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EasyCook Deluxe 727

EasyCook Deluxe 727

Deluxe 727 and Original 727e
4.1 from 12 reviews

Brilliant 80% of the time

The oven in our newly purchased house is broken and as we will evenyually reno the kitchen I decided on the easy cook as a temporary fix. Had it 2 weeks and as a handy appliance for cooking marinated and baked chicken, heating oven fries and cooking veggies it is awesome. However if you bake a lot it may not be for you. I did try making a packet brownie mix in it and it looked cooked on the outside but inside it was lava cake more than brownie. However that may have resulted from my lack of experience with the machine, than a fault of the machine itself. Also heating pies and croissants I have found it really dries out the pastry. With pies I heat them to warm in the easy cook then zap them in the microwave to get them hot but not long enough to make the pastry soggy. So a bit of a compromise when baking but that may improve with experience. However, for cooking roasts, veggies, frozen chips I have found it better than an oven so overall am very satisfied with it.

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Update. Have more success with the croissants now by wraping them in foil for the first 10 minutes of heating then opening the foil up for the last 5 to 10 minutes. Still prefer an oven for heating croissants as I get a better end result in half the time.

I can't live without it!

Eversince I bought the EasyCook 747 electronic, I haven't used my built in oven for a long time! I gradually learnt how to use the EasyCook, from toasting at breakfast, baking a chiffon cake, roasting pork, lamb and chicken! It's doing everything for me, so easily. My boys cook pizzas and meat pies using it. It gets used all the time in my kitchen!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

huge disappointment

we've had a turbo oven for over 10 years now and loved it until it eventually died so decided to replace it but the one we wanted was out of stock. The salesperson recommended the Easy Cook 727 deluxe at a price of $199 so home we go and for dinner we popped in a whole chicken to roast...we put it on the recommended setting and waited...waited...waited for the chicken to start to go a crispy brown colour BUT nothing. 2 hours later, the chicken didn't change colour and wasn't cooked right through so I turned up the setting to the HIGHEST 250 degrees and not much changed. Last night we popped 6 chicken drummies in and the same thing happened. Almost 1 1/2 hours later at the ROAST setting and we still had pale partly cooked chicken.
I could not recommend this product and will be seeking a refund from The Good Guys where we purchased it....but what a bugga having to take time out of our day to drive 35 minutes back to the shop!!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Not browning very well

I had a turbo oven for 25+ years from when they first came out, it was absolutely wonderful, everything crisped up and cooked really well, unfortunately it died. I thought I will spend a bit more than the ave $70 on a turbo oven and get another good one so I bought the EasyCook 11L Deluxe 727 Turbo, and much to my disappointment it just does not brown very well. My pork crackling was hard as rock and inedible, the chicken did not brown either on the suggested temperatures. I am left to cook on the highest temperature to get a nice colour or pork crackling. Not very impressed.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Try many this is the best

Try many but this is the best for quality, noise level, vibration, and cooking. It is easy to use and heats up quick enough. Came with air dry dish which is faster for cooking small portions. Easy to clean have not had it for long but already is far ahead of the competition.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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1 1/2 years later still runs great. The glass bowl has a pice brake away at the top. Have had many turbo ovens of other brands but never a big piece like this. So if your watching easy chook, give me a new bowel as a year and 8 months is not good. Yes, it's not covered by warranty but it was not from thermal shock as it had been cooking for 1 hour. I will drop it down to 3.5 stars.

So far, so good...

Very early days - bought a Turbo 727 today. Roast shoulder pork for dinner tonight - moist meat, with lovely crisp crackling. Roast potatoes and pumpkin - perfect. Forgot to add the apple slices with the potatoes - am sure they'd cook well though. Even managed gravy in the bottom, utilising the meat juices, with added plain flour and the cooking water from peas and carrots that were cooked on the cook-top, so the nutrients in that were not lost down the sink. Hoping it continues to perform as well with all other dishes. we bought it mainly to use in the caravan, but I think it'll have a good workout in the kitchen at home as well.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Nice salesman job!

On mine the timer stopped working after about 6 months. Otherwise it seems OK. Sometimes the food gets a burnt plastic smell/taste too. I paid $30 extra for the worthless warranty. I recommend this cooker. Pizzas have to be heated in a frying pan first otherwise the bottom gets soggy with this device.

I inherited mine and honestly, did not think much of it until I used it.

I now use it instead of the oven and the grill. I forget things so the timer means no more ruined dinners. It roasts to perfection and grills T bones in 7 minutes. Nothing over cooks or dries out, it is a dream to clean. On hot days, I put it out on the patio to cook a roast - too easy. I highly recommend this machine as a labour saving device that just gets better the more I use it. I did Yorkshire puddings in it the other day. They were perfect!

Perfect alternative to a normal oven

We bought an EasyCook upon the recommendation of friends and opted for the larger size 727 after examining the entire range in the store. After using it the first time to grill steaks, we have never regretted buying it. The amount of fat which falls away into the glass bowl when grilling lamb chops had to be seen to be believed, and my husband, who is particularly health conscious, is now a firm advocate of the EasyCook. We use it now, in preference, whenever grilling or roasting meat as it delivers perfectly cooked meat without the fat. It does a fantastic job of baking whole potatoes too, as well as wedges, and fish. We received a lower quarterly electricity bill too as we don't have to heat up the oven to cook dinner each time. And the glass bowl is super easy to clean. After a year of almost daily use, the heating element in the lid broke down. We phoned EasyCook's help line, bought and paid for a replacement lid over the phone and they delivered a sturdily packed replacement within 2 days. Can't fault EasyCook's customer service. An excellent product.

Throw away your normal oven

What a great appliance, cooks a chicken in 1/2 the time it takes in a wall oven using 1/2 the power. Have cooked a cake again in 1/2 time but you need a donut tin with a hole right through to cook it properly.
A large leg of lamb took longer than the chicken but was still quicker than cooking it in the
normal oven using less power. Will be used in place of the wall oven from now on!
Great for two people or even entertaining
low power consumption, easy clean,
Maybe the price?

Quick and easy!

Why would I buy this when I already have a wall oven? Wrong! In laws gave it to me as a Christmas present and it's been the best thing ever. No more cleaning the large wall oven. Roast chicken & pork in under one hour and wipe down the oven. Easy!
Roast chicken & pork in under one hour and wipe down the oven to clean.
Expensive. The metal plate below the element is not easy to clean.

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love it - love it - love it. Have an earlier model and have had it for years, but don't fall for cheaper version, because thats what they are, bought one of the cheaper ones for our daughter, when her oven died and while she was waiting to have her kitchen remodelled, not a patch on the Easy Cook, she had her kitchen done and we gave the copy away

Why didn't I find out about this oven 30 years ago

So far, it's been doing what it says it can do and does it well. I have baked, grilled, roasted and dehydrated. To then top it off it is so easy to clean the glass bowl. While other models may look similar, the luminarc bowl definitely feels sturdier.

The only negative (but they are upfront with this in the manual) is it doesn't take all your existing pans - square yes but not my rectangular ones and baking cakes requires a special tin like as kugelhof tin as it admits it does not bake cakes adequately in the normal round baking tins.

That said they are upfront with what it can and can't do.

It is great for baking or roasting small amounts for two people. It now compliments my electric oven and my weber baby Q for cooking for a crowd.
Less energy use, ideal for couples or a small family

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Very disappointed, the glass bowl of my 727 was suddenly broken when I baking potatoes last night. It was bought few years ago but not frequently used. Luckily, there was no one around when the glass bowl was shed.

Questions & Answers

Hi can you pls advise if the EasyCook and airfryers give much the same results? I have any EasyCook and don’t want to purchase an air fryer if EasyCook gives same end result- thanks
2 answers
Sorry Marilyn I have never used an air fryer so can't answer this. Good luck with it.I think they do, and friends who’ve owned airfryers tell me they are the same.

How do I cook silverside in easy cook 727 deluxe and for how long? 1.25kg meat
1 answer
Sorry Lyn, never tried it and wouldn't like to guess. Try youtube. Good luck.

Can you cook frozen chicken pieces in the oven?
2 answers
Never tried cooking them frozen Mary, so can't help you with that one, sorry.It works like any other oven. Adjust the temperature and time if you cook frozen foods


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