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Oriental Botanicals Femaren

Oriental Botanicals Femaren

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After months and months of daily hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety and irritability after trying other products (and getting zero relief) I was almost at the point of giving up and seeing a GP to begin HRT against all my instincts. In sheer desperation I decided to give one last natural product a shot. I purchased Femaren and 'Boy Oh Boy' am I glad I did. I take 1 in the morning....1 at lunch....and 1 in the evening. I have been taking this dose for two weeks and my hot flushes are down to 1-2 a week....my night sweats are easing massively....my anxiety is down to 2 out of 10 and my irritability is almost gone. I also drink a cup of sage and rose tea just before bed each night and I am starting to feel like a normal well balanced woman again. I would recommend this wonderful product with 50 stars if I could!!!!!
And....... as a nice side affect...very unexpectedly......it seems to have had a lovely effect on my skin, evening out my skin tone and giving a hydrated look!!!! Thank you Oriental Botanicals. I just hope it isn't suddenly snatched off the market.

Best Natural relief for Menopause!

I'd tried other natural tablets on the market and when nothing worked I was prescribed a hormonal tablet.
Before I got the prescription filled a girl at the pharmacy said to try this product. I was hesitant but really didn't want to take the hormones so gave it a go.
I'm SO glad I did, it's amazing! My relief from hot flushes, sweating, mood swings and sleepless nights are over!
Give it a whirl girls you won't be disappointed.

A Blessing

I was going nuts so many hot flushes in a day. After 5weeks no more hot flushes YAY!!!!
You need to persist, I started 4 a day now 1-2 a day X

How long till it really helps

I have been on femaren know for 4 weeks and also taking kidnetone with it .. O can't sleep at night and wake up at lest 5 to 6 times a night with bad flushes and sweets. I have to some times have a cool shower and I also have windows open and fan going ... Through the day it's about the same.. I have tried other remidies and didn't work... How long should it take for me to get any relief ??? I am not comfortable at all

Best natural Menopause relief available

I have tried prescribed patches and tablets that do work but all the time worrying about long terms affects. I also have tried just about every other natural over the counter remedy with usually no real relief, but I was recommend Femaren by à young pharmacy assistant and have not looked back. It caters for all my symptons and at last I feel normal again. Obviously a great combination, keep up the great work. Thankyou

going great

Been on this for three days and no more hot flushes but i am still woken up with anxiety will go with the flow

It's Works

I was recommended Femaren by a Herbalist after having no success in using Remifemin. The recommended dose is 1-2 tablets once or twice daily, I started out using 1 tablet twice a day and noticed no change in the frequency & intensity of the hot flushes & sweats. When I increased my dosage to 2 tablets twice a day I started to notice a slight change to begin with, far less episodes of hot flushes and sweats. By the second week I noticed a huge difference now not experiencing any episodes. Everything is back to normal, it's great to sleep well again and to exercise without overheating. No more dryness. One evening I miss taking a dosage and started to feel a slight relapse. I try cutting back to one tablet twice a day but also noticed a relapse. Two tablets twice a day is working for me.
Saving me from using HRT

Questions & Answers

Can you take these pills with food or without food
No answers

Does this product increase weight or appetite ?? Since I started taking my weight has increased as has my appetite ??
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Hi It didn't for me but I guess we are all different. Good luck

I have just finished my 5th bottle - is there any point buying anymore? I have 2 tablets twice daily.
2 answers
I guess it depends if you feel they have helped your symptoms. Being natural you could try a week without them and see how you go, and if symptoms come back get some more. But also maybe check with your doctor.More information needed. If it is working the answer is yes and if it is not the answer is no. Or, has 'Femaren' been working but not now? If this is the case, you need to take a break from taking it and try another product, I recommend 'Ethical Nutrients Menopause and Hot Flush Fix'. I now switch between the two. One will work for a while and when it stops working, I change back to the other. Hope this helps.

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