Fairy Platinum Liquid

Fairy Platinum Liquid

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Make the Switch

I just purchased these after reading many good reviews on different web pages and sites. Coles had them on sale and i needed some, so i thought i would give them a go. Hands down they beat my Finish tablets, i haven't had to continually top up the rinse aid, and things come cleaner first time round. I have to say i am totally converted.

Changed Allegiances!

For 20 years I used morning fresh. it used to be the best, and I suppose I got used to the gradual decline. I am also a long term Choice member. After reading their reviews on detergents, I bought fairy platinum liquid to try. It is definitely superior in suds, cleaning ability and strength to my old favourite. We do most of our dishes in the dishwasher. Fairy Pt is used for the items that we DON'T put in the dishwasher, frypans, saucepans, delicate glasses and our best knives. So the product gets a fair trial. AND it has become our preferred product since we bought it 11 months ago. Price is more expensive per 100ml (0.88 cf 0.77), but it washes a lot more dishes than Morning fresh, so is actually cheaper! The only recommendation is DON'T use too much. A little goes a long way....

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