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Euromaid BT44

Euromaid BT44

3.3 from 7 reviews

Excellent second oven

We have just got the Euromaid BT44 as our other oven had a problem and it was Xmas, and we had 20 people for Xmas lunch. Really do not know how we would have coped without it. Cooked all the meats etc so well. Just love it. ,ovine looking Unit, and works so well.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Lorraine, Thanks for taking the time to post your review. We're happy that we made your Christmas merry, with some well cooked meats! :) All the best for the New Year.

Very inconsistent performance - don’t waste your money.

I bought this after my oven stopped working. I do a lot of baking and this product seemed perfect considering it’s large capacity, compared to other products that function little more than toaster ovens.

Unfortunately, using this oven has been a constant experience of frustration, wasted time and wasted food.

Its temperature controls seemed very off the first few times I used it, so I started using an oven thermometer and found that the oven is consistently off the mark regardless of the setting you select.

It can sometimes take the better part of an hour to heat up to standard temperatures like 180C, while at other times it just wildly continues to heat up above your selected temperature - and I’m not talking about a variation of 5 or 10 degrees, it will continue to heat in excess of 40 or 50 degrees of what you’ve chosen.

What’s worse is that these issues are entirely unpredictable, so not even an experienced cook can work around them.

The oven has several settings, but all but one useless for actual baking - most will just result in your food burning. And due to the aforementioned issues, the one setting that is useful - and I use that term very loosely - involves you having to stay with the oven constantly checking that the temperature doesn’t randomly drop or rise by 20, 30 , 40 degrees.

Please don’t waste your time and money on this product. It only rewards this company for taking advantage of consumers.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Vince, Sorry this has been your experience. Have you attempted to resolve this directly with us before posting a review? If not, wan we please grab your contact information so that we can discuss your concerns further? Thanks and talk soon.

Robust Stainless Steel

This is a heavy model, just right for a permanent position in the kitchen or caravan. Spacious 50 litre fan-forced oven boasts 7 functions. I have tested this Euromaid beauty for three years and I rate it as excellent in performance and value. Cleans up easily. I originally purchased this portable oven as a quick replacement for my conventional upright stove after an element failed. This is less than half the price. The Euromaid BT44 is also handsome. I bake huge cakes and have always been delighted with the fast finish which turns out aromatic golden tops.

Date PurchasedJan 2014
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Hey Meadowbelle! Thanks so much for leaving us a review! We might have to stop by for some cake next time we are in Perth ;)

Warning: Dont buy

Had previous model, sadly the BT44 is not as good. Small hot plate will just boil water more like a simmer and keeps turning off, even when on permanently. Don't waste your money and buy a different model. Has stainless steel finish, that is much harder to clean as previous model was white enamel. but I can live with that, but not with hot plates not functioning properly.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


This is a great oven. We've had it about 6 months and are totally happy with it. The functions are good - it heats up quickly. It is easy to use, easy to clean and surprisingly spacious. We replaced our old (dead) oven with this unit, a reversagrill and a hotplate and we haven't missed having the conventional oven/stovetop at all. No electrician needed!

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Hi Sue, thanks for your feedback, we are extremely happy to hear that you are pleased with your purchase! Thanks again.

Euromaid Staff dont even know functions of this product!

Purchased this oven RRP $429 I paid $399, got it home and the rubber feet were missing in box allowing the oven to slide over the bench and pull forward when opening the oven door so extremely dangerous! Went back to the store and they gave me the feet from the display model. Went home followed the pre-use instructions the middle coil of the grill didnt work. Called customer care who told me the oven must have been obsolete as she never heard of it...(its still listed on their website). Then tried to tell me "MAYBE" middle coil only works on fan-grill and outer coil only works on full grill but that I should try it to see.
I received a response from a owner as above who confirmed turned on His oven BOTH coils work together. Took mine back to the store who tested it and confirmed faulty. Tested the display model and BOTH coils heat up!!! So Euromaid customer care cleary have ZERO idea. Epic fail!!!! Ive purchased another brand and will tell everyone to steer clear of Euromaid products.

Hi Trudy, We did respond to your initial post offering an apology for the incorrect/incomplete information your were provided on your initial call to us this morning. We can certainly understand how this could be frustrating. Our Customer Care Team handle the full product range for the six brands in our extensive portfolio. From time to time we may make an error in the information we provide when speaking with our customers. To confirm, we have escalated your comments to our Technical Manager and can confirm that the Euromaid BT44 has one upper element (referred to as a dual element), which is controlled independently via the control knob. Unless the switch has a fault, the element should operate either as a grill or upper oven element. We would like the opportunity to chat with you further over the phone. If you can please direct message us your contact information, we will touch base with you Monday to further discuss your experience. Thank you. Euromaid Customer CareNo actually you tried to tell me the same incorrect information. I work in consumer care so any representative should know the functions of EVERY single product regardless of the number of brands you cover that is a basic requirement under Australian Consumer law otherwise your staff and the company are potentially legally liable for any misrepresentation of a retail product within your product portfolio. Furthermore I asked her more than once to double check with someone who knows the technical specifications of the oven. You simply need to turn on an identical appliance to see mine clearly had a faulty switch. I have no interest in talking to anyone as you had your chance and blew it by giving incorrect information not once but twice! I've returned the faulty oven and received a reimbursement.

Excellent Oven and portable!

We were in a rental property and the oven give and take 20 degrees different from setting once the door was ever open after the pre-heat and struggled to get the temp back to where it was by manually turning up the heat to get back to the original temp setting. After hunting around for a decent size oven that we can take with us when we leave, we found the Euromaid BT44. It's practically a full size oven which does take up a bit of bench space, so if you hunting for a smaller unit then be best to find something else. My wife decided to buy this oven as a birthday gift and was an excellent buy when we managed to get one for just $328 sale with a tad of bargaining.

This unit is excellent, plug straight into the wall and turn the dials on like any wall or standalone convection oven. I've baked many desserts, breads and roasts out of this oven and had the oven for over a year now and still working like a charm. I'm sure the smaller units out there are great too, but the main point here was that I'm not about to replace hundreds of dollars worth of baking trays etc just to fit into a smaller unit.

Great stuff Euromaid, still haven't seen a unit close to this yet.

Questions & Answers

Is the interior made from stainless steel too? What about the wire shelves, heating element and pans? Can't find much info on materials other than the exterior.
2 answers
The interior is heavy duty enamel with stainless steel side pieces that support one stainless steel rack and a large enamel baking pan.Hi Narelle, The internal is black enamel plated. The shelves are steel chromed. Thanks :)

Well some of the reviews are interesting to read and have made me think I have bought a lemon. My problem with the MC130T is to do with the rubber seal IN the oven. The rubber seal is attached to the inside edge of the oven, not on the door. It stretches when the oven is on/hot and hangs down from the top. Just seems wrong in my eyes, and may be a hazard as I try to lift a heavy, full loaded tray out of the oven. Will require 3 hands to negotiate the sagging rubber seal. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST EUROMAID OFFICIAL?
3 answers
Probably not the answer you are looking for, but if its possible to return oven for a refund do it... if not ! just dump it. The hot plates have built in thermostats, will keeping turning off regardless.Good morning, So we can better understand exactly what you are experiencing, can you please direct message us your full name and contact information? We will give you a call for a chat. Thanks! :)This is not a correct situation. Mine has been in operation for years and I just checked the seal. It is quite firm. I suggest you do not use it in this condition. Do not ever use faulty appliances. Look up your warranty and speak with the manufacturer. Call the retailer and say you wish to return/repair the oven. They will tell you how to proceed for a refund if necessary.

My bench is 690cm wide with a tiled wall behind. How hot does the back of the oven get and how much space does it need behind for ventilation? Thanks, Pip
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Hey Pip, My bench wide or depth is 590mm/59cm .. the unit from front door (excluding handles) with couple of indent sticking out at the back roughly about 560mm/56cm. I got tiles on the bench wall as well, the oven sits about 45mm/4.5cm away but that's probably not the recommended distances. Then again if I pull it out any further the darn thing would tipped over..lol I've not had any issues with that setup and been operating happily where it is for several years now. The oven does sit there on it's own though, nothing else besides the sink is next to it. Before I use it, I just make sure no plastic-ware is close by. I'm sure the manual have a recommended clearance behind the unit but where I have it, nothing above or besides the unit. Hope that helped. JoeHi Philippa, Apologies for the delay in our reply. We were not notified of your question until now. Materials adjacent to the appliance must be able to withstand up to 100 degrees centigrade. In terms of ventilation, we recommend 50mm clearance. Thank you.


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