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Martin & Pleasance Ki Cold & Flu Attack

Martin & Pleasance Ki Cold & Flu Attack

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First try and I'm very happy

As soon as i got signs of a sore throat i went and bought vitamin c and instead of my usual ease a cold formulation, this product was highly reduced so i thought I'll give it a go. Within 2 days i was back to 90% healthy. It never developed into my chest (apart from a very slight tightness) but no coughing or anything to the point that i easily passed a fitness test 4 days later. New favourite and sticking with this for sure.

Very effective

The androphagis herb contained in this formula is known to be a very effective treatment for viruses and infections.
I’ve had very good results every time with throat infections. Thanks!

Amazing result

An amazing result: 2 tablets and 24 hours - I felt significantly better with symptoms really reduced or cleared up and increased energy. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone with a heavy cold.


After avoiding my son and husband's cold for 2 weeks, I woke up with a raging sore throat the day before we were leaving on holidays but I started on KI and the cold never fully developed , Besides being a little tired the first 2 days, I was able to enjoy our vacation. Amazing.


This is by far the best cold and flu defence the family has tried. It really does work. It works very quickly to fight the common virus. We do not travel without it. Highly recommend this product to anyone who gets cold and flu, this is our second year with no cold or flu, very happy.
It works

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In what universe is a herbal medicine going to "fight the common virus"??? Zinc will help boost your immune system (if you are deficient) and Ginger can help with nausea and congestion, but nothing in this formulation is going to fight a virus.

Questions & Answers

I started having a sore throat 48 hours ago. Which KI tablet should I take, the one in the red box or blue box?
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Ki Cold & Flu Attack
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Release dateMay 2013

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