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Works for me

Over the past few of years I have tried many Menopause relief tablets, most of them unfortunately did not seem to work for me. I kept coming back to Promensil (Double Strength).
I have been taking only the Promensil Double Strength tabs for at least 15 months now and found that my hot flushes, night sweats, moodiness etc. had all but disappeared. I thought I'd give myself a break for a while. Well, within a week, my hot flushes and night sweats were back with a vengance, and I found myself irritable and moody all the time. I have just started back again on them and am hoping that in the next week or so things should settle down.
They are quite expensive compared to some other brands, but, for me, they work, so it is worth the extra money.

It Works But...

These tablets worked for me within 3 days the hot flushes stopped and I finally got a good night's sleep and my sexual appetite back. Problem is after 5 weeks they have me thrush. I stopped taking them and within 10 days thrush was gone but hit sweats back and dried up estragene again. I'm going to try them again but this with probiotics.

April 11th 2019 Update: It doesn't last unfortunately

I've been taking Promensil Extra for 7-8 months. Whilst initially this was amazing for stopping my hot flushes and I slept thru the night on only 1 tablet a day, I had to increase it to 2 a day about 5 months in. 7-8 months in and now I'm getting hot spells again slowly becoming more frequent. One big thing I noticed was the weight gain. I'm 5'3" and a size 8. Whilst I am 52 and not as toned as I was at 30, now almost overnight I've got a belly and fat around my thighs I've never had. I'm not a big eater and I've been dieting and exercising for the last 8 weeks and nothing's budging. I'm stopping the tablets for now to see if it is these tablets so I'll check in again in 8 weeks and see what my results are. The weight gain is horrible and depressing, I'd rather carry a fan than an extra 6 kilos!

Purchased in August 2018 for $55.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Which symptoms did this product provide relief from? Anxiety, Hot Flushes and Sleep Disturbance
Effective Within A week

Instead of night sweats, they turned into Tsunamis!

This does not work for me! Gained weight, muscle aches and the night sweats are worse. They usually last about 5 Minutes. Since I use this product they last for about an hour!! They come and go every 5 Minutes! I am not going to finish the package and return to my previous product. I had only bought them, because I was out and they seemed so promising. To bad for the money, since 30 pills cost as much as 60 from my usual product, which is Phyto Confort. Best one for me!!!

BEWARE: This product is not for everyone!!

I am 53yo and am going through menopause. My main issue was night sweats. I had heard from others that it was a fabulous product. I started taking it. Within a very short period of time, approx 24hours, I started experiencing new symptoms. I was not aware at the time that it was due to taking Promensil double strength. I thought the issue was me and menopause....Within 1 week I experienced the following:- My night sweats had been elevated to night tsunamis, I was profoundly 'sad' (something that is not in my character), my scalp became itchy-I lost hair (more than normal) I gained 2kgs in 1 week (I don't gain weight) I was anxious and tired and started crying alot (which I kept secret from partner and sister) I made simple mistakes (normally I'm perfect :) ) I really felt blue (I'm pretty balanced). My partner put it together when I lost the plot. I stopped taking it and was back to normal (95%) within 2 weeks. It played havoc with my hormones. PLEASE check your thyroid and your liver function before you start these tablets. DON'T question yourself if there are negative changes-It's not you.

Helps with hot flushes

Takes about 3 weeks to work. First went on regular strength but did not help, then doubled the dosage and hot flushes vanished in about 3 days. Now I'm taking the double strength tablets in mornings. Don't have hot flushes anymore, but am experiencing body aches (mainly around lower back and hips area) when I wake up in morning. During day I don't feel the aches because I'm moving about. Having body aches during sleep is better than having hot flushes all the time. Other than that, no other side effects yet... will wait and see.

tried everything and nothing worked

I bought this product and was told it will work or your money back.
it did not work. Symptoms the same and no relief.
wrote in for refund and was ignored.
thought how could I lose !


Double strength was the answer for me. Minimal hot flushes and heart arrhythmia now - I still kick off blankets in winter but no buckets of sweat. Anxiety and irritability have decreased dramatically.

I tried going off Promensil but all menopausal symptoms came back I love this product. Dont care how much it costs - it's worth it.

Definitely reduce the hot flushes

My friend gave me half a pack of these to try. I am so very glad she did. Hot flushes have been reduced to the bare minimum - I have one or two per day. Best thing I was ever recommended!

Only thing that helped me

I have been in menopause for 9 years - took Bio-identical hormones for 5 years and they worked really well for my night sweats. However, I had to stop after 5 years due to risk of breast cancer in my family. For 2 years I have tried many different things with little / no relief- different types of naturopathic products and acupuncture. I was having severe night sweats where I did not sleep well and it impacted my mood, focus and concentration the next day. It was worse than having a newborn baby! After taking Promensil for 3-4 weeks I had noticeable decrease in my night sweats from having them every half hour to only a few a night and also a decrease in the severity. I do still have them almost every night but only 1-2 (instead of 8-10) and I don't sweat as much. However, I am now able to sleep much better and feel more rested in the morning. I would recommend trying them. I will keep using them until I have to stop. I am taking the double strength for 3 months.

Effective against hot flushes

Hot flushes were my principal menopausal concern - affecting my confidence to go out, and preventing me from doing any physical activity as the slightest exertion would often put me into a meltdown. I've been taking double strength Promensil (80mg) for three months and find the hot flushes are reduced both in occurrence and severity, to a level I can live with. Also having less problem with night sweats and therefore sleeping better. Skin is less dry. Not noticing any side effects. Can't give full marks due to the expense of these tablets - costs nearly $10/week.

Didn't Do Anything For Me

I was advised by my Endocrinologist to try this product after not being able to go on to HRT due to inherited health risks. After taking the full 30-day course of the double-strength formula, I didn't feel any different at all. In fact, if I took it with my evening meal I started drifting off to sleep about 10pm but then woke up again about 1am & couldn't get back to sleep. Taking it during the day made my insomnia worse as I would wake up not long after about an hour of sleep & then stay wide awake until about 5am.
Unfortunately Promensil hasn't done a thing for me so that's why I have only given it 2 stars. Won't be purchasing again as it's just a bit on the pricey side for me & I don't like buying products which claim that they work 100% but don't. After using it for a month as directed, I am disappointed that I didn't get the desired results I was hoping for.

Love it

Started Promensil about a month ago. My hot flushes were total melt downs every 10 to 15 min all day all night. I used double strength and found almost immediate relief. Within 2 days went to 1 or 2 noticeable flushes but they are so mild I don't really notice them.


Bought this product having read many 'positive reviews', I have completed a 90 day course (following all instructions and recommendations) and sadly have had no change in any of my symptoms. I am really very disappointed.

Changed my life!

After hot flushes and nightsweats started three years ago, my GP suggested I try Promensil. She said that it didn't work for everyone but I was desparate to try anything. I took one tablet daily of the regular strength Promensil and from week six I was a different person. No hot flushes and fewer nightsweats. I came off it once for a month but had to go back on it as the hot flushes returned. I am extremely happy with the product and take it at night immediately after dinner.

Don't believe evrything you hear.

I tried Promensil after going off 5 years of HRT and took 1 double strength tablet a day for a whole month and nothing! My symptoms just kept getting worse, hot flushes and night sweats beyond belief...so, I'm back on the HRT and feel wonderful. Common theme, most of these products don't really work....sorry...Also, way more expensive than my medically covered HRT

Dont want to stop it

Im 51 and had menopause symptoms, hot flushes night sweats mostly, for over 4 yrs. In 2013 my doctor gave me promensil double strength after I was having 20 or more severe flashes a day and woken up up to 7 times at night saturated. In the first week I felt better by 4 weeks nomore flashes or night sweats, added bonus was libido was back. Only side effect at times is breast tenderness in the beginning but nomore side. I was told I shouldnt use it more then 12months as theres no studies past 12months use. So after 9months I stopped and omg in 3 weeks back to square one. So I went back on normal strength and ended up on double strength. The 2nd go at promensil took 6weeks to work. I stayed on them for 12 months then broke off for 2 months using other products which didnt work and ended up in 2015 back on them. I have tried Harmony menopause tablets, alot cheaper but only work half as good. What I notice is everytime I stop then recommence it takes longer and longer to work . I been on them now for 4months and still get brief flashes nothing major. I am wanting to try Maca root but read its not safe to mix when on any hrt natural or prescription. Anyway if any ladies have any ideas I am open for info. I tried black cohash and didnt do well on those products.

Side affects are debilitating

I have nothing good to say about this product, first time I tried it I woke up with intense stomach pain, I went through the day with chills, fever, and slept most if the day. I thought I had the flu. A couple of weeks later a tried it again and low and behold I have the same exact symptoms. I am currently laying on the couch shivering, feverish and same stomach pain. This is not a product for everyone so buyer beware.

Wonderful Product

I am 55 years old and have been having night sweats and day sweats too and anxiety on and off for around 2 years
have tried a few products but did not have much improvement
then I was told about Promensil and how good it was so I gave it a go and have had great results
not sweating like I was plus not as anxious I feel a lot better in myself
i recommend this product to all women having these horrible symptoms of menopause

Mixed reviews...

Pros: eleviated the night sweats
Cons: my breasts were killing me, could not even sleep on them.
Stopped taking and got a full blown (5 full days) period.
I am 55 years old!

Brilliant product

I am 61 years old and started taking promensil about 12 months ago.
Cant put my finger on the improvements in menopausal symptoms but do feel much better.
The biggest improvement for me is my asthma, no wheezing attacks for ages.
Also hay fever cleared up. Perhaps it is the anti-inflammatory effect of the red clover.
Forgot to get some and just done without it for about 5 days and feel terrible.
Remembered to buy some just and now back on it - forever!
Also, hair and skin still young!

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Questions & Answers

Can i take the promensil double strength twice a day? Would it be safe?
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Must I take the 40mg at night or in the morning? Which is best?
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Hi DJO, I take mine in the morning. I don't think it would make any difference when you take it, just whenever it is convenient for you. Pam

I am 52 and in perimenopause. I don’t get many hot flashes or night sweats, but I do get adrenaline rushes, lots of heart palpitations, racing heart and anxiety that keep me awake most nights. I also have constant sore breasts and weight gain. Would this help with these symptoms as well?
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