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Euky Bearub

Euky Bearub

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Thank you!!

I bought this for my son and it works great. This week I was feeling unwell from bad cold and cough and I used this and it was amazing. I was able to sleep all night. Highly recommended

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Thankyou for the lovely review & feedback on our Euky Bearub. That's wonderful to hear it helped ease your cold symptoms and you were able to get a restful night's sleep! Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Euky Bearub

Love this product use it for both of my son's, they sleep through the night with a follow up of kids panadol. It also works great for muscle pains for adults!!!

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Thankyou for the wonderful review Melissa! We're so glad Euky Bear helps you and your family. The muscle rub is a great tip! Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Euky bearub

Love this product use it for my son, it's very quick alot quicker than Vicks my son sleeps alot better with this then Vicks love this product fast relief, won't be turning back

Gentle perfect for my little bear.

Euky bear rub is more gentle then Vicks since using the rub iv followed though with the cough syrup witch does wonders and the vaporiser inhalant love euky bear range all together.

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Hi CarBra, thankyou so much for your wonderful review! We're so glad you have found our products have helped your little one. Like us on Euky Bear Facebook page for some great competitions and promotions coming up for our 40th birthday! Much love from our family to yours. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.


Not sure if Euky Bearub contains paraffin or petroleum jelly as the packaging states only the active ingredients. Would be great to hear from Euky Bearub makers to confirm one way or the other.

Unable to find full ingredients list neither on packaging nor internet searches. My local chemist couldn't verify either. I won't risk the possibility of putting petrol byproduct nasties on my baby.

BRAUER Baby & Child Chest Rub is the only product i have been able to find that does not contain parabens and paraffin. Works a dream and no reaction from our two little ones and their sensitive skin.

Hi Mandi, Thanks for getting in touch and allowing us to clarify. We do use paraffin in our Bearub. It's a pharmaceutical grade soft paraffin that has been assessed and proven safe and effective by the TGA. We understand there are different preferences for paraffin and what you use is very much individual choice. If you would like to know more about our ingredients or why we use them, please feel free to give us a call on freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours and we would be happy to discuss further. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Euky BearPersonally, I would only use BRAUER CHEST RUB. Alternatively, you could try mixing camphor (non-synthetic) with coconut oil and rub on the soles of the feet. As far as I can see, the foot application of camphor stems from old folklore poultice recipes for cold remedies. May have drawing properties. I cannot vouch for its effectiveness but I do give it a go each time one of my little ones have a cold. Personally, I don't use products containing parrafin, sls or other nasties (TGA-approved or not). Also be aware of its flammability See link https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/skin-creams-paraffin-link-fire-death-inquest-christopher-holyoake-a7637806.html%3famp

Finally found one working with natural ingredient

Camphor is a traditional medicine used for cold/cough in olden days and I was happy seeing the ingredients and it worked as expected for my DD.I strongly recommend for all mums like me :)

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We're so happy you found Euky Bearub worked for you Saran! It's been around since the 1970's and is 40 years old this year, still Aussie made & owned too. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Amazing product

I have just finished working a 14 hour day with a bad head cold, continuously annoyed by my blocked and runny nose, came home had my shower and put some Euky Bearub on my chest and my nose has cleared straight away and my chest is clear too. I don't use Vick's because it burns my skin but this is perfect. I might even be able to actually sleep tonight. Best product on the market

Awesome product

Great help when bub has a cold. It also smells yummy too. Good to put on the bottom.of feet as well as on back/chest etc. Seems to be quite effective

This stuff is amazing

I love love love this product. Been having a rough night with my sick 5 year old, up coughing a and a runny nose. Rub some of this amazing stuff on her feet back and chest and haven't heard her since. Always works a treat. Smells amazing and is just the most effective product I've used for my kids.... Gold star right here

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Hi Ash, that's fantastic to hear! It certainly is a magic sleep whisperer. Thanks so much for stopping in and sharing your review. We appreciate it. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Love it

I love the vapourisor drops and the cream as well unfortunately my daughter skin was too sensitive for it. I know its supposed to be good for sensitive skin but i guess she was very sensitive. I love it for myself too though the strength of the smell is amazing

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Thanks for your comment KandTW! If your daughter finds the sensation too much on her skin you can always rub a little on on her singlet, the vapours will still help clear her nose. Some people even swear by the soles of the feet (with socks over). Appreciate you stopping by to add your review! Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Better than baby Vicks

Bought this product because my in-laws was using it to my little baby boy when he was having a cold. It works better than the baby Vicks and it smells good too! Have not use it for myself yet. However, after reading all the positive reviews, believe I switched to a good cream!

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Hi EV70Lawton, thanks so much for leaving your positive review! Glad you love our "good cream" :) All the best.

Works better than Vicks vaporub

Don't be fooled by the über cute little pictures on the packaging, this stuff really packs a punch! It's very menthol yet gentle on skin. I'm using it on my chest for the current flu and as a barrier on my nose from all the nose blowing.
This is great, cleared my nose up straight away.
Highly recommend this. I will be repurchasing for my sister. I was a Vicks vapour girl, now I'm a convert.
Very menthol, gentle and it's so soothing.

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Hi Pseudonorm, yes you're correct - it's a full strength rub with a high concentration of essential oils which means it WORKS! The good thing about Euky Bear is it's also suitable for children (over 2). Thanks very much for leaving your review.

Must have for kids

Euky Bear Rub is the best sniffles and colds product I have found and add to gifts I make for friend who are having their first baby. The smell is lovely and not overpowering and actually helps kids (and adults) with snuffly noses. The great thing about Euky Bear Rub is it can be used for many other things - it's great as an alternative to deep heat on sore muscles, helps to soften hard skin on heels, the list goes on. What I really like is I can add this to a bowl of hot water (in a safe area away from kids of course) and as it melts it leaves a lovely scent through the house and helps sniffles and colds that way too.

Definite must have!
Great smell, lovely consistency

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What a wonderful review Melissa J, thankyou very much for supporting our Aussie made & owned Euky Bearub!

Perfect for sick baby

I love this cream, I rub it on my sick bubbys singlets and socks and wrap them up for bed. You can tell their breathing is clearer. It smells lovely as well. I love that they have this product for little babies but it can be used on the whole family.
Scent, use for whole family

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Great review, thankyou very much for taking the time to leave your comments :)

All round must have in the medicine cabinet

This cream is also excellent for minor infected sores or scratches. It provides relief to Mosquito or any insect bites. Helps with Muscle ace and relief tension headaches. My family has used it for years and all my four grown up children now use and have it on hand in their medicine cabinets and first aide kits.
Easy to store, travel and carry with you. Both reliable and inexpensive.

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Deanne you're so right, Euky Bearub is a natural "secret weapon" for mozzie bites - glad you're helping spread the word! Thanks :)


This product is a life saver for any mother whose child is sick with congestion. It is as effective as the popular brand Vicks. However is far less potent. Its sooting eucalyptis aids in a good nights sleep.
A very affordable product for the family. Gentle on the skin, with a subtle yet effective smell

The Must have for colds!

I love this product. I always have it on hand for when the kids get sick. The smell is strong, but not overpowering. It seems to work. I prefer it to Vicks and is better then Baby balsam, which although it smelt nice, didn't help much. A must have for the cold season.

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Great comments. Euky Bearub is the perfect "medium" between strength and gentleness so it sits nicely between the other leading products and is great for the whole family. As a plus, it's also Aussie made & owned!


I prefer this to the vicks baby balsam, I found that didn't seem to help my baby at all. As another reviewer suggested, I put it on babies clothing rather than her skin, although I have put it on the soles of her feet (as suggested by my chemist) and this seems to help alot when she has a blocked nose. Euky bearub also works well in a bowl of hot water to dispel the aroma around the room.
Nice eucalyptus fragrance, does not stain clothing, a little goes a long way, great for the whole family to use
Perhaps a bit too strong for little babies skin

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What a great review, thanks for taking the time to comment MrsEd!


I recommend this product over any of the baby balms. It is gentle enough not to 'get up your nose' or irritate your eyes but strong enough to really work.

I love that it is a natural eucalyptus formula and Australian made
Love this product. Has a lovely consistency, great smell and it works! I have used it on a tissue under the pillow, rubbed it on the soles of my daughter's feet and used it on her chest and back for very congested coughs.

Great price, easily available and an all around great product
None that I know of

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Thanks so much for your wonderful comments NinaJay!


I tell everyone EUKY BEAR is an excellent product and really works when my children were babies I used to rub this on them and also put it on there collar it works really well and helps them to breathe easy. It is long lasting and does not stain clothing. I love euky bear rub and still use it on my grown children this product as far as I am concerned is the best on the market for that stuffy runny nose if you have not tried it you should.
works really well used this on all my children and myself
none really

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Questions & Answers

Hi, my 7 year old likes to put Euky Bear under her nose (not inside) to clear her stuffy nose. Does that cause any long term problems? Her skin is not sensitive to the menthol/eucalyptus oil.
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I have been using this just outside of my nostrils every night for years as it helps me to sleep. Now I have just read that it’s not supposed to be on face or even nostrils. How come? I haven’t had any problems since. Anything I should be aware of?
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Hi Pia We have never recommended Euky Bear around the nostrils or anywhere on the face. This is because the ingredients, including eucalyptus oil and menthol, can be irritating or inflammatory to the eyes or the delicate mucous membranes inside the nose. We are required to include these warnings on our product information. If you have no issues, and are happy to continue doing so that's fine - but if you do experience any discomfort or irritation please flush with water and discontinue. Kind Regards, Euky Bear

What to do if you get it in your eyes?
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Hi John Flush with water, and seek medical assistance if irritation or discomfort continues. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.


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