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Echo PB-2155

Echo PB-2155

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Had this blower since 2010 when it was a replacement for an older Echo blower that was stolen from my garage during a break in.
I have never had it serviced! Still going strong 9 years later.
All I do is put fuel in it then put it back in the shed till I need to use it again.
It gets used every 2 weeks in summer & maybe once or twice during winter for about 10 mins at a time.
It fires after 3 pulls of the cord with the choke on then turn the choke to run & it starts first go, been this way since new.

Purchased in August 2010.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Hard to Rate, Had the Grey Model Great / New Orange one equals Rubbish

Read My Title, Hard to Start From New, Took it Back to Selling Agent, to Repair Under Warranty, Yep Got Charged $120 Warranty Does NOT Cover a Fuel Issue, Not Sure about Product or Agent. But Will Never Trust Either again. Had to Sell For Repair Cost so Lost Full Price of original purchase

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Echo pb2155 leaf blower

The echo pb 2155 petrol leaf blower. Is. A 21.5 cc 2 stroke blower. It is a good blower seems. To be a bit heavy for the size of it. It. Fidgety to start. Has a decent amount of power for size of engine. I do like the flanged tip. Makes blowing corners easy.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Piece of sh*t

i bought it about 3 months ago from an Echo dealer & they really bullshi**ed about the product how easy it was start. The dealer put fuel in & pulled the cord 3 times & it started. I took it home pulled the starter 3 times & it started. Put it in the shed, went to start it about 3 days later & it refused to start, pulled the cord about 45 times & it didnt even look like starting, Read the instruction manual & tried starting as per the manual still wouldnt start. So i took it back to dealer they tried starting it & it refused to start, Then the dealer tried to blame me they said i had put in the wrong fuel ( the dealer put the fuel in at purchase i hadnt refued it as i has only used it once) then the dealer tried every thing he could think of so they could blame me & they wanted me to pay for a "repair" to a blower that was sh*t from the beginning. I told him to stick the product where it fits went to bunnings & brought a ryobi with more power & $100 cheaper & the ryobi starts 1st time every time.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great Blower

I have owned this blower for approx. 18 months and I am very happy with it. I never drain the fuel and add a fuel stabliser, to prevent gumming up from stale fuel, as recommended by the dealer where i bought it from. It gets used almost every week and starts every time anywhere from 1 to 5 pulls of the starter cord from cold. It is reasonably light, well balanced and easy to use. My 12 y.o. son regularly uses it to blow leaves and gum nuts off of the trampoline and to clean up dog poo. He capably starts it and uses it without any adult help. It appears to be well made and has a 5 year domestic warranty. I have no hesitation in recommending this blower. Echo seems to be a relatively unknown brand that is worthwhile researching and consideration.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Very happy with my purchase

This is my first leaf blower and I use it almost weekly. I reviewed a lot of the popular blowers on this and other sites and the Echo reviewed very well, and I can see why. Very easy to start and it has more than enough power for my needs. I'm getting on a bit and of average physical condition, however I find after 20 or so minutes of use (we back onto rain forest), the weight of the machine coupled with the resistance has me changing hands a fair bit. The Echo has a dry weight of 4.1 kilos and I wouldn't want too much more weight than this in any make of blower.
All in all, at this point in time, I'm very happy to have chosen the Echo.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Lefties Dream

Does it start well? Yes it does. It has plenty of nozzle velocity, it's light, relatively quiet and best of all, it's designed for left handers!
Yes, most blowers have the air intake on the right and my clothing sticks to the grill, reducing the airflow or the handle is offset. Not so with the Echo's left hand air intake. Sorry all you right handers, and thank you Echo.
November 17th 2018 update. I've now owned the Echo for nearly 2 years and use it once or twice a week. It still starts as well as it did from new. I have had no issues with it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best Money I Ever Spent

I purchased the echo blower PB2155 for home use. Possibly used it for 1 year, perhaps once a fortnight.
Decided to get into Lawn mowing as a side business, am doing approx 12 lawns a week. Blower is used most every day.

Nearly five years on, she hasn't missed a beat.

Don't tell anyone but I left the blower on the A frame of my trailer, took off, heard a noise, there goes my blower tumbling into the centre of the road. Was traveling around 50ks. Few scratches, hurt pride, me that is, no issues.


Petrol Mix

My old blower had a fatal attack of something, no point fixing them I guess. I purchased the PB-2155 based on quality, price and the size of the task at hand. I've had a test run and all is good but I'm a little confused. The petrol mix recommended by the dealer was 25:1 but I thought the manual said 50:1. Bit of extra oil won't hurt I guess but one likes to follow the instructions. Any thoughts ?
Light, easy to start and handles well. Could be something the wife could use ... but then again, nah.
Nothing yet but I do hope it's easy to start hot.

Looks The Goods

I bought this model after reading the online reviews, so far so good.The previous brand I purchased was a Homelite and it lasted 15 years or so, if I get half that from the Echo I would be pleased. I expect it to go even longer due to their build quality.I may run it a little on the rich side to get it past 20 years
Light weight , Quality,Very quiet for a 2 stroke, Price
Minor thing but better indication for the kill switch on/off would be my only comment here

Echo PB2155 - Terrific reliable hard working machine

This blower is great value for money, reliable, lightweight and very easy to care for. Starts easily every time. Love it! Love that its low priced, high quality, and beautifully engineered. Buying from a shop that assembled and pretested it, and showed me how to use it and care for it was also great!
Everything! Well priced, great 5 year warranty, minimal maintenance, easy to start and use, light weight!
Absolutely Nothing!

All day every day

I run my own mowing contract business and run nothing but echo the low price & high quality is far greater then other brands i am very happy with the predictable starting of my blower and the power output all in all i t dose exactly what i need in a blower

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still going strong

Excellent value for money. Built to last and perform.

The echo brand of blowers are built to last. They were the first to build the handheld blowers in the 70s and have perfected their engineering and craftmanship. No fuss no gimmick they just last for years with trouble free starting just like our old blower I can't make the model number as the body is just battered after more than a decade of loyal service. I bought the PB-2155 as it is on special for just $229. I was lucky enough to go inside the workshop at our local dealer and have seen the engine of this unit. KIORITZ Corporation Japan is the engine and the carburettor is ZAMA (although made in China it is one of the biggest maker and very reliable). The engine is still made in Japan and some of the critical components. The other components appear to be made in China (just like everything else these days). It is still assembled in USA. Our PB-2155 is quieter than I expected weighing only around 4.15 kg. The blowing force is comparable to our old one although the old Echo is considerably heavier. The dealer assembled the new Echo and gave me a few tips on maintenance, e.g. avoiding ethanol blend (swells the grommet) and even filled it up with 2 stroke blended petrol. Comes with 5 years home use warranty. Stihl PB56 on special for $249 but I was told that parts are now all made in China with only 2 years warranty. Stihl has bigger engine as PB-2155 is only around 21.2cc however the blowing power is comparable. Flat head nozzle for Stihl will cost extra $27 while the Echo comes with it. I am happy with my Echo and that is the main thing.
Non stop reliability and longevity. Good value for money. No gimmick performance.
Some components made in China. Only time will tell if they last.

Great every day tool

Love it, wouldn't reccomend anything else. Stacks up well against competitors which are overrated. Easy to start and runs well. Brilliant!
Inexpensive, easy start. Great Warranty, Easy competitor against Stihl and husky

Questions & Answers

My leaf blower start to bog down what should I do?
1 answer
Sounds like fuel starvation like mine was. Maybe the carby ls is a problem with these. Try to find an honest dealer that will not rip you off. Good luck

Does the leaf blower turn into vacuum?
1 answer

My echo blower won't start, just put a new spark plug in but still nothing, only 15 months old, any ideas??
4 answers
Not really... 15 months not a long time for anything to go wrong, check for spark first may have faulty coil if not has to be a fuel issue ?Hi Buck, Its a difficult one to answer. In my opinion if you are having a fuel issue the machine would most probably flood and you could smell the fumes. I have also heard that these machines need to be used "flat out", in other words don't run them part throttle and keep pressing the trigger to increase power as you work. If this is the case there could be a build up of carbon, either difficult to start or the machine feels like its losing power. You my have to take it to a service centre, personally I doubt it would be an expensive fix, possible around $45.00. Good luck mate, hope you get it going. They are a great machine, well usually. Cheers BobHad a bit of an issue myself and it ended up being the spark arrestor on the exhaust, a little bit of mesh, go figure. I removed it as it looked completely clogged and gave it a test run. It now runs like a treat, better than when I first bought it. Question is, do I put it back on when I live in suburban fire free green area plus I haven't seen the slightest spark come out of it..


Echo PB-2155
CategoryPetrol Blower Vacuums
Price (RRP)299
Maximum Air Velocity17
Optional Vacuum AttachmentYes

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