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Stihl BG 56

Latest review: We purchased the Stihl on a deal we saw with the leaf Hoover at Sunshine Mowers in Moololaba, after a visit to my accountant. It worked fine for about 8 months and then the finger power controller

Makita BHX2500

Latest review: At first when new it was good but in summer it doesn't perform properly as the heat doesn't want to start the blower after 2 minutes of doing nothing and in the shade the last service cost me 160

Echo PB-2155

Latest review: Read My Title, Hard to Start From New, Took it Back to Selling Agent, to Repair Under Warranty, Yep Got Charged $120 Warranty Does NOT Cover a Fuel Issue, Not Sure about Product or Agent. But Will

Stihl BG 86 C-E

Latest review: I've been in business 23 years and I've always used Stihl blowers and trimmers. I'm a one-man operation . You used to be a great company that made things that last now you're lucky if you get one and

Homelite 26cc Petrol Blower

Latest review: Great for the price. Great for patios, Car garages, pathways, and for blowing light yard rubbish such as leaves etc. Always run it out of fuel after use so it won;t gum up in the

Honda HHB25

Latest review: I purchased the Honda HHB25 Blower as a replacement for my old Weed Eater brand blower. I chose the Honda as it was a 4 stroke. So no more messy 2 stroke fuel to mix and much less noise. In fact

GardenLine (Aldi) Petrol Blower

Latest review: I bought the petrol blower vac 25.4cc on 12/10/2018 from ALDI Kilburn in South Australia I haven't use it yet I called you several times but you ignored me I can't start the machine every time I

Husqvarna 125B/BVx

Latest review: 20th March 2019 I bought a Husqvarna 125BVX mid 2018 for the explicit purpose of sucking up leaves from my paved driveway. Since the purchase I’ve been able to use it 3 times successfully. On 6 other

Ryobi RBJ254N

Latest review: 6mths after receiving the YardKing 4 stroke blower Vac for Xmas 2017, the consistent fortnightly acquisition of a new problem had become too much for the Yard King. With the receipt still MIA, i

Hitachi RB24ESV

Latest review: After doing a lot of online research I chose this model. Its the best 2 stroke engine I have ever come across. So easy and quick to start (2 pulls). Powerful engine, can be set to any revs you want

Stihl BR700

Latest review: After a rather disappointing experience with my old DMC EB430 backpack blower (basically a Husqvarna 130BT copy) where the flywheel nut came off and caused chaos in the engine after less than 5 hours

Tanaka THB-2510N

Latest review: I have used this commercially 5 times a week for more than ten years and never needed to do anything except replace the plug and clean the filter, it's been reliable and really good! I would

Atom Airlift 855

Latest review: I purchased the Atom airlift 855 after extensive research .Also after a fellow tradie I know purchased one and he uses it day in day out with no problems so whatever. I find the vacuum function a


Latest review: For many years my backpack blower of choice has been a Stihl BR700, 67cc. It cost me $1,000 about ten years ago. It is everything you would expect from a Stihl product. Then I saw the MTM 85cc

Hitachi RB24ES(H2)

Latest review: I had an Aldi blower which lasted 3 years which i thought was pretty good but it seems ridiculous to buy cheap and replace after a few years use. I also moved to a bigger property which i think

Shidaiwa EB802RT

Latest review: Our house, lawn and long driveway are surrounded by maple trees that shed lots of leaves comes Fall. We used to rake those leaves by hand or shred and blow them with the lawn mower in certain areas

Echo PB-2455

Latest review: After having A leading 4 stroke garden equipment for 15 years with no problems I decided to try echo being as they are up too half the price of my reliable old garden equipment. Both the echo

Sanli SLBV260

Latest review: Purchased from Masters at bargain price. Blower works really well. Vac works good not brilliant. Takes a few minutes to swap from one to another. Awkward to empty vac bag while connected to motor

Sanli SLB260

Latest review: Light weight plastic that is strong allowing for easy to carry unit. Simple operation with easy reliable starting. Mine is used semi commercially in yard maintenance. It travels in the trailor and is

Makita RBL250 / RBLV250

Latest review: i have owned this machine for 4 years in 6 months the handle for the bag ripped out , replaced under warranty 6 months later zipper failed fitted a sthil bag no problems 2 years vacum tube cracked so

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