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Euromaid MC130T

Euromaid MC130T

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Fantasic oven and 2 cooktops grill and portable

I live in a granny flat and bought this oven. The oven width is just the same as a normal size oven and I can fit a good size oven dish into it. So perfect for one or two people. Cooktops work well, easy to clean and I have used it every day like a normal cook top oven.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review. We're happy to hear you love your oven :-)

Warning: Dont buy

Owned previous model. This model is useless both hot plates keep turning off. Was cooking stir fry where high heat was needed, and hot plate kept going off losing all heat. Ended up ruined meal. The oven works ok, but that's all. Previous model hot plates stayed on. Put oven in shed.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback, it is unfortunate to hear that you are dissatisfied with your appliance, have you tried different pots/frying pans on the unit? it sounds though it may be the elements are cutting out too soon to retain the heat, sometimes the type of pot/pan can be a factor. if you would like to discuss further, please contact our customer care department on 1800 444 357. thank youDoes it with all pans or pots. just wont buy this brand again. thankyou for replying.

Fantastic Bench Top Cooker.

Having owned, and used, a Euromaid MT 110 for over 10 years I was searching for it's replacement, and here it is.
Great to see that the new model has addressed some of the '110's shortcomings like the lack of a 'power' indicator when using the hotplates, and limited choices for placing the oven/griller tray. Having the timer controlling the power input is a great improvement. As already mentioned highlighting the indicator mark on the knobs would be very helpful, luckily I had a silver duco touch-up pen which solved the issue.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hey Langb, Thanks for the review! :)No worries I'm just a happy customer. I might add that the MT 110 still works quite well, but the plastic knobs and oven handle have become very brittle and are disintegrating. Hard to complain though since it's been used nearly every day for the past 10 or so years.Well, there is always room for improvement ;)

This is perfect! Exellent!!

This is an exellent!I love it so much. I am a very huppy it is much more what I expected. My friends recamendent this oven for me. She has it for a long time more then 12 yers!! Its looks small but I can put my the biggest in side.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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Thanks for the review Billy! We are glad you love it! :)

Great bench top cooker

Excellent oven and grill also has 2 hotplates on top -one small and one large.Fits on the kitchen bench and plugs into a power point Great product and value Love it!I've had other bench top ovens before over many years and this is definitely the best I've purchased.great product.Cooks evenly and would certainly buy again when the time comes.

Hi Nancye, Thanks so much for the feedback, we are really happy to heat that your are enjoying your bench top stove. ThanksWe love your product and are recommending it to everyone.Just one thing Euromaid you need to mark a white visible dot on the control knobs.We couldn't see your mark so my husband marked the four control knobs with white paint--just a little.We love your oven Thank you and when needed we will be looking out for more of your brand.Hi Nancye, thank you for the feedback, we will forward this to our product team. thanks again.

Questions & Answers

Hi, I currently have a Euormaid Compact Cooker, model number = MC110T. I have no idea what size it is in terms of litres. I have been using it everyday for 14 years and has been great. At present the hotplates work but have bowed so pots and pans won't lie flat and the handle on the oven door has come off. Still works fine though. I need to replace it. I need one which allows one hotplate to work at the same time as the oven. Which one do you recommend? I need a new one ASAP. I'd love one the same or a bit bigger than I currently have. Cheers Vee
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I was in your position a couple of years ago when I had to replace a MC110T. I bought a Euromaid MC130T which is an upgrade of the old model. Like the MC110T you can use the smaller hotplate with the oven or griller. Main differences are a stainless steel shell, a drop down oven door, a timer for the power switch and brighter power and oven indicator lights. The stainless shell means that it's a lot lighter, but not so light as to be unstable. Only issue I've had with mine is the griller tray being a bit tight in the lower guides when hot, but it's only a minor niggle.Langb is too quick! Well said, and thanks for answering Vee's questions. We can confirm the above is accurate.Thanks for your reply. I found an MC130T at Bing Lee for sale. Bought that one. It is almost the same which is great. I got the tape measure out and took photos. They are almost identical in size. (The MC110T and the MC130T). I love it, thanks. Vee

Does it have top and bottom elements? Thanks
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Yes, the oven element is under the oven floor, the open top element is for grilling.Yes, top and bottom elements :)

What are the internal measurements of oven?
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Width 42cm (between tray supports), Depth 32cm, Height 18cm (floor to grill element). Hope this helps.Hi Sue, 435mm L, 335mm W, and 210mm H. Thanks :)


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