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Euky Bearub

Latest review: I bought this for my son and it works great. This week I was feeling unwell from bad cold and cough and I used this and it was amazing. I was able to sleep all night. Highly

BioRevive Prospan

Latest review: I'm not a fan of this cough medicine. My second time using it and my baby is 10months, it did nothing! Vomit, chesty cough still there! and has gotten worse over days.... The only thing this medicine

Nyal Cold Sore Cream

Latest review: Nyall now make an Antiviral cold sore cream but still make the normal cold sore cream with menthol and camphor which is like a thickened barrier type consistency. I was upset because I thought they

EASEaCOLD Cold & Flu

Latest review: Having a sore throat. I knew I might get fever and a cold. I drank lemon honey mixed with warm water and 2 Panadol tablets. Things were getting better. I thought to be safe I’d try easeacold say & n

Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence Cough Cold Relief

Latest review: I saw this product on the shelf of our local pharmacy many years ago. I’m not into alternative medicines and/or vitamin supplements etc but I really liked the name ‘Immune Defence’ so I bought a bottl

Nyal Chesty Cough Medicine

Latest review: Not sure what others are complaining about it tastes fine it is thick (so what if it’s thick and it doesn’t taste like battery acid it tastes sweet) but soothes the throat and stops coughing as I had

Vicks VapoDrops

Latest review: I ate five VVD in a short space of time before having to sing. It soothed my throat but didn't clear the nose. It's the day after and I feel much worse. Nose and throat blah but the worst thing is

Nyal Cold & Flu Fighter

Latest review: I have a sore throat and went to the nearest shop. Had a look at medicinal section, saw Nyal was on offer (original price was similar to Panadol and other REAL brands). So picked it up. It was

Vicks VapoRub

Latest review: The formula has changed and we are so sad because it is not even close to the same. It smells like plastic. Please go back to your original formula. We are crying

Codral Day & Night

Latest review: Bought these for terrible cold. I have only taken four and all I've done is throw up...Making me feel quite ill..Never had this reaction with any other cold and flu

Codral Cold & Flu

Latest review: The old formula was more effective I didn't notice any improvement at all. It didn't ease any of the symptoms such as running nose and watery eyes Very frustrated with the

Bosisto's Eucalyptus Solution

Latest review: Eucalyptus Solution is amazing, I use it for everything. Use solution in washing machine to help with freshness, use in mop bucket, kids baths when sick to help with their sinus system. Also put it

Martin & Pleasance Ki Cold & Flu Attack

Latest review: As soon as i got signs of a sore throat i went and bought vitamin c and instead of my usual ease a cold formulation, this product was highly reduced so i thought I'll give it a go. Within 2 days i

Cenovis Cold & Flu Relief with Olive Leaf

Latest review: Always works - take one in the morning and one at night as soon as you think you have a sore throat or other cold/flu symptoms and the severity/duration will be dramatically

Euky Bear Sniffly Nose Inhalant

Latest review: I use the Euky inhalant in my vspouriser and it works wonders during flu season . When my kids have runny noses or chesty coughs, I use it in their rooms and it really helps relieve symptoms and

Demazin Cold Relief Blue Syrup

Latest review: I have a 14.5 year old and a 9 year old. I stumbled across this product when I sent father to the chemist to get medicine for our daughter's cold and he came back with the 'wrong' product. I have

Bosisto's Natural Cough Syrup

Latest review: This 200ml 'natural' cough syrup seems to be good quality. It took a while to work but after two or three doses, my throat felt less inflamed and my coughing ceased. Always hard to know if

Chemists' Own Chesty Mucus Cough Liquid

Latest review: Found it to be very effective in preventing the need to cough and generally clearing my chest. It doesn't taste brilliant (peach flavour) but it's not horrible either and I found it lasted around

Cenovis Garlic

Latest review: I have been taking these capsules for over 10 years because of my sinus, and never had sinus again. I take 3-4 a day. I totally recommend them to

Nutra-Life Cold & Flu Fighter

Latest review: There are few products with andrographis (creat). This one has more than most. It has been the best cold and flu preventative I have found in my (many) more than 50 years. Taking them at the first

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