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Earth Choice Dishwashing Concentrate

Earth Choice Dishwashing Concentrate

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I hate to say it but previous posters defending the company about their smells. Unless It's listed what ingredients they use for their fragrances, why i should I trust them? How do I know the company isn't hiding anything? They are cheap and economical but those defending them need to do a little research. sls and sodium coco sulphate are skin irritants and I also noticed BENZISOTHIAZOLIN is listed as an ingredient. According to Wikipedia and EWG, they are on par with Methylisothiazolinone in terms of toxicity and as a skin irritant. It would explain why everyone who has posted reviews has issues with Earth's choice affecting their skin. It doesn't matter where the base hydrocarbon skeleton used in the making of sls for this product came from. The chemical formula and structure is still the same so it still has the same issues. I would recommend anyone using this product to use gloves.

Earth Choice need to examine the stopper on the bottle

I use a few products of this brand. They seem to be nice and are very economical. The stopper on the bottle of dishwashing concentrate (Blood Orange & Pomegranite, 500 ml) gets clogged up all the time. I have to unscrew it and soak it for a long while before I can squirt the liquid out again. I have used all the bottle under sufferance (!) because the smell is so nice but I wont buy this brand in dishwashing concentrate again.

Best on the shelves!

Everyone saying 'it's not organic' or full of chemicals- wrong... although it contains some, if you read them they are last on the list of ingredients and actually only use approx 0.01% which isn't enough to harm you. The point of needing some ingredients like this is without it, the product wouldn go off in a few days because its plant derived and got natural ingredients in it. The fact that it's dead last shows how little there is (as they show ingredients in order of how much is in it) where compared to all the others where they are in the first few.
Please get it right before blasting the company.
I have psoriasis and find this stuff works best. And smells amazing without added fake fragrances because of the plants in it.
And for what's on offer in most supermarkets and shops, this is the closes you will get to healthy and good for you! Why choose anything else unless you plan on going to a health shop and paying a fortune and even then they still use chemicals

My plates are clean without harsh chemicals

When my baby was born I started to use less chemicals in my kitchen and laundry, that is why I switched to Earth Choice dish-washing liquid. It smells nice and have enough foam to clean the dishes. It easily clean oil from fry-pans. I even wash baby bottles with it now. Don't see the reason to switch back to another liquid.
smell, foam, good package design
Can not find small bottle of this liquid to use on travel

Will not go elsewhere

Besides all the beautiful different scents, it's soft on the hands and only need a pea size amount to wash a few dishes. It's also very friendly to the environment and is not tested on animals which is very important. It's not the cheapest detergent on the market but i definitely recommend it.
Environmentally friendly, Pet friendly, soft on hands

Australian Made & Owned

We are on our 4th box of these dishwasher tablets. Australian Made & Owned was what made me try them in the first instance and they work every bit as well as the more expensive foreign brands. Why can't the supermarkets stick the Aussie Made sticker around the aisles to make buying Australian easier?
Australian made and owned and they work!

Clean as a whistle

For an environmantally friendly product that is Australian Made & Owned, this dishwashing detergent still bubbles and cleans your everyday dishes and smells lovely.
Great value and Australian

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Hi Dave. Thanks for your comment about Earth Choice dishwash liquid. I shall buy some soon. Been using Morning Fresh for years. Bought a new one the other day & its total rubbish now! Obviously they are cutting costs & have left out a vital ingredient! I have to use heaps of it to get the suds happening! They have just lost a customer! Earth choice bottles look nice & are nice to hold.

Questions & Answers

What's the difference between the Dishwasher Concentrate and Dishwasher Liquid?
1 answer
Besides the smell, it's the % of ingredients so you can use a lot less of the concentrated VS the general $2 bottle. Also the concentrated is for more of your stubborn stains :) I honestly tho recommend the normal $2 and just get the small concentrate when on special

Is Earth Choice Dishwasher Concentrate suitable to be used in dishwashing machines.
1 answer
No, dont use the liquid in your machine. Use the Earth Choice All-in-one dish tablets. They come in a boxes of various quantities. :)

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