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Cuisinart Combo Steam & Convention Oven CSO300NXA

Cuisinart Combo Steam & Convention Oven CSO300NXA

4.9 from 17 reviews

The little oven that could!

Purchased this from Myer for a bargain price with the intention of encouraging the teenagers in the family to reheat leftovers when I'm not around. (Apparently, the standard oven is just too complicated - insert eye roll here). Problem is, I've fallen in love with it so much they rarely get near it!

I usually use it for the steam function and, while I wouldn't dare compare it to a built-in VZug, it perfectly handles small quantities of food at a mere fraction of the price.

My one comment is that it would be useful to have a more fulsome recipe book dedicated to its many functions, particularly as it has some unusual settings like bake-steam and steam vs super-steam. It would be useful to really know how to maximise these functions.

Fantastic product that delivers way beyond expectations. I wish more products on the market did the same.

Purchased in October 2018 at Myer Retail Stores for $329.00.

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All in one a great product

This is the best thing I could ask for. It steaks and bakes potatoes perfectly. It also steams Dhokla and Idli (Indian dishes). The price is also reasonable for the work it does. Everything in one, steam, bake, grill, toast and combos. It would suit a bachelors lifestyle perfectly. Just love it!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Perfect addition to our kitchen

It is a very versatile tool. So far I have used it to warm expensive leftovers from a restaurant dinner and to cook fish. I am still having fun experimenting with it.
RE difficult to clean: The instruction book states you can use the steam function without food in the oven to loosen any food stuck to the walls, let the oven cool, then wipe the walls with a cloth or paper towel while still damp. I followed this procedure and cleaning was easy

Date PurchasedNov 2017

It's worth having!

Using the CSO-300 is nearly effortless. The knob presents you with a semicircular array of nine cooking modes, each one with its own icon and default settings. It's a surprisingly intuitive machine given its expansive functionality, and much easier to work with than toaster ovens that use multiple knobs and buttons. The CSO-300 will even automatically detect how warm the oven is at the start and adjust the cooking time accordingly. If your roommate made toast just before you and the oven is still warm, then your toast won't take quite as long.

No matter what mode you use, the CSO-300 will work with the timer, automatically killing the heat as soon as it reaches zero. There's no way to leave it on indefinitely, which is a reassuring safety feature in case you ever forget that you're using it. You can set the timer for up to two hours, and if you need to cook for longer than that, you can always add more time midcycle.
The uniformity of heating is amazing, and even doubts about your glasses.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Perfect small combo steam and convention oven

This what every household should have. For small quantities of food this is the oven to use, no need to reheat the oven. Used all the methods of cooking, a combination roast and steam a chicken, lobster - moist and juicy. Steam vegs, but may need touch a little more time to cook, ensuring all vegs are cut evenly. Baked fish - delicious and uniform.

Be sure to adjust your tray section prior to cooking, and be mindful of the temperature setting when using the oven.

A great buy.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great Small Oven,

This bench top oven is excellent for one or two people. You can do anything in this you would do in a much larger oven in small quantities. It is economical to use and heats immediately. The heating settings are accurate. It is excellent for toasting scones or buns. It is an excellent substitute for a large oven for cooking pies, quiche, potato bake etc. It fits easily on a normal bench and is particularly handy as the surrounds don't heat like a conventional oven does, hence the kitchen doesn't heat up in summer. I'd recommend this for anyone who lives in a small household.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Takes a bit of getting used to

We bought this oven after reading other reviews. It's quite sturdy and fits on a conventional bench. We only have a wood burning stove so wanted something for the summer months. I've only used the steam function once and felt it wasn't necessary for cooking tomatoes but I wanted to give it a go, following the recipe in the instruction book. I tried making sausage rolls and had a lot of difficulty with the pastry until I turned the temperature up to 230 degrees, after which I didn't have any more problems. It's great for reheating store bought pastry products or other pre-made meals and the dial for setting the function, temperature and time is easy to understand. This oven has a 2 year warranty with offices in Australia and New Zealand. I bought it online at Myer and picked it up from the store which was very easy and meant that I had some reassurance that the oven could be returned easily if I there were any problems.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

I love this oven!

I was really keen to get a portable combi steam oven, and I found the Cuisinart CS0300NXA on special at Myer. I am so happy I bought it, it is better than my normal oven, so it’s the only oven I use now. I reheat leftovers in it rather than using the microwave, I steam, roast and bake. It is so versatile, and it is surprising how much you can cook in it. I went out and bought some new cookware in sizes to fit it because I love using it so much. I just wish there was a whole cookbook released especially to use with it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect purchase!

I am so happy with this oven from the day I purchased it from Myer. It is perfect for toasting bread, baking cakes, grilling meats, and warming food. I would purchase it again if I was going to choose an oven again. The self clean option is good but I find it a bit difficult to clean the remained pieces of food after self-clean.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

The little steam oven that could!

This is a fantastic little entry level steam oven. I develop consumer recipes for several premium appliance brands and regularly use the most expensive inbuilt combi steam ovens on the market (Gaggenau). While you get what you pay for with a top end plumbed combi steam, I can't fault the Cuisinart for functionality. It cooks really well on the combination functions, steams perfectly and cleans up pretty easily. It doesn't have a fan, so the evenness of cooking isn't the same as what you'd get in a high end model, and it's not huge. But overall I'm really impressed.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Love, love, love this oven

I have had this oven for so long and it is such a great oven. Steams, grills, toasts, bake, etc. Anything you want to make, it does it. Price is also such great value. It is the best value appliance in my kitchen. I cannot live without it. What else can I say.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

This is the best minimalist appliance with maximum usage possible

I so love this oven. It toasts, bakes, grills and steams. It warms and keeps bread rising but I've not used it for the latter as yet. Plus it cleans itself. It also takes up much less space and is of excellent stainless steel quality. A very green product in my books. Highly recommend it to those who don't need a big oven, or wish to have an alternative from the big oven cook up.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Fantastic size, function & look

Cuisinart deliver with price, it's high quality, consistency in cooking, practical size, energy efficiency, it's good looks and functionality.
It is diverse in its repertoire of cooking options, it is a time saver, dish cleaning saver and works really well in my butler's pantry.
You can buy other teams that can be used to cook with such as pizza tray. The crumb tray is a great touch and useful making it better than a regular over. It's self cleaning function is really handy something my standard sized oven (also new) doesn't do.
Looking forward to getting more cuisinart appliances.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

My favourite appliance!

What a great introduction to steam combination cooking - a mini oven with all the functions of toast, grill, convection bake but adds 4 steam settings - steam bake/ steam grill/steam only/superboost steam . So you can use steam only for cooking vegetables , fish or chicken , switch to super steam for rice , steam grill is great for fish (I cook salmon perfectly) or the the best steam setting is steam bake - this is ideal for cooking vegetables (as it browns) and meats as it uses convection heat to brown but adds burst of steam during cooking. This gives chicken and lamb a very moist and juicy texture but browned outside. You will love it . I also use steam only for reheating plates of leftovers as it doesn't dry foods out like a microwave can.

Plus its so easy to just quickly cook small portions such as a pie or bread rolls in a smaller oven than using the large one so i find im using this much more often. Has a big water tank that is easy to refill and lasts for weeks of use. Control dial for settings is very easy to use . I also like the fact it is built with stainless steel on the interior and exterior not just cheap tin metal but like all compact ovens its exterior gets hot whilst baking so it needs to sit on a benchtop and not built in

Does everything!

Very impressed with all types of food cooked in this device. Meats and vegetables really benefit from the steam moist heat cooking. This method also reduces cooking time. The controls are simple and easy to negotiate, self clean function very handy. It comes with a comprehensive recipe book. The convection function on its own is great for making cakes and other baked goods.

Excellent results

This is an amazing oven that gives great, consistent results. The steam function is really useful. The only part it is lacking in is size, but if you're getting a countertop oven you should already be aware of this limitation among all such devices. It's larger than almost all competitors. I can get around a 2kg roast in there.

The main competitor of this is the breville one with slow cooking feature, they're pretty much the same, it comes down to whether you want the slow cooking or steaming feature. As far as oven use you can't go wrong with either one in my opinion.

Personally I'd get this and buy a standalone slow cooker, as this is better than a standalone steamer (the steam bake setting is amazing).

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer.

Most useful appliance I have ever purchased

Oven is ideal for a couple, it can bake, grill, steam and toast - plus a combination of cook and steam. Then you can hit the self clean button and it steam cleans itself. So quick and economical to run and cooks beautifully, we love it, hardly ever use our main oven any more.

Questions & Answers

Can you place this in the cavity where a microwave usually goes?
5 answers
No, the oven needs circulation, and it depends on what you are cooking. I have mine on the kitchen bench. Hope that answers your question.Thanks for your response I'm not sure, Ruby, it would depend on how much space there is around the oven. It could also be difficult if the microwave cavity is fairly high as in getting items out of the oven with safety.

What are the exterior dimensions (height depth width) of Cuisinart Combo Steam & Convention Oven CSO300NXA?
2 answers
Hi - the oven is 50cm wide, 28.5 deep and 28cm high. Inside dimensions 29cm wide and 26 deep. Inside dimensions make utensils a little challenging but not insurmountable. I've had mine for some time and still use it almost daily. Hope this helps.The oven is 40cm (has handle at the front and some protrusions at the back) deep x 50cm wide x 30cm high. I put it across a corner so that it has room all around it to allow heat to get away. I also put it on a board to protect the bench but it probably doesn't need anything. I'm just being super careful. The previous post says 28.5 deep but that's only measuring the top of the unit.

I'm renovating my kitchen & looking for a new microwave & hoping for a multi function such as this one, just a question on locating it - what spacing requirements, positioning does it require or is it just usual for any microwave?
No answers


Combo Steam & Convention Oven CSO300NXA
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