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Ego 56V Line Trimmer ST1500E

Ego 56V Line Trimmer ST1500E

4.6 from 14 reviews

Won’t go back to petrol

Great product. More powerful than my old petrol. No pulling cord to get it to work, power instantly and not having to worry about mixing fuel. Ergonomically suits me not to heavy. Powerload head and bump feed work well and makes trimming the edges easy. So happy with the product I purchased the blower which is a beast

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Simple & efficient

Brought this ego, after my expensive & petrol driven Tanaka whipper snipper developed yet more problems. Don't ever buy a Tanakayou can't get parts. Decided to go for a battery driven whipper snipper, got this ego after reading other reviews. It's brilliant, the battery charges quickly & it cuts through buffalo with ease. Well worth buying & it sure beats mixing fuel

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Works perfectly and powerful, not great ergonomics

Amazingly powerful tool, been using whole summer in Qld on acreage. I'm 6'1 tall so find the head angle a bit too shallow and hard to get trimming head to horizontal at ground level without Bening knees and dropping lower arm. Super quiet, runs about 60 mins on 5amps trimming (not tried max full bore nonstop) Otherwise it would get 5* if more comfortable. I would not go back to fuel now.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

It’s a fantastic little machine.

I have bought the line trimmer along with the Ego Blower and each has a 2.5 battery, I have a large area of garden edging to cover and I find I need to use a little of the second battery to complete the trimming but otherwise it’s fantastic for my needs.
I find it’s well balanced with the 2.5 battery, and relatively light weight.
Very easy to start and operate
I took one star off perhaps unfairly as I took it to a freinds farm and tried to help with the verge on the farm. Mostly it did really well, but it struggled a little with some of the very thick grasses and things like bracken fern and blackberries, which my friend using a Petrol version was able to get trough more easily. I used it for four hours and had a bit of muscle soreness from not being used to that amount of work, but it shows that it handles well. Perfect for a girl like me.
For domestic purposes, on your average block in suburbia It’s fantastic.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


I used to have a petrol Kawasaki trimmer. It was a great trimmer - very refined petrol motor with lots of power for the capacity (it would run circles around any of the K-Mart petrol Ryobi trimmers around at the time). When it refused to start (after almost 20 years of flawless use with minor servicing) I really didn't feel like pulling it apart myself and, frankly, didn't want to continue with a petrol trimmer. Maybe if I was using a trimmer every day I'd stick with petrol, but the battery powered options were calling me.

So I sat down and practiced my Google Fu, looking for an alternative. Enter the EGO ST1500E 56v lithium powered line trimmer. I must say, it doesn't lose much on the Kawasaki, which was an excellent petrol trimmer. Maybe just slightly less power, but it handles pretty much everything I can throw at it. It doesn't smell, it's comparatively quiet, and it's a little lighter to boot! I bought mine with the battery pack and charger, and it's enough to do my yard with change before needing a charge.

Being my first Lithium powered outdoor tool, I can't compare it with other offerings. It does do an excellent job though and I'm not missing my Kawasaki. I'd like a new blower now, and will be looking at the EGO option there too!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Very powerful trimmer.

I bought it after watching the reviews on youtube. It was a bargain when Master was clearing out all their stock. I no longer need to mix oil and it's so easy to use. It's very powerful and cut down thick weeds as well. One full charge 2.0A battery can last me about 1 hr of trimming work.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Another great product from EGO

The 56V line trimmer from an innovative EGO company is yet another wonderful product which I bought after their Lawn Mower. The trimmer comes with straight shat which is much better than the bent one as it allows you to get to places inaccesible with the bent shaft. The smaller 2.5AH battery is good enough to allow sufficiet time to do what you have to do on your yard, lasting for about 45 minutes, although I have not yet used it till empty. Recharging with supplied charger takes about an hour. The battery itself is extremely advanced, telling you via different colour about its condition. The trimmer is well balanced and much lighter than the petrol one. It is much quieter too. It has two speeds which you select with a conveniently located switch. This trimmer runs 2mm line. Initially I was a bit suspicious if this is strong enough, but obviously the engineers at EGO knew what they were doing. No complains then. This is a powerful trimmer cutting even thick grass with ease. I have not yet had to replace the line but is seems a bit complicated although all sorts of instruction videos on You Tube will show you that there is nothing to be worried about. The bumping mechanism advancing the line works perfectly. Just do not bump it on concrete surface as it could be damaged. The only criticism I have is that this trimmer comes without a harness! Bad omission which I hope will be rectified by the company. So, if you throuw away the two stroke mixed fuel and are sick and tired of fighting with your starting cord, go for this one. You will not regret!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great product.

I bought the Ego line trimmer as I was so pleased with the compatible Ego mower I have and of course can use the same battery.
The starting of the trimmer is a breeze, with no effort at all.
Unfortunately for me I have a shoulder problem and found the trimmer was just too heavy for me to use ( I am 60 kg and a 73 yrs old
Woman) so it's really only my shoulder problem that gave me the dram , not the trimmer.
A great product on the whole.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it!

I bought this one when Master closing down. I really like line trimmer. It's powerful, easy to use & works well with only one charge. I'm thinking to buy a blower and Hedge Trimmer as well someday but it's actually bit expensive. If someone looks for trimmer I recommend it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Waited a long time for this!!

We have been solar-ready for decent battery powered machinery for 11 years now. In fact we had a 15AMP power point wired into our shed 4 years ago in readiness for our electric car. A shame that Aust is pretty well the only country in the developed ... or even the developing ... world that is kicking the can around while it tries to decide whether to embrace the technology!

Anyway, was about to supplement our quarter century old Stihl FS74 brushcutter with a new Honda, when I remembered the latest CHOICE test on mowers/weedeaters late last year. Grabbed out the mag, and was interested to see that they had rated the EGO offering as very nearly as good as the petrol models in the testing. We'd never even heard about Ego stuff before, so instead we saved ourselves a couple of hundred $ and bought the Ego ST1500.

Left it a couple of months so that we could adequately assess the machine ... and the news is pretty well all good!!

The balance takes a little getting used to, especially after 25 years with the one machine, and that darned throttle is situated just a little too far back along the shaft for me to ever get completely used to ... but ... what a winner in the performance stakes!! This machine will run for a period not that much shorter than a tank of fuel in the Stihl ... which I've never really timed to be honest, but suffice to say that I have a good coating of sweat worked up, and am ready for a break ... and my coffee ... by the time it runs out. So, out pops the battery via a positive "press down" at the rear of the motor, and onto the charge.

What never fails to impress is that the machine will always seem to run just a little bit longer than I expect - always seem to get just a little more done than I had planned. Hope it stays like this!!

Impressive fan cooled charger, which displays a series of repetitive red/amber/green lights to indicate positive charging. It can be wall mounted if preferred, which we have done for convenience sake. Again I haven't timed the recharge period, but by the time I've had my coffee, checked the e'mails and read the paper it's usually ready to go again. No particular inconvenience. In fact it fits in perfectly with our lifestyle. Instructions indicate it's fine to just leave the charged battery on the charger, which displays a solid green light when charged, until ready for next use.

We have a 13 acre block, with the house paddock fenced off at 2.5 acres or so. The nuisance grass for us is the stuff that grows like mad after a bit of rain along the fence lines. Now this machine is NOT a bull-ish petrol powered brute ... and it would be foolish to compare it to same ... however it will happily tackle grass of any particular density, so long as you are aware of its limitations. I find a rapid sweeping motion to be most effective. It certainly manages anything the Stihl could, but with a little more operator finesse called for.

If the line happens to catch in the fence netting .... as ALL weedeaters will ... the torque of that electric motor will make it grab hold and the machine will dance merrily right along to the left along the fence ... so be ready for this. The easy solution here is to actually back the throttle off a fair bit when in close to the netting. This seems counter intuitive, but it really works ... that torque grab is minimised, and the thing - shock - still continues to cut the grass stems quite effectively.

Now in really thick regrowth the head will at times become clogged with grass and stall ... and the electric machine seems to be more prone to this than the Stihl ... but on the plus side, it seems to be designed to shed this excess grass easier than the Stihl did. Despite having to occasionally stop and manually clear the head of accumulated grass, more often than not, it will shake clear, especially if you try to develop that fast sweeping motion I mentioned above.

Where this machine really shines - and the difference from the old petrol one is amazing - is in really fine work. We have 120 eucalyptus saplings planted, with those triangular plastic tree protectors around each. The lightness and manoueverability of the Ego is such that getting in nice and close without blasting through the plastic is much easier with practice that it ever was with the Stihl.

The shaft has a rubberised grip just behind the loop handle, which is beautifully balanced with the battery in place. It comes with a shoulder strap ... which is probably unnecessary given the light weight. Special mention must go to the solid packaging of the machine .... arguably the best I have ever seen for any item I've ever bought. Decent instructions too.

Very noticeable too is the absence of foul smelling two stroke exhaust and the heat of that motor against the shoulder blade. We're already well ahead having charged the thing straight off the panels for a net running cost of a very sweet zero!! Ear muffs - well - you decide. It isn't noisy at all. I use them - but only because they form part of my helmet/eye protector screen/ear protection headgear. The wife doesn't, and isn't fussed by it at all.

Downsides ... the line that comes factory installed is pretty crappy ... but when it ran out we simply replaced it with the good Stihl stuff we had on hand. No problem-o. Replacing the line is a little fiddly, requiring the complete disassembly of the head. Reassembly is intuitive though ... and I'm sure that good after market alternatives will evolve. The head holds around 5 metres of the recommended orange line, so you get a good run between recharges. The bump feed system takes a little getting used to, requiring a fairly positive nudge at a fair rate of revs to get it moving.

Other than that though, the best indicator of the success of this in our setting is that, for the first time in 25 years, the wife has decided to take up weedeating ... and it's become one of our 9 year old son's favourite pastimes. Weedeating .... yep - you heard right .... while dad relaxes!!! It seems I have to book a time slot to get a turn! This would only ever have been even a dream in the past.

On the whole, well done Ego. Wondering now whether their mower may be worth a look in ....!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great little machine

Seems like someone has put some thought into the design and it shows when you use it. Easy to use with plenty of power when you need it. Battery is easily removed and replaced when not in use, just pops out straight into your hand. The 56v battery has loads of power for trimming jobs around the house, I've used it 3 times now on one charge and I only have the 2.5 AH.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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I'd like to add to my review. I've used it for more than a year now and will never go back to a petrol trimmer. Although you have to make sure your battery doesn't die out mid way through the job, you would have the same problem running out of petrol if using petrol trimmer. With all my previous petrol trimmers I had to hold them at uncomfortable angles to get them to trim properly, but not with the ego, its ergonomically designed well.

Good for starter and ladies.

I own this trimmer over two years. It worked very well and easy to use. I decide to get an electric cordless trimmer when I found out it is hard to start the petrol mower sometimes with reasons which I don't like. It is powerful enough for unit size lawn which under 10 square meters. The battery life last about 30-45mins after fully charged within 20mins charging time. What I do for maintenance is spraying some WD40 into the motor let it dry after few minutes then cover with plastic bag to keep out of water. I know people think it is not reliable than petrol trimmer, however I don't care about petrol level, regular engine service , lawnmower jammed.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

An excellent replacement for a petrol trimmer

After my old two-stroke Alpina became hard to start I grabbed one of these 56V Ego line trimmers hoping it would cut through very long grass and weeds just as well, and it does. And it does so surprisingly well. It seems well made, quite light and nicely balanced - a quality product.

A very steep embankment covered in Spring growth has always been a hassle to trim even with a harness to take the weight of the trimmer. This Ego obviously has no starting problems, is so light that it can easily be used in one hand to go beyond normal reach and it runs full power for 45 minutes - about 5 minutes longer than me on a warm day. It takes 40 minutes to recharge - again quicker than me. Not having to mess about with petrol (or cords) is one relief, but not having to mess about making a two-stroke mix is even better.

The 2mm nylon isn't quite as thick as the 2.5 - 3.0mm I used on the petrol powered Alpina, but the Ego's seems to break/wear less. While it doesn't chop off some thick woody weeds as quickly, it also doesn't snap the line so often as it deals with these weeds. When a few later weeds and grasses pop up, it's so easy to just grab the Ego trimmer and quickly knock them down - no cords, petrol, cord-pulling or fuss.

Also when doing lawn edges with a petrol powered trimmer, the engine can stall if held on its side for more than a few seconds. This battery trimmer has no such problems, and being light and well balanced, it's ideal for lawn edging.

One very minor annoyance is the bump-head needs a really hard bump to release some more nylon. Since the motor is in the head, it seems prudent not to whack it down on the ground too hard, but instead to stop and bang it with my hand. A second spare refill head was also purchased - it might prove better in this regard. Overall a great buy.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Petrol line trimmer now retired

I have waited nearly 12 months for this line trimmer to arrive in the Australian market finally completing my Ego line of tools. This Line trimmer easily trims and edges my 740 Square metre block with enough power left in the 2 AH battery to finish off with the blower. Tool is at least half a metre longer than my bent shaft petrol trimmer, which does make it a little awkward to trim around in tight areas (my case between house and fence line). Product is well made and in line with the rest of the EGO products. Because the Line Trimmer is so long the shaft feels like it flexes a little when bumping the head to advance the line. I doubt that this will become a problem as it seems sturdy and I can only assume that this is experienced with other straight shaft trimmers. Reasonably priced if you already have batteries and charger. Expensive if its the only tool you have in the range. Extremely happy with its performance and gardening is now quick, convenient and enjoyable making my petrol line trimmer redundant.
Pros- Quiet, light and well balanced, powerful, instant (as long as the battery is charged), variable speed.
Cons- Long awkward to maneuver in tight spaces.

After further use the flexing of shaft I noticed if more to do with the handle flexing when pushing down to bump the head.

Two months on, in short "Love it!". Have used it every weekend, approx eight times since I purchased it, have not replace the cord yet. Previous Whipper Snipper I was replacing cord every 2nd week. Cord advances effortlessly. I really like the variable speed as I can trim slowly and accurately around trees without damaging the bark (I think it's more to do with the supplied cord as it is a dual braid type line and does not seems to be as harsh on surfaces as a solid line). Can highly recommend and doubt anyone would be disappointed with this trimmer.

Questions & Answers

My strummer powers for 5 secinds then stops and i have to re start it Why is this? Its a challenge not to have continuous power
No answers

Hi i have the ego weedeater and i turned it on then it stopped now it wont start again not sure what happen all i know is that i put new line in then it started for about 2 seconds then stopped and never started again would it be electrical error as the bbattery is fine coz i use the battery for my mower. Thanks Pare
No answers

Where can we buy line trimmer from?
2 answers
Hi, I bought from local mower shop, to support locally. You can also find prices on total tools website, they occasionally have sale prices as well.Pending what country you live in as i bought mine from mitre 10 nz


Ego 56V Line Trimmer ST1500E
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