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Fiji Airways

2.2 from 25 reviews

Not what i thought

Cant choose seats until max 8 days before flight. Flight itself was very smooth great pilot. However the dinner was average and small portions like toddler size, rice n chickn curry n a cookie for desert. The breakfast was great tho. Scrambled eggs potato gems sausages n bread roll. One of our flights had no tv u had to share 1 screen with about 5 rows on a 7hour flight. No entertainment for kids n no goody bags or lollies etc. Old movies no recent releases! Staff are amazingly lovely tho. And were very accomadating offering a crib for our baby. Next time i would pay a bit more and travel with a different airline. But if yoyr on a budget this airline is a great choice.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationNadi, Fiji
BookingThird Party

Doesn't suit young families

Flight delayed by 5 hours, meaning we won't arrive until after midnight with two small kids. Spent almost the whole day stuck at the airport. Poor service in terms of advising of delays and offering alternative options.

Very bad experience with Duty Manager,

I hope they read your experience..I had same experience. they are scamming for over weight bags. i left my hand bag back to Melbourne airport 26/02/2019. I couldn't bring hand bag on the plane. I will never fly with them anymore.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
BookingThrough Airline

Check in staff.. the worst Ive seen rude and silly

They are rude and got no fiji bula service.
Staff do not want to be there.
Esp the fiji indian representative at check in
He has been there too long and needs to wake up or go.
Unlike the service in the plane was great.
That's what we expect from fiji airways

Upgrade me

We traveled with Fiji Always to Fiji in October 2018 overall the flight was pleasant enough no issues there regarding flight, onboard entertainment pretty lousy, small shared screen with poor audio, this did not worry me it was the kids that were not happy with this. Return flight home from Fiji ended badly for us when we did not receive declaration customs forms till we were of the plane at customs, we then had to fill out 5 forms two adults and three kids in which time all our bags had been removed from the carousel stacked up and left on a trolley, damage to bags had not been noticed till we returned home due to coming home on a red eye flight. Next day we tried in vain to contact someone from Fiji Airways to report our damaged bags had to leave a recorded message but received no return phone call, no customer service at all, what a joke. Our bags were smashed lots of force Was used, wheels missing and internal damage to the mouldings and handles, had to claim on travel insurance which was another joke.

worst airlines services

A rip off airline. cant even do any changes,free of charge within even five minutes of booking. should at least give free off charge 24hrs for changes after any booking .will never ever travel in FIJI AIRWAYS again.

Straight from my worst nightmares!!

Ladies! Don't fly with Fiji airways! Do NOT! I was horrified to find, upon my lovely 5am check in (fj917 to Syd) that not only were our bags being weighed (as per usual) but all passengers had to get up on the bag scales too, to be be weighed, and have that weights recorded by an obnoxious check in guy - who told me I would not be allowed to board the flight I had paid for, unless I took part in this 'survey'. No attempt was made to keep anything at all private either. I have been traveling for years, and never encountered this kind of treatment ever before!! Also my husband says this rant makes me sound like an obese person, which I am not, I just think this was a gross intrusion, on Fiji airways part, into its passengers' privacy. I will be spreading the word about this, and never flying with them again.

Had a great flight with Fiji Airways

Had a great flight with this airline to and from Fiji, it was on time, check in was quick and the staff was amazing, nothing was to much trouble, would recommend

Zero customer service when we were stranded.

We had booked business class airfares with Fiji Airways to get back from the US to Melbourne, via LA and Fiji. The flights were $2,500 cheaper than other business class flights and the 12 hour stopover in Fiji sounded awesome.

I first contacted Fiji Air via email to ask advice on a number of questions regarding a visa for Fiji, currency, advice on where we could visit in a day? The response didn't answer any questions. Not even what currency they use. It just advised, very sweetly, to visit their website (which also didn't answer any of my specific questions).

Things really went wrong when weather delayed all flights out of Boston. Fiji Air had us on a Virgin America flight to LA, to connect with the Fiji flight and we were going to miss the connection. Virgin America put us on a JetBlue flight and guaranteed it would make the connection. It didn't.

So, we race off the plane at LA, with half an hour to collect our baggage, get to the international terminal and get the flight. Obviously we were not going to make it, so somebody at the baggage terminal rang Fiji Air for me. I was hoping to speak to somebody at LA, so we could explain that we were actually there, but the only number the guy could find was head office in Fiji. The first thing I told the guy was 'we are about to miss our flight because our plane was delayed due to weather, what should we do?' The guy seemed confused by this and put me on hold. After 20 minutes (time was ticking, plane was taking off down the road), of asking me stupid questions and putting me on hold, he finally determined that we had missed the flight. Wow, really? Then, after realising I was actually after some customer service, told me he couldn't do anything over the phone, offered no further advise and said goodbye.

So we're stranded at LA airport at midnight, nobody would help us. There were no Virgin America or Fiji Air staff in the terminal and even the airport customer service desks had gone home for the night. A Jet Blue employee said we should go to the international terminal and see if we can find someone useful there. There was not. In the end, I booked Qantas flights home and decided to chase everything up with my insurance company (Do not go with AAMI).

Now, for some reason, my insurance company thinks that Fiji Air should have taken some responsibility for finding us a hotel and a new flight. That's a bit hard when their staff don't exist in real life and only morons answer the phone and write emails. I really get the impression their staff are mentally deficient. A kind stranger told us there were phones that called the hotels direct, so at 3am, we finally collapsed in bed (Best Western are GREAT! )

After 5 weeks of arguing with AAMI, they insisted I try and get a refund from Fiji Air (no airline in existence will refund a no-show), but I jumped through the hoop and sent a very clear email explaining everything and requesting in writing that they will not refund the flights.

To this day, Fiji Airways have not responded to that email, despite responding immediately to 2 other emails sent to the same address. I think they saw the word refund and hit the delete button. I don't blame them.

Worst airline, rude and careless.

I bought a ticket for my parents to travel from Sydney to LA, 23 kg was allowed on the flight they had a bit more as most of the times happens with the passengers. They had about 2Kg extra on each bag. The girl on bag drop [name removed] said she is gonna charge us which I said it is fine then she started winging about the carry on yes they did weight the carry ons which had 2 kg more as well and she said we can't take the carry on to the air plane unless they are exactly 7 and they have to fit in their box they had in the corner which it did but I can tell you the box was quite small.
I am talking about standard carry on bags here. She also asked the duty manager [name removed] to come and he was even more arrogant and careless and only cared about the money they wanted to charge and he specifically said they need to make money. Such a horrible experience with these people they are bunch of arrogant rude people never fly with them and don't recommend to anyone. Will pay more and avoid these people before my flight. Not only the airline is cheap the staff are cheap too.


This was the first trip away with the family. My wife and 2 kids (aged 2 and 3). We were nervous as our kids are traditional difficult to manage at home let alone in a different environment, but the Fijian people were amazing and made our trip as flawless as possible. The resorts were excellent and kid friendly with a great selection of activities from kids clubs or nannies. The Kids Clubs were a great way for the kids to have fun and give my wife and I some time to relax and enjoy the sun and the nanny services were on call whenever we needed them and were true angles… they had to be to look after our kids LOL.

There was so many kid friendly activities as well from Finding Nemo tours, wild life parks, fish house building. It was such an experience for my kids that even now they continue to remind me of how we went under water to see nemo… Amazing trip and will definitely go again with the family.

Had a great experience

I flew Sydney > Nadi with my family. I was a bit unsure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by a comfortable plane and attentive start. The food probably won't win awards, but they are a cheap(ish) carrier and it was quite ok. Was very happy with my experience and am in fact planning another flight with them to their wonderful island soon!

Cancelled flights, TWICE!!

While I have always found the Fiji Airlines check in & Air crew staff most helpful and the planes clean & comfortable I have been extremely frustrated by Fiji Airways cancellation of flights without notice or support. Twice this year I have planned a trip to Kiribati, twice I travelled to Nadi only to have Fiji Airways cancel flights claiming bad weather & on the 2nd occasion blaming the lack of a fire crew at the airport (they live next door!!) prevented the plane from landing on Kirimitati (Christmas Island).
Given that Fiji Airways has a monopoly on flights to CI & only fly in & out once a week there is no way of arranging alternatives. On each occasion FA refused to arrange accommodation for me in Nadi (It's worth noting here that the CI flight leaves at midnight). On one occasion after Australian passengers were sent away from the airport after the cancellation the flight was actually re-scheduled & left & landed on CI!!
On the 1st occasion not only was I refused accommodation but was told that all FA flights back to Sydney were oversubscribed & I would not be put on a flight home for at least 4 days!
So after wasting $ by flying the Sydney-Nadi leg of the journey (twice) FA refused to refund these 'used' flights & agreed to reschedule the cancelled CI flights only, originally demanding $120- from me to change the booking.
Following the 2nd occasion I pursued refunds from FA & eventually received $ for the CI flights only. However it took at least 20 phone calls and an equal no. of emails to get the refund and still they would not take responsibility for the wasted flights from Sydney to Nadi. I am still out of pocket considerably as a result.
Thankfully my travel insurer (SCTI) covered the Sydney-Nadi flights for the second attempt.

Great flight & an Awesome Honeymoon Destination.

Loved flying with Fiji Airways! First time flyers to Fiji from Sydney to Nadi (return). Great service on-board, the plane was on time and it was the trip of a lifetime! I'll be back as soon as I can :)

The worst experience ever received

Our flights were cancelled with the devastating cyclone winston recently, spoiling our special honeymoon trip. If this wasn't disappointing enough the airline have refused to refund flights only offering a credit saying we need to use this by June, a mere couple of months away. Not acceptable, no empathy for our situation or compassion to turn a bad situation into a positive one. I will never fly you in the future no matter what the options are. You don't care about customers hence the many negative reviews I've now read. I feel for the poor people in Fiji due to the cyclone but you can't treat paying customers like this.

Great flight!!

First time flying with Fiji Airways, and we didn't have a problem. Flew from Melbourne to Nadi and return. The flight to Nadi was delayed by an hour and a half, however they called me earlier that afternoon to advise me of the delay, which I thought was brilliant!! The return flight was actually early!! The plane can do with a bit of an upgrade, as it was rather old and not a lot of leg room, but apart from that is was fine. The service and food were good, and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. I read a lot of bad reviews prior to flying and was a little worried, however it turned out great. I would definitely fly with them again.

Bumped a week in advance - left late - poor service.

First time using Fiji and likely the last. We (family of 6) booked them on our return flight after using Virgin to go over to Fiji. A couple of weeks before we were due to depart and they told us our flight was going to be delayed from 1600 SAT to 0300 SUN. They offered to put us up for the night. We didnt mind as these things happen. We were told that they would let us know the details of our accommodation soon so we can work out the necessary changes to our other transfers etc.

Friday before we are due to fly out of NADI on our original flight and they still couldnt tell us. Saturday morning and still nothing. They told us to come to the airport first and then they can tell us which hotel they would send us to. We arrive and after waiting 45mins they put us up at the Novotel and tell us the flight is further delayed until 0510 SUN. They only gave us $30 FJD each to pay for all neccassary meals etc at the hotel. This at the Novotel is pathetic as the burgers cost $39 FJD each without even paying for any soft drinks etc.

We get to the airport the next day ready for 0510 takeoff and its further delayed another 40 minutes. We board the plane and then they couldnt lock the cockpit door (supposedly these are new planes?). Another 30min delay.

We eventually take off and after handing out breakfast they decide that the last few rows dont get coffee or tea so just ignore us until I ask if there is any coffee left after the carts disappear? They respond sarcastically as of course they have coffee left and then it seemed like a major issue just to get me a cup of coffee.

Such a shame that the airline doesnt reflect the wonderful people we met in Fiji. It left a sour note on an otherwise wonderful holiday. Go Virgin next time to Fiji - forgot about QANTAS also as they codeshare with Fiji Airways.

Avoid at all costs!

I wouldn't recommend Fiji Airways to anyone. They keep a very small fleet of planes, which means that if something goes wrong with one flight, numerous subsequent flights are often affected - sometimes very significantly (as my experience below illustrates). While this is to some extent understandable, as a traveller it is simply not worth the risk, particularly if you have connections to catch or are on a tight schedule.

The problem of a small fleet is compounded substantially by the fact that (a) things go wrong for entirely unavoidable reasons relating to the airline's own poor practices rather than anything uncontrollable, and (b) when things do go wrong, there are no processes in place to ensure that affected travellers are kept informed of anything relating to their travel plans. While some individual staff seem to be caring and sincere in their efforts to help, their capacity to do so is often very limited because ground staff appear to be kept as much in the dark as passengers.

Last Saturday I was due to fly out of Suva to Sydney with Fiji Airways at 11.15am. At 10am we were informed that because the previous flight from Auckland-Suva was late, our flight would be pushed back. We were told that the flight from Auckland had already left, and that it would land at 1.30pm, with boarding at 2pm. 2pm came and there was no boarding call and no update. When we enquired staff at Suva said that the flight would land at 3.15pm, and that we should stay in Nausori airport (which has one sad cafe, no stores or services, and pretty much resembles a bus stop). The estimated landing time for the Auckland flight was subsequently pushed back several times in 30 minute increments. In each instance, an announcement was only made when the previous estimated landing time had passed. As the flight time from Auckland to Suva is only just over 3 hours, it seemed impossible that the plane could have been en route from Auckland from 10am, but somehow delayed en route for in excess of 6 hours.

At 5pm we were all sent through immigration and made to wait at the boarding gate, where we were abandoned by Fiji Airways staff for 2 hours. After this they appeared to say that the plane had landed in Nadi because of 'baggage issues', that they had been told it would leave Nadi in 15 minutes, and that it wasn't their fault. They then abandoned us again. Passengers on the phone to passengers in Nadi said that the plane was stalled there because Fiji Airways was asking for volunteers to be unloaded, with no takers. We were left at the departure gate for 3 1/2 hours with no airline staff physically present, and the occasional PA update specifying an estimated time for our flight despite the plane not having left Nadi. The toilets ran out of paper and became blocked. At 8.30 pm we were told the flight was cancelled, and were sent back through immigration.

We were then told that we'd been placed on a flight at 6.15am from Suva-Nadi but that because it was overbooked we might not get on, and we should turn up at the airport at 4.45 and hope for the best. This flight would connect to a 9.20am flight from Nadi-Sydney which did not appear on their website. They were unable to provide us with any written confirmation of either booking. They said they would take us to a hotel and pay for our accommodation. They put us in a taxi, but we checked with the hotel if they had received any message from Fiji Airways - and nope. The whole experience was extremely stressful, and there seemed to have been no reason for the delay and cancellation other than the airline's own ineptitude at providing an air service. Notwithstanding this, if they had simply made the judgment call to cancel the flight once it became apparent that it was unlikely to arrive, allowed passengers to leave the airport and followed through on the provision of accommodation, the situation would have been a mere inconvenience, rather than an ordeal - but these were not courtesies that Fiji Airways thought it necessary to extend. A number of passengers wrote complaints on their facebook page on the day. They deleted several, and replied to the rest a day later saying there was a mechanical fault and that they were sorry but safety was paramount. Of course safety is paramount, but the 'mechanical fault' story is very dubious given that they had admitted the day before that at the issue was not a mechanical fault to the facebook posters and everybody else unfortunate enough to have been booked on the flight.

So we crossed our fingers and showed up at Suva Airport at 4.45am. Thankfully the new flights did work, but at Nadi they announced that they needed 20 volunteers to leave the flight to accommodate the passengers from our flight, so even more people were affected. Ridiculous. Avoid. Avoid Qantas too for Fiji - they codeshare and Fiji Airways runs their services.

If for some reason you have decided to fly with Fiji Airways...just don't. A glance at any set of reviews shows that my experience is far from an isolated one. If you have no choice, well, the actual flights were fine, and we got home in one piece. There are two planes they use - an A330, which is new and really pretty nice, with in-seat power, personal entertainment systems and decent enough seats; and an antiquated plane that looks like it comes from the 80s with drop-down screens playing one movie for all. Unfortunately, most of their fleet is comprised of the latter plane. Business class was woeful in the old plane too, so I definitely wouldn't pay for the upgrade if you're not sure what plane you'll be getting.

Extremely appalling service! Will never ever use Fiji Airways again!

I bought a ticket from Melbourne to Nadi on Qantas.com (code share Fiji airways) on 1st April. We reached the airport at 9:30pm and queued in the line for approximately 1 hour. When we reached the check in counter we were told by the agent that the flight is overbooked and they don't have any tickets for us. Obviously we were very angry about this. My husband and I had our wedding reception in Fiji on 2nd April and there was no way we could miss that. After a lot of heated conversations and 1.5 hours of waiting, we were told by the agent that they could not do anything about our tickets and that they will put us on the first flight to Nadi on 2nd April. They gave us a hotel to stay for the night.

The next morning we reached the Virgin Australia check in counter at 7:30am. The VA agent told us that they had not received any notification from Fiji airways and thus our names were not on the passenger list. We spoke to the VA supervisor and they said the same thing. Since we had booked our tickets through Qantas, we went to the Qantas counter to fix it but they refused to help us since it was a Fiji airways flight. There is no Fiji airways counter at Melbourne airport so we called customer service and asked them to fix it urgently. We told them that we have our wedding reception today and there is no way that we can miss the VA flight. The Fiji airways customer service agents were also not ready to help us. The call kept disconnecting and we had to call atleast 8 times and explained our problem to 8 different agents. They kept telling us that they have forwarded the request to the VA staff but the VA staff had not received anything. By this time the flight counter was going to close soon as it was nearing the flight departure time. We kept telling the Fiji airways staff again and again that they have to fix this soon but nothing happened. Finally someone in the Virgin airlines team (in a different department) received the notification from Fiji airways and they informed the correct team. Finally we got our tickets 40 minutes before and rushed to make it to our flight.

A bunch of liars and cheaters . Boycott Fiji Airways !!!!

Ignoring halfwits !! I was promised getting full refund for my canceled flights.
They changed the schedule two month before without any notice.
Was forced to cancel my flights from Suva to Funafuti and back.
All past mails has been ignored !!! Although the manager in Suva named [name removed] promised me
highly to keep in touch via e-mail.
For me the whole staff is a bunch of liars and cheaters. This would never happen
anywhere in Australia or Europe where the customers has rights !
As a customer of Fiji Airways you have no rights !!!!!! You only have to pay......
It`s time to show them the red card for their lousy ignoring cheating customer treatment.
Just boycott Fiji Airways may be they finally wake up.........!!!!

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Questions & Answers

By January 2014 will Fiji airlines have the new planes for the Perth to LA long haul flights? Is there plenty of leg room and comfortable seating in economy?
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Depends on your height I guess but its no more worse or better then any other airline. Having said that I wouldnt recommend the airline due to numerous service issues (SEE OTHER REVIEWS) but as far as leg room goes its fine. Ask for the emergency exit seats if its an issue as they always have extra leg room.