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Terrible customer service!

Ask them to pick up rental 6 times! No contact or reply to all messages either per phone or email!!!! Very unhappy with customer service!

Treadmill not working - do not reply to calls

I've had my treadmill 6 months and it's stopped working, several texts and emails to Ezygym and i still haven't heard back. Very unhappy, don't use!

Service has gone downhill.....

I have hired treadmills from EzyGym 2 or 3 times before over the last 5 or 6 years. They couldn't have been more helpful with the problems I had one particular year. They went out of their way to resolve my problem. I would have given them 5 stars then.

I contact them again for my annual winter hire this year. Try to call them. Told to text, so I did. Texts are replied to days later. The delivery person can't be contacted for arranging delivery of treadmill. Been over 2 weeks and still no contact on their end. The 3 month hire was to start 1st June and it's now the 18th. Still waiting for that phone call for delivery. Just as well I never gave them my credit card details. I would have been charged for a treadmill that never was delivered. Do I even try to contact them again?

Love my Treadmill

EzyGym treadmills are great quality and easy to use. This company has the best customer service, fast and reliable and I would recommend them to anyone looking to begin a fitness regime at home. A+

Fantastic service and great price.

I have used this company for the last few years to hire a treadmill. Their service has been fantastic. They were very flexible regarding delivery and pick up times. The treadmill is brilliant and for only $9.90 per week what a fantastic deal. I highly recommend EzyGym.

Do not use this company

Easy gym are a scam. They will not allow you to cancel and return the equipment. I cancelled over 6 months ago and twice they have illegally withdrawn funds from my credit card. When I contact them to collect their treadmill, they say they will come but they never do.

Failed to Deliver Twice in a row

Said they could deliver on friday but at least they had the decency to text and change it to saturday. . Waited till 6PM Saturday missing my daughters soccer game and then I had to leave a few messages before I finally got a text saying driver delayed how about Monday.
Umm how about NOT. A third time no show would be shame on me and I ain't that stupid! !!

Rip Off

I too were dudded $198 from EzyGym. I advised them to collect my machine in the time I was required, and the amount was deducted from my account early.
As with similar reviews, phone calls go no where and people are on holiday, lol. Even wrote a paper letter to their head office in Brisbane with no reply.
I will be getting onto my bank or consumer affairs about this.

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Threaten them to take it further and you'll get your money back - EVENTUALLY

terrible customer service

I hired a fit 150 heavy machine from ezygym from the gold coast store for $270 for 3 months.was delivered in 5 days which was ok.told the man on the phone i wanted the heavy machine as the speed goes to 16 km/hr. he tried to get me to take the medium machine but i said no i wanted the larger machine for running which he said ok to. was delivered and when i went on it the first time it only went to 12 km/hr which meant it was the medium machine however i was charged for the heavy machine.(the heart rate monitor also didnt work and there were sharp bits of exposed metal on the bottom which he told me to cover with something.)
anyway called him to say i wanted to replace this machine with the one i ordered and paid for.he came up with a big story about some of the large machines dont go to 16km/hr because its not safe however their web page advertises the heavy machines do.then he was saying he couldnt find a heavy machine, then he said he didnt know which machine he originally delivered and the story goes on....
at the end of the day machine was picked up and refund given but i DO NOT RECOMMEND you use this hire company EVER...false misleading info and staff that lie...

terrible machines

When i ordered a treadmill the service was very fast however when the machine had a horrible smell while using they told me not to use it and took a week to replace it. The new one while using it makes a terrible noise and still waiting to hear back as to what to do now. not a very reliable company or professional wouldn't recommend at all.

Game Playing Over $$

I recently rented an item and when I contacted Ezygym to arrange return they prematurely debited my account another 3 month rental and said the manager was on holiday and collection had to wait until his return.

The item was then collected 3 weeks later. I have requested the additional rental be reimbursed as I gave the necessary notice to terminate the rental, but because the owner was on holidays, I am out of pocket and the item returned in perfect condition.

No calls have been answered to rectify this and therefore I will do my best to not recommend using this service to anyone.

Amazing Service

I live on the western side of the Blue Mountains and was expecting to be told I was too far away to have a treadmill delivered however was told that it was no problem - I had my treadmill the next day and as there was a small problem a new one was delivered the following day!! When it came time for it to be collected, again, I was not charged for the return and it was collected within a day. The rates for the hire of the machine were very reasonable with special offers being sent through direct to my mobile.

Cannot give enough stars!!

Excellent, fast, friendly service and great equipment

I hired a treadmill from Ezygym and couldn't fault them. Best price, fast delivery and pick-up and friendly, helpful delivery guy. Customer service and correspondence was polite and efficient. The equipment was easy to use and quiet and really useful during cold, rainy winter months. Really loosened up my back, felt fitter and lost 10 kgs! Will definitely hire with them again if/when I need to.

Terrible Service - do not trust this company

Do not use this company! It is impossible to cancel a contract with the Melbourne office, their service is terrible, they do not return emails or phone calls, if they do answer the phone the response is always the same "oh we are sorry can you email us the manager is out", but emails are never returned. It has been over 6 months now and I'm still trying to get the company to stop direct debiting my account for a contact cancelled in June. They are full of apologies and admit they are in the wrong but have taken no action in reversing the funds illegally debited from my account or stopping future direct debits.

Great equipment, friendly service, good value

I hired a treadmill a few months after giving birth! With 3 small kids in the house, I couldn't get out & about easily. This home delivery service was a great way to slowly get my muscles working again - all while the baby napped & the other 2 did some colouring or playtime in front of me! The 3-month hire was as cheap as a few family dinners out at sushi train, so we would highly recommend it. I started out with gentle walks & worked my way up to 3-5km jogs daily. Good quality equipment - quiet & sturdy. A great way to get active while still watching the kids!

Great product and great service!

I decided to use EzyGym after it was referred by my friend. They are really nice and friendly people. Everytime I had a question, they would e-mail me back within hours. The delivered the treadmill with no charge, very friendly delivery person. The whole transaction was made easy because of this.
The treadmill itself was easy to use and in good condition for a HIRED treadmill.
Overall, extremely happy and will be back if I hire a treadmill in the future.
Great service. Good product

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