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Edifier R1700BT

Edifier R1700BT

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WOW. Great Sound

I have always wanted small bedside speakers with a REALLY GOOD SOUND. Small speakers usually lack an even spread of treble and middle, especially bass. My brother once had a stereo with micro speakers back in the 1980's. They sounded really good. But you can't get that sort of quality anymore - so I thought.

Most $150 speakers nowadays sound like a fart through a plastic can. Like the fake laughter and clapping in those poor 1970's US television shows.

I did some research on the internet and came across the Edifier R1700BT. I listened to comparisons with much more expensive speakers. The Edifier won hands down. Seriously, the frequency response is well balanced and songs I would only listen to on $200 headphones can now be listened to on the Edifier. The cable between main speaker and satellite speaker is a whopping 5 metres long.

The speakers are well manufactured, have some weight to them and were very well packaged. The bluetooth connection worked instantly - no fuss - no big setup. It comes with a usable remote. I adjusted my EQ a bit on my phone and RELAXED.

Minor, very minor downside is that the speakers are not very loud. But then again, they are shelf speakers - and in my case - bedroom speakers. The bass can be a bit overpowering so that I turned the bass-boost off on the phone.

I bid you good night as I drift off to jazzy tunes on my Edifier speakers.

Purchased in April 2019 for $149.00.

Expensive sound without deep pockets....

Way back in the gloomy 1970s that was London, I owned a gorgeous set of Wharfedale Linton speakers and Lenco turntable. I don't recall the amp that made up the audio triumvirate, but I do recall how enthralled I was at how my much loved albums' sounds were so magnificently reproduced.
Years on, my vinyl collection has been replaced with CDs and digital files, and I have grown to loathe the fact that I have never been able to afford the sort of sound reproduction that the Lintons gave out - for the last twenty or so years has seen the rise of mediocre speakers that are either ridiculously over-priced or, at the lower-end, ridiculously under-whelming in performance.
Of course, had I the financial means I would jump at the opportunity to have in my life an exceptional set of speakers (say the Viva Audio Allegro at a mind-boggling $43,000). But I don't. In fact the laughable budget for my latest audio adventure ran to the not too dizzy heights of $200 for bookshelf speakers.
And so to the Edifier R1700BT which I acquired for just $149 after much anguished research. And how fortunate it was that I decided on these beauties:
First testing was through Spotify via Bluetooth on my iPhone. I decided on Pink Floyd's 'Meddle' as this album (to me at any rate) defined the glory years of true 1970s stereo engineering. What I got back was nothing short of astonishing. The bass did tend to muddy the sound to some degree but careful tweaking put paid to that, whilst the treble gave up a crystal clear and highly defined sound. Mid-range is where these speakers excel, reproducing with almost breath-taking clarity the full stereo separation - nothing sacrificed for the sake of simple expediency here. Water's bass (once the bass level was settled on) was both booming and clearly defined as was the glorious drumming in the opening track 'One of these Days.' The dogs were quite freaked mid track on 'Echoes' - the amazing sound effects were crystal clear and quite mesmerising. Acid-rock indeed.
If I was quite gob-smacked at how much I paid for this sound, my jaw slackened further when I next played Berlioz's 'Symphonie Fantastique' - the much lauded Beecham version from 1959 which was re-mastered three or four years ago. This was played via home sharing on my iPhone, so it's a sort of third-gen digital version (cd to mac to itunes to iphone via the modem and then reproduced via Blueetooth.
Once again, the speakers excelled: stereo separation absolutely spot-on with high and mid-range exactly as one would expect from much more expensive speakers. Bass, too, perfectly aligned with the double-bass pizzicato during the first movement as was treble during the second movement ('Un Bal') with the introduction of the harp. Indeed, I had no idea the harp actually was still present in the background to the scherzo - normally, this is a discovery one would normally make at a concert presentation.
The speakers look beautiful too; the sit low down in our bookcase and are fairly unobtrusive.
If your budget runs to miserly sums and you are procrastinating as to the mediocre choices available in the lower-end of the bookshelf speaker market, look no further than these speakers. You won't be disappointed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Best Affordable Computer Speakers with Bluetooth

I was after a new pair of computer speakers and came across Edifier R1700BT. After reading the good reviews on it, decided it was my choice. Bought them from wireless1_eshop on eBay for $215.15. They arrived the very next day at the collection point in my local Woolworth. Really pleased with these speakers, they sound exactly what I was after - solid and punchy. There is bluetooth connectivity, volume, bass and treble controls on the speakers and it comes with a remote control. Setting up the speakers is a very simple step and there are minimal wiring to do. I highly recommend this product for anyone who are after a good set of speakers which is quite versatile - at least 3 connectivity options that sounds excellent. Wireless1 communication and speedy delivery is topnotch as well.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Top quality sound, rock bottom price, with bluetooth!!

For sheer value for money Edifier always rate high in tech/sound magazine or website reviews. Now that I own a pair of Edifier R1700BT I can see/hear why. The stereo sound is music to my ears. I've proudly mounted them to my kitchen wall and they look almost as good as they sound. All you have to do is select your favorite music streaming app, iTunes, Spotify etc and after you initially pair your phone to the speakers, they will forever automatically connect every time you walk in to the room seamlessly. I have also connected these speakers via cables to my TV and they improve the sound immensely, they particularly shine with action movies, giving you that cinema quality sound to your TV. Included with the speakers are a remote control which is a simple but useful addition particularly if you place your speakers in a difficult to reach location. Also included is a 5 metre speaker connector cable, which allows you to spread your two speakers from one side of a room to the other, maximizing the stereo effect.
I have also put a watt meter to the power cable and when you turn off the speakers via the remote control the speakers use 0.5 watts of power in standby, or if you can be bothered there is a hard switch on the back of the active speaker that you can put into the off position which prevents any standby power being used.
In summary these speakers are 66 watts in total so it's not going to ghetto blast the paint off your wall but it puts out a decent amount of decibels, enough to get your neighbors complaining but not so loud that they call the police. I like these speakers so much I may buy another pair for the lounge and sell my expensive stereo system on eBay.

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