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Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant

Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant

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Great for flu season !

I use the Euky inhalant in my vspouriser and it works wonders during flu season . When my kids have runny noses or chesty coughs, I use it in their rooms and it really helps relieve symptoms and relax my kids and they get a better nights sleep. Its a must have


We use this inhalant in our Vicks vaporiser and it is great. Our sons room has high ceilings and the vaporiser steam and scent could easily get trapped up high but when I go into to check on him when he is sick and the vaporiser is on the room is filled with a steamy and beautiful Eucalyptus scent. It is a comforting and natural product, a great way to relieve sinus without having to use decongestants.
This inhalant has a great smell and is effective for clearing sinus in a chesty bub. It is reasonably priced and cheaper than other brands. It is super easy to use.


I love this product and would highly recommend it to others., it doesnt leave residues in humidifiers and provides great relief for colds and stuffy noses. My kids tolerate the smell well, even if i have added too much to their steamer:)
great smelling that isnt overpowering and cheaper than other inhalants (vicks) we have used for our humidifier. Doesnt leave a residue in the reservoir of our steamer. Readily available at pharmacys. Found it clears the kids sinuses up and leaves their room smelling devine for the day...kiddie safe lid and i have foudn 1 bottle lasts us through winter
none...i love using it

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