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Loving Tan 2 Hr Express

Loving Tan 2 Hr Express

Dark and Medium
4.4 from 119 reviews

It’s like a spray tan in a bottle !! Perfect tan

So this tan has become my all time favorite , being Irish and super white , I could never find a tan that was dark enough or wasn’t patchy , however this tan is the perfect combination, takes me 20 mins to put on with the black mitt and it basically glides on and my boyfriend helps with my back lol , then after 2 hours I shower it off and it just has this gorgeous golden hue , I’m obsessed, little tip I always rub some liquid highlighter on after I shower it off to get that glow from within :) very happy customer , keep doing what your doing guys :)

Purchased for $55.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Stains ClothesNo

The best self tanning products!

This product is the best self tanning product I've ever used. Dries within minutes of applying and is streak free! Looks so naturally beautiful on the skin. Definitely worth the money as it does not come off as orange on the skin even for fair skinned women like me! I have found the perfect self tanning product that looks like I have just been on a European holiday for 2 months! Trust me it is worth the buy.

Purchased at David Jones Retail Stores for $39.95.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin

A must have!!!! Cant live without!

2 hours to bronzed beauty! Loving Tan ive been dreaming of you my entire life! Easy, smooth application! Streak free and quick drying with no orange hands thanks to the tanning mit! You have perfected this product and it is now apart of my weekly beauty routine. A healthy glow from top to toe! Thankyou thankyou thankyou

My favorite tanning product ever!!!

This mousse was so easy to apply. Applied it in about 10 minutes and I waited about another 10 before putting some loose clothes on. After two hours I showered and had a beautiful color! It lasted much longer on my body than other products I used. Hands down my favorite tanning product! I’ve been using it for some years now and it never fails me!

Great- if you don’t wash it off

Don’t believe the hype of this product! Clearly they just have great marketing because there are so many better tans out there that are the same price or cheaper.

I’ve found this tan looks beautiful and natural if you don’t wash it off. Because it doesn’t transfer onto clothes at all, I put it on a few hours before I am going somewhere and just leave it on.

This really should be marketed as a wash off tan because as soon as I get in the shower no matter how long it’s been, I can see the tan coming off in water and I go back to my natural colour.

I’m glad I bought it on sale because it’s really expensive for what it is. You’re better off buying St. Tropez, same price and a thousand times better.

The ONLY self-tanning product I will ever use! This stuff is AMAZING

It takes me less than 10 minutes to apply this self-tan all over my body! It’s extremely easy to apply, the mit applicator works wonders! I love this self-tanner, it is the only self-tanner I have used for the past two years, I’ve never needed to try anything else because Loving Tan will always be my go to. :)

Waste of money

Did as directed, plus I left it on longerbefore washing odd. Barely any colour and now I'm out of time before an event. It smells fine, probably because there's no tan in it. Same colour depth as when I used bondi sands gradual in shower tanner 2 days in a row.

What is going on

I started out believing that you would develop a tan after 2 hours using the 2 he express...for some reason when I rinsed it off it completely went away. Once I read some reviews that it continues to develop within a few hours I went ahead and waited and went to bed. Woke up the next morning and STILL looked exactly how I looked when I went to bed.. the only difference was I actually developed a little bit of an orange tint on my hands and face. Some reviews showed they had to apply a 2nd layer and left it on a little bit longer than the 2 hours... and so i did that. This time applying the second layer did actually make myself look darker as it was developing... I left it on for 4 hours and again hopped in shower and rinsed off since the tan was getting a bit darker than the first layer. However, again this product disappeared but leaving my hands and face a little bit of an orange tint and the rest of my body looking white. I don’t understand where all this hype was coming from or how in every video they looked dark using the dark 2 he express but somehow it wasn’t working out for me. I’m a little bit disappointed because I was so excited to use this but I guess that’s what happens...

So Natural

This product does not streak and is very natural. I get so many compliments. The 2hr Express means I don’t have to wait the 6 hrs. It suits my lifestyle.


After 2 hours, tan washed completely off, not the faintest hint of color. Don't buy this. Piece of crap. This was a complete waste of my time and will be of yours.

Best ever

This tanner is the best I have used. I have been self tanning for 40 years and have tried too many to mention(expensive and cheap). I was looking for one that didn't streak or totally wash off while swimming. So I went to the lake twice and it stayed on and did not streak, it faded some. So the next week I reapplied and went to the water park and pool and it did not streak. It did fade some but I was amazed that I still had some color with no streaks after a day at the water park. So I know that I can comfortably wear this to a pool, water park or lake and not have to worry about it streaking. Most tanners wash right off in the pool but this one and also the loving tan deluxe bronzing mousse stays on, doesn't streak, and fades slowly while in the water. It is worth the price and the 2 hour is convenient for me. The smell is good, there is no sunless tan smell at all. The 2 hr express in dark is really dark. The medium color is what I prefer because I want to be GOLDEN tan and not really dark. The deluxe bronzing mousse in dark is also really dark. I have medium skin tone. The loving tan products are the best, my favorite the 2 hr express medium. So if you want a beautiful tanner that you can swim in then here it is. It works for me. Good luck tanning.


The Loving Tan 2 hour deluxe bronzing mousse in 'dark' is just simply amazing. Its gives the most natural olive color to the skin and makes skin feel amazing. Very easy application, and absolutely NO obnoxious smell. I will never live without this product again!


I was very excited to get this product based on others reviews. When I first put it on it looked great. The color was perfect but after showering after the 2 hours the color was completely gone. I am not sure if it’s because I only got medium but I am a very pale red head so I figured medium would be fine.

THE BEST!! My go to tan.

Loving Tan, my go to in any tanning situation. I have been a customer of this brand and products for over a year now and I really just could not be happier!
I am a frequent user of fake tan and have tried multiple brands, but since coming across loving tan I have not experienced a tan that these products produce from anyone else.
My cupboard is filled with only their cute pink bottles!
I am a regular user, and by regular I mean mostly 3 times, weekly, of the dark 2h express mousse! The colour, subtle fragrance and coverage is exactly what I look for in self tanning products. I am always complimented on my tan by peers and willingly recommend your products to all friends and colleagues. I feel so confident when I wear your products! I am so grateful to have come across your brand and will continue to be a regular customer!

Life changing!!

I love being tan, but was diagnosed with skin cancer 3 years ago. After having them removed, which was very painful, I had to stay out of the sun!! Let's face it, being tan makes you feel better! I tried numerous self tanners as well as paying for spray tans. I just never liked the smell or look. When I found Loving Tan I was hooked!! It is so natural and so easy!! No smell either! I actually went to my dermatolgost appointment with it on and she yelled at me for being tan. When I told her it was Loving Tan, she ordered it too! She had never seen a self tanner that lolled that natural!! I am.a customer for life! Their customer service is amazing and the attention to detail with shipping is awesome! Thank you for a great product!!!!


This product truly has been an empowerment to me, the reason I say this is because the natural glow has bought confidence & made me feel amazing in myself. It is not like any other tan in the fact that it is so smooth and there are no streaks at all! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is wanting that change to make them feel better in themselves! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Best self tan I have ever used!

Loving tan 2 hour express mousse is an incredible self tanner, I was skeptical to use it at first, but it amazed me! My tan came out perfectly and I received so many compliments! My skin is very sensitive and using this product didn't effect it at all. My skin came out smooth, tan, and looked really healthy! I cannot wait to buy my second bottle!

BEST self tanner around!

Loving tan 2 hr express leaves you with a beautiful, olive toned tan. The best part, it develops within TWO hours. Sometimes I like to keep the tan on and just apply my make up and go on with my day :) it lasts for days and always fades beautifully. I always get compliments when I wear loving tan. I would definitely, 10 out of 10 recommend this self tanner.


Check out my video about this setf tanner-additional thoughts!

My favourite tan! I absolutely cannot live without it.

I cant begin to explain my love for the loving tan 2 hour express mousse! It has been my love for many years and I absolutely cannot live without it. The colour suits my skin perfectly & makes it look like I came from a 2 week trip from the maldives!

never turning back!

I enjoy going out quite often and love having a tanned glow instead of looking pale and ghost-like, I love how it provides my skin with a really natural glow. I have found and used many tanning products but I have never been quite satisfied with the end result. But ever since I have been using this Loving Tan Mousse I love how easy and efficient it makes tanning!

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Questions & Answers

I used the 6 hour loving tan and my face is way too dark than what I’ve seen online during the process. Can I wash it off before the 6 hour mark?
No answers

Can I reapply two days after using the loving tan 2hr express first time? I wanted to make it a little darker / smoother where i may have Missed! But, i didnt want to come put TOO dark since it seems to develop within a day or so after as well...from what I noticed anyways.
No answers

How many uses ( tans ) do you get out of one bottle?
1 answer
I got a lot! Probably 20 or so applications? I didn’t need to apply anymore than 2 pumps for each body part as it was already very dark :)


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