extra $200 due to the last minute booking. Ofcourse I was not pleased. When I got back to Sydney I emailed Drive Now and told them about my ordeal (ofcourse it was not a 'happy toned' email). Sara the Manager of Customer Retention and Loyalty replied back in a timely manner and apologised for the mishap and offered me at $50 credit towards any booking in the future. Although $50 in no way compensates for the experience and $200 I had to fork out of my own pockets initially, it could have been Europcar who made the initial stuff up and the fact that Drive Now took responsibility and compensated without me having to ask is something we don't see in Australian businesses today. I thanked Sara and I thought that was the last of it.
However today, over a year after our conversation I receive an email from Sara asking me for my bank details so I can be credited $50. Now WOW. I know it's not a lot of money, but that's customer service. She replied back in a timely manner to ALL my emails, took responsibility, compensated for a mistake that is likely to not have been their fault and followed up OVER A YEAR LATER. I will definitely be booking with them in the future and would 100% recommend anyone to book with them. This sort of service definitely feels like if things go wrong they'll look after you. Thanks Sara, love your work!

Is there a zero rating option???

Went to Melbourne airport to pick up car. First of all Hertz didn't even know I had a booking until I gave them more details other than my name. Then they told me they needed certain documentation such as utility bills that I was not informed of earlier. My booking was not honored and I had to go to Thrift to get a hire car which cost me 3 times more. Don't rent from this website.

Miserable Customer Service

First of all - I never write reviews, but my experience was terrible.

Comparing quotes and the site's promise of 'instant conformation' appealed - however there was no instant confirmation, only a holding email. When I checked the suppliers website directly it said there was no availability which got me concerned. When I called customer service the first time a very grumpy man could not find my record, arguing with me that clearly I had not even made a booking (despite having a reference number and email from Drive Now). I was even scolded for booking after 5pm, surely I should know that the lists aren't current at that time (?!). My concern was that without proper cancellation of the order I may be charged (pick up in under 5 days). The contact number for Australia seemed to take me through to said grumpy man in new Zealand. He grew increasingly agitated telling me he had better things to do and effectively to go away, categorically stating I have no order - I must be mistaken (despite my attempts to help him with reference numbers, surname, pick up locations, country, time of booking etc, email details etc). When I later called the international contact number I got through to a very brusque lady who was apparently working on my order (so clearly I was not mistaken!) only to be told there was no availability other than if I paid three times the amount I booked for. Cancel Cancel Cancel. Huge waste of time.

Thank you Drivenow

Recently booked car in Cairns at short notice with Budget using the Drivenow website. Was recommended Drivenow and was not disappointed. This company obviously has a great relationship with its suppliers. I was pleasantly surprised to have an upgraded vehicle offered when I presented for pick up. Overall I was impressed by how easy the booking process was and how I felt valued by Budget as a Drivenow customer. Upon return I had a query regarding my invoice, I was most impressed with the attention to detail afforded to my inquiry by the customer care department. Overall easy booking and outstanding followup and support. On the basis of this experience I can recommend this company and persononally will use them again.

Price beat guarantee... yeah right

I have had absolutely horible experience.
Chat consultant just looks to chew away time.
also checked their 'other costs'. e.g. child seat provider co offers it for 11/day these guys offer it for 14 a day

very disappointed. much rather book directly through the company.

Mighty caravan great - Customer Service Auckland poor

As first time campervaners it would be a good suggestion that the staff on site perhaps do a one on one run through on the main things we needed to know, as the GPS video thing we were given did not work properly once we were on the road and at times was very frustrating. The staff at the branch actually forgot to give us the GPS and as we were still visiting family near by we didn't realise this until after closing hours lucky we hadn't left Auckland just yet but it was a mission trying to get a hold of someone inside the office to open the gates for us so we can advise them. It was very busy the morning we went to pick up our caravan and found we were delayed by an hour waiting for staff to serve others before us and then be told everything is self service. Just as a tip if if is your first time hiring a campervan I would enquire with other businesses to see if they actually do one on one demonstrations for you before you take the van if that is what you would prefer, other wise you would have to watch videos on how things are done with drivenow. The van itself was awesome 4 berth shower/toilet Mighty campervan.


Everything went exactly as planned. The van was clean and reliable but there were a couple of minor faults (T.V. didn't work - but who wants it anyway: drain pipe from slug tank was broken) but it didn't spoil the holiday.

At the end of the hire the deposit was returned to my bank account promptly which was appreciated.

Rip off, watch the hidden charges.

We recently hired a camper van from Drive Now that we picked up at Auckland Airport. It took 1.5hours for us to get going in the vehicle, even though the actual briefing only took 10 minutes and I did the self check in.
They told me they would put the $7000 bond for the vehicle 'on hold', like what happens when you check in to a hotel. In fact they made a $7000 bond charge on my credit card and then credited the credit card when we returned the vehicle. I was charged $400 for the transactions by my credit card (international exchange rates) and they had my money for 2 weeks. I wrote to Drive Now saying it was a rip off and they replied that in the Terms and Conditions it states 'The Deposit' will be debited from your credit card, no mention of the Bond being debited from my credit card and the customer service person said the Bond would just be on hold on the credit card.
Watch out for their sneaky tactics.

A very happy camper!

I regularly use DriveNow to arrange both campervan and car hire around Australia. Its great having it all in one place and its so easy to play around with dates and locations to find the best deal. If I ever have any questions, the team are very helpful and just a phone call or email away, always fast and efficient responses. The vehicles have always been in great condition and such an easy process when collecting and returning the vehicle. I have no reason to look anywhere else! Thanks a lot DriveNow!

Positive booking and rental experience.

Recently booked a Britz Hi Top Campervan through DriveNow.com.au for a holiday in Perth.The DriveNow site offered easily viewed comparisons and a comprehensive guide to vehicle descriptions. When we arrived to collect our vehicle there was no need to ask follow up questions about the hire vehicle - a well planned and informative website. Our campervan rental went smoothly and we are looking forward to making our next holiday plans later in the year.

Campervan Relocations

Booked for a Melbourne-Hobart relocation 3 weeks ago. I know these arrangements can be cancelled at the last moment. This is tricky. I arranged travel for my partner on the overnight ferry. We were all set to go in 2 days time. Today (Saturday) I have a call from Maui to say my relocation is cancelled...ok. part of the deal. Also noticed another relocation in the same time frame, but on enquiry to Drive Now, this had been sold. I had asked , when booking originally, about the eventuality of such an event, was zero due to the costs involved with ferry transfers.
Now, I am faced with a $1,000 add on to my holiday.Had to book a very expensive seat on the ferry, also, had to rebook accommodation. OK. such is the nature of re-location pot-luck, but I would have thought that the other available re-locate, should have been given to me. At the end of the day, much cheaper to rent a car in Tassie, than campervan. So stressed by this.

If you hire from Apollo make sure you understand the terms and conditions and that you have NO insur

We booked a holiday in melbourne with apollo in march 2014. The motor home, was filthy and damaged inside and was not the one ordered. The staff were foreign and had difficulty in explaining the workings of the van and the conditions of the hire contract. This was our undoing as like others on this forum we believed we were purchasing insurance when we took the vip option and paid the highest rate possible to cover us (we thought ) for any eventuality with a nil excess. This was what we were told by the staff when we picked up the van. We subsequently had an accident when a tree branch went through the fiber glass of the van causing a hole above the passenger side window. We did not worry too much as we believed we were covered for any damage. Not so. Hirers beware. What they sell you is a reduction in liability, which means sweet all. We were told by one of their non english speaking staff that we would be liable for any damage to the roof. Again not so. Although they would not supply us with a copy of their insurance and the terms and conditions the damage not covered is apparently any above head height. They do not specify whose head height they take as a guide though.

They then sent us their repairers quote for the damage with threats that if it was not paid within seven days they would take us to court. Their quote was $13800.00 that's right thirteen thousand plus dollars. One quote only plus a further $2000.00 for the two weeks the van would be off road being repaired. I wrote stating that i was not satisfied with their quote and that we would be finding someone to look at it which we did. The person we found was wonderful and gave us lots of information and was honest with us stating that he had done a similar repair for $8000.00. He went through their repairers quote item for items and pointed out where we were being charged twice for the same piece of work and where we were being overcharged for the number of hours quoted.

While we were getting legal advice and going to a reputable repairer apollo continued to send us emails threatening to take us to court. I sent them emails stating that given the costs of the repair as quoted by them i did not feel any judge would penalise us for finding out exactly what apollos' repairer had actually quoted for and to enable us to make informed decisions.

After numerous emails ultimately apollo waived the $2000.00 off road fee and they accepted $7000.00 for the repair. This was due in part to their assessors credibility being compromised when he agreed to the repairer charging $1400.00 for the removal and replacement of a non existent carpet and other ridiculous charges which their assessor had no idea of. Our suggestion is get a second opinion on the cost of the damage if possible. We would not have picked up so many over charges if we had not taken the photos and repairers quote to another reputable repairer when we got home. Apollo attempts to get as much money from you as possible unless they are challenged.

While $7000.00 is very different from the almost $16000.00 initially quoted we still are hurting financially as seven grand is a lot of money. We also are really angry as we believed we were covered for the damage. We will never hire through apollo again. Their terms and conditions are not clear and they will not provide you with the terms and conditions of their insurance for which you pay through the nose the reduction in liability for. Challenge their repairers quotes and get your own. Most repairers now quote on photographs only and not the damaged vehicle as do most assessors. They can and do reduce the amount if challenged but you have to get real evidence. Stay well clear of apollo and make sure other hire companies don't do the same thing. We have learnt a very expensive and very hard lesson. Hopefully others will learn by our mistake.

The van was old dirty and worn

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Not sure why this Apollo post is on the DriveNow review page, do Apollo not have a page?

Apollo campervan rental

These guys are the cheapest when looking online but they hide their excessive credit card costs in the small print. For a $1000 rental they charged a $100 credit card fee, they wouldn't give the $100 fee back when asked and hence the bad review. Aside from that the vehicle was fine but you should do the maths if shopping around.
Vehicle was fine
Hidden costs

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I contacted DriveNow to ask them about Apollo and hidden fees, the haven't used Apollo for over 2 years.

Excellent website, professional, practical, transparent costs, flexible, friendly and efficient.

On my way home from the States to collect a previously reserved camper with another company and catch up with family in Australia. Received a call to advise the camper was no longer available and the company could not offer an alternative over the busy holiday period. Was recommended DriveNow and their efficient staff promptly organised a camper to cover my needs. Initially looking online, was impressed with their rate data and simple to follow comparison chart. DriveNow staff listened and acted immediately - thus providing me with a hassle free, seamless booking experience at a very stressful time. My Britz camper was waiting for me in the parking lot as advised and I can honestly say "the Price you see is the Price you pay". Provided with thorough information and documentation there were no surprises at vehicle collection. During our travels we could rest assured that DriveNow also provide service via phone contact and online chat if required.
A very positive experience. We are now planning our return to Australia later this year. Thank you DriveNow!
Easy to use, clear on prices and processes. Excellent client service and follow up.
Was extremely happy with this professional service compared to others I have experienced.

Price match - Not if we can help it!

So, the pricematch guarantee. The slogan "We have the best rates GUARANTEED!" When reading this, you sense that the company is going to be cheap, and if not, at least comparable to the rest of the market.
What a shock I got! I was quoted approx. $250 for a 4day rental which I believed at the time was a good rate, so I booked. However, when I looked the very next morning and checked the actual rental company (hertz) website, I was shocked to see that the quote received was significantly cheaper ($191). When I checked the drivenows website including its pricematch guarantee, it states:

DriveNow will match any ‘available’ rate offered by an Australian or New Zealand website and registered business for campervan and motorhome travel within Australia and New Zealand. ‘Available’ means that the other website has a genuine offer for the identical same supplier, vehicle, location, dates and purchase conditions in the relevant currency for each country, and is genuine and available to be booked within business hours on the day you present it to us.

So when I contacted them via their e-mail system, I was told that an error had occurred and that they were applying a discount to the quote I was given, however because hertz have requested payment upfront, this apparently voided drivenows terms and conditions as they are different "purchase conditions".

I would like to clarify that despite paying for the booking, I am still able to cancel (without penalty) for up to 7days.

Drivenow would be fully aware of their competitors payment systems and therefore have strategically worded and marketed their "price match guarantee" to be nothing more than a few words written on their website.

As per other reviewers, look at contacting the companies directly as they will beat most offers. These companies have limited car choices and discount options and will not disclose this unless you call to complain (as per in my situation).

Think about it.... they make money off referrals. If Hertz/Avis/Thrifty want your business, they will undercut this mob.
Just ring the company direct.
easy website, quick bookings
deceptive marketing and clerarly more expensive than most

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Totally agree. They have a loop hole for everything so not give out their 10% price match. pay to shop around.

Thumbs up Drive Now - thumbs down Budget

Having recently booked a car through Drive Now for 13 days hire in Perth (city depot) for an excellent rate, I found on collection in Perth, Budget totally ignored the paperwork from DriveNow and issued me with an invoice for more than 60% more than what I had aggreed to. On return, I took this up with DriveNow head office who immediately stood by their slogan of "What you see is what you pay" - and refunded the extra amount - in full. Not many companies, these days honour their pledges and I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is looking for a car hire rate that is great. I have rented many cars in many countries and always through a broker who give a much better rate than the "biggies" in the industry.
10 out of 10 DriveNow!
The easiest site to explore and the rates offered

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