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Ella Bache Great Tan Without Sun

Ella Bache Great Tan Without Sun

4.5 from 17 reviews

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Good colour but greasy texture and expensive to boot

Colours good and applies easily enough but I’ve since switched to the modelco express tan which you only have to wear for a couple of hours and is a third of the price of the Ella Bache. The colour is also just as good if not better. The only advantage the Ella has is it’s easier to apply

Purchased in April 2019 for $40.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Stains ClothesNo

Best tan I have ever had, continually go back to this product

I have tried many tanning products on the market. This is by far the best product I have come across. There is minimal smell, it washes off easily and my skin takes it up really well. It isnt streaky and I can apply it quickly before bed. I apply it with moisturiser as I find this makes the end result better. It is slightly more expensive than other tanning products but in my opinion, it is the best out there!

Only loses a star for the price.

BEAUTIFUL colour! No orange at all, and develops almost instantly! No tan chemical smell and I found it doesn't feel sticky for hours as a lot of other tans tend to. It would be 5 stars had I not paid $40 for a tube. That's just a bit too pricey I think. Though if I do ever come across it whilst on sale I will definitely grab a few tubes! :D

Best Fake Tan Ever!!

I thought I would have to live in a prison of white skin and freckles for the rest of my life. With a get-out-of ail-card being an expensive stinky spray tan that I had to undress for!. Now I have this product. Someone said to me the other day I had golden skin!!! It is an amazing product apply with glove on at night use plenty of moisturiser and do this 3-4 times a week. It is expensive at $40 per tube but when you compare this to weekly stinky spray tan and the time it takes it's actually cheap!! So happy right now!!

Colour washes off

The colour is great, the smell isn't too bad, it doesn't streak like other products I've used, but I find most of the colour washes off and I'm left with an almost non existent tan. It is also quite expensive. I will go back to using Le Tan products which leave me with a deeper tan.
Nice colour, easy to apply
Not enough colour, expensive

Amazing Tan

This is by far the best fake tan I've ever used. I have tried so many products and this is by far the best product I've used. It leaves an amazing color and develops quickly and it isn't sticky. I prefer this over st tropez and any other tan on the market. It is abit pricey but so is every other tan that doesn't even work. Best quality tan I'm definitely a fan and will always be using this product.
Amazing color, easy to apply, no smell
A little bit expensive

Great, watch feet and hands!

Great product!

Please be aware of the usual tanning do's and dont's, watch your hands and feet etc. If you take care of those this tan will look great. It doesn't streak and leaves you with a lovely golden tan that doesn't look orange. As well as using the tan, make sure you apply moisturiser constantly afterwards to avoid flaking... I found my skin looked a lot better.

This is the best!

I've tried just about every fake tan and this wins hands down! The colour is perfect, looks incredibly natural. BIG bonus is the no smell, can't handle that smell of fake tan normally. Seems to last longer than other fake tans too. The price is agreeable because it lasts so long, looks as good as a good spray tan and therefore saves me money (girl logic ;) When I find a good product I recommend it to everyone I know...
Great natural tan, no smell!
Careful - wear gloves as your hands can get badly stained on applying. If this does happen though, scrub with lemon juice

Best fake tan on the market

LOVE this product. Have been using it for years, and I like to try new ones on the market just for comparison and colour and price, but always go back to the classic Ella Bache product. Best colour tan, not orange, just a healthy glowing natural tan. Seriously is the best fake tan product on the market in Australia.
Fabulous colour, easy to apply, lots of comments about how healthy my skin looks. LOVE it!

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I find if I wash my face and apply before bed, it has developed over night and in the morning a perfect colour.


Despite the cost I will continue to buy purely because it looks so natural and like I said does not go yellow, like some of the cheaper products on the market.
Great colour. I am very fair so I mix with moisturiser before I apply, especially on my face. I think this is the best colour tan in a bottle, never goes orange, just a real beach tan colour. It smells fine, hardly notice it.
Price. If it was cheaper I would use it all the time. If you are very fair, you may have problems with streaking, but adding moisturiser reduces the likelihood of this happening.

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It's a great colour for my fair skin and it doesn't darkens my freckles as others have done. But has anyone used the body and face one for the face with success? I breakout with most products on my face - I am tempted to try and see if no one else has tried.

Love it

It's great. Love the product. I am fair skinned with freckles and its wonderful.
I find it lasts really well so I dont have to apply it every week either.
It doesn't darken my freckles more than tanning my skin. Gives me an 'foundation applied' look which I love.
I read some think it is expensive for the quantity, but I only use a smear for each section of my body and find it would last the entire summer. But I am only after a sun-kissed effect as I am fair skinned.

Where to buy this.?David Jones stores or Ella Baché concept stores


The best fake tan I've used, and I've tried a lot of different brands! As a bit of a fake tan addict I can definitely say that this is the one I'd choose because of its great colour and easy application.
It's a great colour, just like a real tan and not orange at all, I've left it on and gone out anyway (when short of time) and the smell isn't hideous like so many fake tans. It's easy to apply, quite thick and it's coloured so you know where you have applied it. Never had problems with streaking or blotching.
It's expensive, but worth it.


This is a lovely bronze brown colour that does not go patchy or flaky or yellow or orange on me - I have extremely fair skin and a lot of the other ones just go orange on me
Love the colour I don't go orange with this one!
Small tube and expensive


I loved this tanner its fantastic, doesn't streak (except watch out for your knees and ankles) as long as you have ex-foliated properly you will be fine! Its a little expensive but id rather pay more for a product that i know work rather than buying something less expensive and turning orange!
Gives a great bronze glow with no orange, no streaking
little expensive


this has to be the best self tanning product i have ever tried, the colour look natural and is nice and deep in colour. The product is a thick very dark brown which appears daunting at first but gives great colour once applied. Does not appear to streak or go patchy. can wear off unevenly and must be well cared for to keep the nice colour. must also be careful not to change into light coloured clothing too soon after application also. a little annoying to have to use gloves every application also otherwise is stains hands very badly.
best colour not orangey
very expensive and tube does not last long, colour can rub off if not left to dry long enough


the best fake tan ever i reccomend it to everyone my colour lasts ages as take care of it properlly
looks natural nourishing and easily to put on


This is a good fake tan product. Save your pennies trying others and just go for this is what I recommend. I bought this after whinging about other products stinking and a friend recommended it to me.
I can't afford to use this all the time, but if I have somewhere special to go I will get my Ella Bache product out and be very happy with the results.
An excellent colour achieved
Easy to avoid streaking due to the tinted colour as you apply the product
Doesn't smell like your typical fake tan products
Bit more pricier than some others

Questions & Answers

Do you ship overseas?
No answers

With this product do you wash it off after it's left to develop after 6-8 hours?
2 answers
Yes, just shower as normal. I'm adding something to my review. After a week or so of using this I have developed an allergy - itchy bumps especially on my legs. Could be just my sensitivity but does anyone else have this issue?I usually wash my face at night, and apply my tan and go to bed, then wash my face again in the morning and the colour is fabulous!

Where is the price range & where can i buy this product?
1 answer
I cant quite remember the price but you can get it from any Ella Bache either in store or online at www.ellabache.com.au

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