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Evolution Rage5-S 255mm Multi-Material TCT Evolution Table Saw

Evolution Rage5-S 255mm Multi-Material TCT Evolution Table Saw

4.0 from 2 reviews

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Amazing for its price

This table saw breaks all the rules of you get what you pay for. I was amazed how good this saw is. Out of the box it was bang on accurate. For its price point it is unheard of to get a saw with a sliding top and such a large rip capacity. I would recommend this to anyone that can't afford to drop a grand on a saw.

Purchased in February 2019 at Total Tools for $549.00.

Good saw, after adjustments

This retails (2019) for around $550 at Total Tools (only). In my opinion, it's better value than the Dewalt (nearly double the price) and Makita (around $100 more) table saws.

The whole saw and table fold up for easy storage, saving space, which is very useful. Use the short auxiliary fence at all times. YouTube video called "Safer ripping with a short rip fence on the tablesaw" explains why. The rip fence is easy to adjust for parallelism.

On the bad side:

* The blade is not aligned to the mitre slots (1mm narrower on the kickback end in my case, and 1mm is actually a big deviation). There are no instructions in the User Manual for blade alignment. I contacted the manufacturer who then supplied an "internal" document that explained how to adjust the blade. When I followed the instructions, I could see why it's not in the manual. Basically, it involves loosening 2 sets of hex bolts visible on the table surface on each end of the blade. Easy, right? No, it isn't. I had to use professional, long-handled Allen keys (hex keys) to loosen them. Ordinary Ikea-style hex keys would not work because the bolts were incredibly tight. I had to use all my strength (and I am a big guy) with a long handled hex key, and finally they came apart. The torque used to tighten these bolts at the factory is ridiculous. The hex bolts are made of soft, low quality Chinese steel. One of them stripped out while I was attempting to loosen it, in other words my hex key rounded out the inside of the bolt before it would loosen. I had to drill that bolt out (to be replaced). This is what happens with soft steel and over-tightening. I finally managed to line up the blade. The process of aligning the blade should be in the manual. And it should be easier.

* The table extension wings are not flat versus the main table. Solution: the larger extension (right hand side of table) can be adjusted to flat with a long spirit level and a hex key to loosen the bolts that hold it on. Easy fix. Shorter extension on LHS cannot be adjusted.

* Out of the box, the blade does not go to 90° or 45° (mine went from 43° to 87°). Solution: use hex key and a set square to adjust the stops on each end of the range. Easy fix.

* The instruction manual is very poor, written in China, where the saw is made. If you compare it to a Makita or Dewalt table saw manual, the relative cheapness of the saw becomes apparent — less information, fewer adjustments possible.

Recommendations to Evolution for future upgrades:

* Implement soft start on motor,
* Make worm gears (that move the saw blade up and down) from metal, not short-lived plastic. It will cost a few dollars more but add years to the unit's life.
* Improve table insert by making it metal (or thicker plastic) and making the slot narrower and closer to blade. Currently there is a big gap so everything falls into the blade chamber.
* Rewrite User Manual.

If Evolution or Total Tools would like to send me an updated version of this unit, I'll happily amend this review.

Questions & Answers

Hi Dan and anybody else who owns one, Would you purchase the same model again? or would you select another Brand. Asking because I'm 80-90% there but don't want to buy a lemon again, Previously owned the following table saws Delta table DIY Saw - good but too light and moves with bigger timber, brother also lost fence and other parts when borrowed. Ryobi Table DIY saw - a lemon Triton good but annoying when changing configuration Cheers
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If you are happy tuning the saw, then definitely buy it. I would buy it again. I'd like the Dewalt of course, but that is double the price almost.Hi Dan thank you for the quick reply, many thanks

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