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Fusion Health Menopause

Fusion Health Menopause

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This product did not work for me. I tried 4 tablets per day as suggested but I still had really bad hot flushes. It was worth a try if you can not take hormone replacement therapies

2 weeks and no symptoms

Week 1 with 2 tables a day (morning and night) and I noticed the hot flushes subside.
Week 2 no symptoms at all.
One a day now! I feel great.

Liver damage

I took the Menopause capsels for about six weeks, two in the morning. I had to do a blood test for other issues and the doctor ordered a liver function test as well. The results were shocking, everything was raised, very very high. I stopped the tablets immediately and had another blood test 10 days later, everything is getting back to normal but very slowly. I would have damaged my liver seriously if I didn't do the blood test. My GP says it comes from the herbs.

Initially sceptical - now I can't live without it

After blood tests last year, I was in menopause at 50. I was prescribed HRT. Even though I've fully researched HRT and the risks involved, I didn't want to go down this path. My main symptoms were bad mood swings, hot flushes and the inability to sleep.

The woman at my local health food store recommended Menopause Free, and with much scepticism, bought it and started taking it. And without word of a lie, I noticed a dramatic difference within a couple of days. I need to take two tables a day, as one isn't enough, and one of the other benefits I've noticed is my skin is so much softer now as well.

For me this product is a lifesaver, and can't recommend enough. Even my GP, who researched it after I gave him a glowing review on the product, is now recommending Menopause Ease.

Definite improvement

After putting up with night sweats for four years resulting in the necessity to,sleep with a towel under me due to saturation, this product stopped it almost completely, and almost immediately. Don't get hot flushes through the day any more either As for other menopause symptoms, it's hard to tell.

Just what I was looking for

I was initially looking for a Marilyn Glenville product but couldn't get hold of it. I bought this instead as it had good levels of Vitex and Black Cohosh and am very happy with it. I think it's the basis of any peri menopausal program

Very pleased.

I had a blood test recently which confirmed menopause. I am 46. I had been suffering hot flushes at night every two hours and aching joints for about 6 months. I was feeling tired and worn out and finding work difficult. My doctor recommended HRT patches but I was concerned about the risks involved. I did some research on the internet and came across black cohosh. I went to the local health store and was recommended this product. Within 3 days I started to notice the difference. My flushes at night reduced and after the fourth day I slept all night without a single flush. It has been two weeks now and I am sleeping really well, like I used to, have not had a flush and my joints do not ache any more. I feel like my normal happy self now. I am taking one tablet morning and night with meals. I am going to try to cut it down by half in the next few weeks to see if I can get by on a lower dose. I am so glad that I tried this product instead of going straight onto HRT. I know this may not work for everyone but it has definitely worked for me and I would recommend trying it if you suffer hot flushes.

Feeling Great Again Woo Hoo....

OMG i have used multitudes of products for my power surges and joint aches, even hormone replacement. Started taking Menopause Free and the difference it has made is fantastic.
I am so impressed and would recommend these 100vpercent

Not For Me

I tried this product for 3 months and found it made no difference to myself at all.Fairly expensive but so are a lot of "Natural Therapies" nowdays. Im glad it helped others.

Excellent product!

I was recommended this product by my organic store. I was told to be patient and wait for at least a month before I saw any changes. Well since then I can honestly say that I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Brilliant product has ticked all of the boxes for me.

Brilliant, life changing

Since trying fusion health, my life has changed for the better, so happy, wish I'd discovered it years ago. Give it a go ladies, you'll be impressed, if they don't work, then I sincerely think you have more than menopause problems!

Can I use both patch and herbal together safely

Can you take menopause free as well as use HRT estrogen patch? Is there any side effects if you do this? Will this cause problems or am I just doubling up?


After 2 days taking menopause free i noticed a major difference that I thought was too good to be true. .was suffering from hot flushes all day and night. I was looking for a natural supplement and wow this does really work...

Menopause Free

I had tried everything to try to suppress the symptoms of menopause including acupuncture. Nothing worked as effectively as Menopause Free. I wasn't sleeping, flushing pretty much all day, irritable beyond belief. I can now enjoy each day as it comes. I have been using this for 6 months now and I am a new woman. Than you.

Only thing keeping me sane!

I was extremely doubtful that this product would work for me. It does and it's the only thing keeping me sane! So happy I have my daughters on Fusion tablets too. Sounds like an advertisement! I had nothing to loose but horrible debilitating symptoms and now I can function as a human being! It's that good for me! I hope it works for others as well.

I recommend it highly!

Didn't work for me

Suffering hot flushes day and night, so sick of broken sleep every night due to hot flushes. Luckily this is my only symptom but still driving me crazy. Read reviews & thought I would give it a go. Took the whole bottle but sadly no difference for me. Tried 3 different products now and no success yet :(

Very happy

Have been using for 3 months and have notice massive difference sleeping better, not as irritable, night and day sweats have toned done. Very happy with product has been life changing for me.

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Hi Ficss. What wonderful feedback. We are happy to hear you are feeling better.

Gave it a good chance?? Doesnt work..

I started using fusion menopause free year and half ago..as my menopause went into overdrive i upped to 2 twice a day....totally hasn't helped at all..hot flushes.no sleep..irritable..weight gain practically eating lettuce.leaves my stomach very uncomfortable within hour of taking tablets. Totally fed up....Then there's the price??.. Give us poor women a break once you up the dose its $80.00 a month...I am now looking for a replacement with hopefully a much better result...and price.......

Hi Kati. We are sorry to hear that you haven't experienced a relief when using our product. You mentioned you used Menopause Free however this is a review of Menopause. Did you contact us directly prior to use to find out which formula Menopause or the Menopause Free would be most appropriate for your symptom picture? You can call us directly or contact us directly via our website for expert product advice.Yes I did ask about which one is most appropriate to use.!!.Menopause free was the recomendation...'''I was apparently the best''

100% effective for me

I started taking this product nearly a year ago as I was having night sweats, up to 3 a night and about 3-4 times a week, this was waking me up and making me extremely tired the next day. Since taking it about a year ago I would say iv only had maybe 2 night sweats, I take one tablet in the morning, one at night, it worked immediately for me and im so glad as I didnt want to go on medication as so many side effects due to hrt medication, this product has worked brilliant for me, I tried another product befor this one and it did nothing, I will continue taking it.


After one week hot flushes and anxiety have decreased by 90 percent. have canceled Dr appoint for hrt. love it

Questions & Answers

Is this product reknown for weight gain. Whilst it has alleviated the hot sweats, I have gained 2 kilos since taking this over a 3 week period?
1 answer
well, I am not totally sure if it was the cause, but I gained a stone so I stopped taking it after 6 months

Is this product suitable to take after ER breast cancer?
1 answer
you would have to ask your Dr about that, sorry

I am 49 years old, started to have menopausal symptoms, about 5 months ago (mood swings, insomnia, mild depression) while I was having my period every month. To deal with the symptoms I started using Menopause about 2 months ago, and in a very short period of time, I felt much better, but my period stopped. I am wondering now , is that because of the tablets or since I had a symptoms of menopause before taking them,, maybe it stopped naturally? Please, clear my concerns, thanks in advance,
2 answers
Hi Vesna I can't answer that, you would have to ask your GP. There is a test they can do. I can only say that I had stopped my periods about 6yrs ago. Using Menopause didn't really help me, but cohosh has. Good luck with it allHello Maybe your symptoms stopped naturally or maybe the tables realigned your body. See a GP and find out why. It maybe okay either way.


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