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Dove Summer Glow Tanning Lotion

Dove Summer Glow Tanning Lotion

For Fair to Medium Skin and For Medium to Dark Skin
4.1 from 118 reviews

I love it!

I absolutely love this product! Applies on perfectly and only takes 10 minutes and 20 minutes to dry! It's perfect for last minute tanning before going out when your skin is looking pale and dull! Would highly recommend to anyone who doesn't have the time to properly tan or doesn't like tan but wants a glow!

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $4.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Stains ClothesNo

Cheap, but does a great job.

Not fancy packaging or advertising like some of the other brands you see on Instagram but this one has been around forever and people still buy it for a reason. It works! It builds a lovely natural glow and moisturisers at the same time. Also it’s cheap!


It only tand the spots that you’re body needs lotion, so it looks like a disease after you use it overnight


I loved using this product! It gave me such a nice tan, and it works very quickly. The only thing I dislike is the smell, but that issue is easily solvable. Quick tip: When applying tanning lotion, use a beauty blender! Then wash your hands with bar soap afterwards.


Perfect! Gradually tans as if it's natural, barely comes of in the shower and works quite quickly.
Would definitely recommend. Make sure you wash ur hands after applying. Hope this helps

Natural summer glow!!

I’ve been using this product for 5 years and absolutely love

What a pong

I throught this was supposed yo not smell likeself tans so j purchased a bottle whike it was on offer, smelt really nice while i applied it went on smoothly although it did take a while to soak in. Did this before going to bed. Woke up to such a stronv smell from it that i had to take a shower at 4am to try and fet rid of the pong. Even the next morning i could still smell it after a took another bath. Wouldnt recommend its rge strongest smelling fake tan ive ever used.

Why change it???

Sigh after years of using Dove Summer Glow, with a scent that was pretty tolerable, they have changed it to the most pungent, overpoweringly awful perfume ever! It makes me feel sick. Thanks Dove!

Miracle in a bottle

Love this tanning product I have been using it, for the last 10 years and swear by it,
I have tryed other brands just being courious, and that confirmed to me each time
That Dove is truely the number one brand for tanning, I colour is natural looking

One thing I would like dove to do
Is offer the bigger bottle with the pump
Because sometimes the lotion is so thick it's hard to come
Out, when lotion is getting low, or maybe even come up
With some new packaging etc... bottles tubes tubs foams sprays
Or even offer an even darker tan

Anyway it's worth every penny

Yep, this is the goods

Honesty, this product just keeps me coming back. After trying some not so great tanners, I decided that it was best to stay with the very reliable dove gradual tan. It works, gradually, but that’s what the packaging says it’s meant to do. The only thing I would love to see improve in this product is a less greasy solution.

Fantastic! First time user with very pale skin.

My skin tone is ghostly white. I don't tan in the sun I burn and peel. I'd never used any tanning products before and I'm in my 50's. I tried this product and I'm no longer white! Safe and easy to use product. My skin is now a natural light tan with a healthy glow and so soft too!! I will use it all year round. Love it!

Love this tan

Have been using Rimmel tanning mousse for sometime which I really like but decided to give Dove gradual tan a go as used it years ago so glad I did..... it looks so natural is easy to apply and I really don't notice any smell but best of all no transfer......leaves skin hydrated and builds up a
lovely natural tan ....I'm very pale am well impressed by the colour I can achieve with little to no effort......great tan at sensible price......

Amazing tan!

I don’t normally use fake tan as I have sensitive skin but this has Brenna great on my skin! I am very very pale and noticed a slight tan within a few hours of first application! My skin feels and looks amazing! Would recommend to anyone!

Best Self tanning ever

This is the best tanning lotion, it doesn't streak looks natural. I've read reviews about the smell but I don't think it's too bad. Overall great product price is affoardable.


I love all dove products... And this has to be my favorite.... I use to use it alot back in my teen days and it worked wonders on my skin, and gave me the most gorgeous/natural looking tan ever ! I, for some reason stopped using it over the last few years(still unsure why hmm) but had recently purchased the "Medium to Dark" lotion to get rid of my white and scarred legs ... my legs were horrible looking and I hated them being WHITE errr , I was so ashamed to wear anything short (skirts, mini shorts) =( until I got this product.....WOOOOW!!!!! 3-4 days using it, and my legs look tan, natural and my scars are barely noticeable, and they're glowing yaaay .... I'll never stop using DOVE !!!!!! Please don't stop making it....#bestlotionworldwide #glowing #icanshowmylegsnow #veryhappycustomer


I love this lotion so much!!! I am quite pale and started off using the fair to medium tone which gave me a subtle tan but when I moved onto the medium to dark, it gave me a perfect tan within days. It's better than instant tan as it hydrates the skin and if you rush the tan one day, it won't leave embarrassing and strange tan lines that you can only get rid of by exfoliating. I love this and will never stop using it!

Works well on my asian skin

I actually don't really need a tan as I'm easy to get a tan. It was on special at Woolies and might as well try it as I love DOVE products. I love the smell, it's a bit weird at first but as I keep using it I'm used to it and smells good. A bit sticky at first, but in about 15 min the stickiness will go away. It took me about 5 days to notice the difference, and words of recommendation, better use it on your whole body as you don't want patchy tan (like my husband, he is white and he only wears it on his arms and legs, now his tan looks uneven.)

great tan

I use this product all the time, as long you exfoliate regularly it gives a great coverage and makes you are happy to expose your skin. Love the colour and there is never any streaks.

No streaks tan when you don't want to be spray tan brown

have been using this produt for around years now began in high school on the legs which gave them a gradual glow , was very hard to stuff it up apart from a good scrub of the hands after applying. have also used on arms and neck with great gradual results. Perfect for winter when you dont want to be too brown to give away

best slow tanner out there!

Best slow tanner i have ever tried! This one never streaks! Love dove! the smell is quite nice too.It is not unpleasant as many other tanning products have been for me in the past. Would very much recommend ladies!

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Questions & Answers

Can fair skin use Med 2 Dark Summer Glow
No answers

I havd fair skin if i bought Med 2 Dark summer glow would it b less days i have 2 apply
1 answer
I am unsure about this one sorry. I believe it may work however i have naturally tanned skin and use that colour. So i suppose its how dark you want to be.

Do I go in shower before or after putting it on?
1 answer
Shower before and exfoliate first then put dove on wait 20 mins and dress next day to use it don't exfoliate as it will take first layer off

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