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Worth its weight in Gold!!

After trying other supplements and getting no relief I saw the previous reviews for Femular and decided to give it a try. What a relief! Took 3 to 4 weeks before it took hold but now absolutely NO hot flushes, NO night sweats and actually feel normal. Mood swings are still present but physically feel like a new woman.
I started on the normal strength Femular but took higher recommended dose so thought I would go to Femular Forte which is one tablet every morning which is working fabulous. So easy! So good! So happy!

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Which symptoms did this product provide relief from? Hot Flushes
Effective Within A month

3weeks then Total Relief

I was suffering badly with hot flushes, night sweats, then feeling cold. symptoms were so severe it stopped me from concentrating at work and feeling embarrassed when I started to sweat, glasses would fog up then my little fan I purchased for my office came on. I decided to see my Dr and he suggested I take Femular. It took 3 weeks to work and has been a godsend. I stopped it during winter thinking maybe my flushes would stop as it was cold !! How wrong I was. Back on Femular 3 weeks later all symptoms gone again.

My best friend.

I don’t like using synthetic medicines etc so I chose this as a friend recommended this as she too doesn’t use anything not natural where possible. It took a couple of weeks but my hot flushes were eased significantly. I make sure I buy 2 boxes at a time. Making sure I always have some after not being able to get it for 2 weeks. Never let that happen again

Femular Forte - worth every cent!!

I started menopause over a year ago and it knocked me for six. I was extremely healthy and active and always on the go. A couple of months after the menopause started, all I wanted to do was sit on the lounge and not go outside. I was crying all the time for no reason with very low self esteem. A friend recommended I try the progesterone troche. This worked well at the start and I was finally able to get a couple of hours sleep as I wasn't tossing and turning all night with hot flushes. After 6 months, they started to make me feel sick so I went off them. Whilst researching online I came across Black Cohosh so I thought I would give it a try, I was at my wits end with the hot flushes and sleepless nights and had nothing to loose. What a difference Femular Forte has made!! I have just finished my first pack of 90 days and I am back to feeling like myself. The hot flushes stopped after a week, I was sleeping 6-7 hours straight and I had my mojo back. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is struggling their way through menopause.

Worth a try !!

I had been using another product for about a year and it stopped working. I am 53 and stopped menstruating in April this year and with that I was having night sweats all night and had begun having flushes through the day. I was recommended by my pharmacist to try femular forte. I was doubtful but thought it would be better to try femular forte before Hrt.
It has been 3 weeks since starting femular and the night sweats are much less intense and the day flushes have stopped.
I hope it continues. I am sleeping better and my mood has improved.
I would recommend to try it before anything else. Other black cohosh products really didn't work the same for me.I have also included a vitamin D supplement and calcium.

Best product

Femular was recommended by my phamacist. I took this product for three years. All my symptoms vanished in 2 weeks. I stopped taking it 6 months ago. 2 weeks ago my symprins returned. Just ordered new supply. I recommend Femular to friends all had excellent results. Dont suffer any longer try it.

Femular forte

Didn't know what hit me when menopause started. After talking to some pathologist friends i decided that HRT and the risk of cancer weren't worth it. I asked my pharmacist what he thought the best on the market for herbal and he recommended femular forte. It releived major symptons on the first day. Very happy with the product

Great for hot flushes

This product is great for menopausel systoms.
As soon as l started taking them within a month hot flushes gone and can sleep peacefully and no more irritations with menopause

Amazing! Totally chased away my menopausal blues!

I used Femular Forte because my symptoms were relentless. I tried all of the other popular herbal remedies as well as HRT. Nothing worked as well as these. I still take them. The pack does say that you can get liver dysfuntion but to hell with that. I'm not stopping wine drinking so I don't think I'll worry about the black cohosh / liver link... I am cooler, way more pleasant to be around and there's no more driving my partner insane with covers on / covers off/ aircon on at all times etc. These are great! Don't bother with the others.

Hot flushes now just warm flushes!

This was the 4th product I tried before I finally found something that worked for me. The chemist recommended this as he advised there were only 2 products that were clinically proven for relief of menopausal symptoms.

I was only suffering from hot flushes but they were becoming unbearable not only during the day but at night. So sick of sitting at my desk in winter with my desk fan on!

Bought a box of Femular (30 tabs for less than $30) and started taking 2 each day for moderate to severe symptoms. By the end of the first box I noticed they were now less severe and less often. Happy days I can cope with this as I couldn't have faced summer still getting them.

Went back and bought the Femular Forte box (90 tabs for $70) so I only have to take 1 a day.

PS the other product the chemist was a soy based Blackmores product for menopause. Chemist advised that if neither of these products worked for me only other option would be HRT.

Questions & Answers

I have been using femular forte for almost 3 months. Initially took 2-3 weeks to take effect and worked very well for a few weeks - I was only having a couple of flushes a day - however the past 2 weeks flushes, night sweats and lack of sleep have come back worse than ever. Almost unbearable - is there anything else. HELP it’s unbearable.
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Hi Michelle same thing happened to me but I persevered with taking daily and all symptoms you mentioned eased off. I’m now only experiencing flushes a few times a day rather than a few every hour. I am taking Femular (Not Forte) hope your symptoms improve soon. Might be worth a visit to GP if they don’t. Good Luck!!Thanks Trish I’m going to see my GP. Formular Forte initially worked but then all of a sudden stopped and flushes/ Night sweats came back much worse.

Can femular cause muscle pain
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Can I take femular and spiractin together, what are the side effects ?
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