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Fiji Natural Artesian

Fiji Natural Artesian

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The Current Defect In The 500ml Bottles Of Fiji Water

I have happily enjoyed Fiji water for years. I know the taste & the difference in taste as compared to other brands. I have recently discovered that the mid-size bottles have a problem: overfilling which causes oxygenation & the bubbles to appear. The taste is significantly altered. If you notice, the labels on these bottles are also often lifting. I have inquired at TJ's & Publix and the answer from Fiji is they have changed the shape of the bottles. What else would they say? They should be ethical and do a recall. Everyone will see & taste this soon! I have purchased this product for a long time. I am sad!

Best water

I hate it when people say there's no difference between tap water and bottled water - I can't stand the taste of tap water, and yes, I can tell! I can also tell the difference between different brands of bottled water. If you can't, save yourself money and just use tap water. But if like me you have sensitive taste buds, Fiji is the best tasting water. It is smooth and soft in the mouth with no chemical after-taste. I love the shape of the bottle, and the plastic is thick so if you want to, you can safely refill it over and over. Mt Franklin recently reduced the thickness of the plastic, and Fiji is thicker than almost any other brand.

Do not buy this water

Fiji bottled water is a government scam, yes the water is very good and so is the PH ,but....
We're it comes from is we're Fijians have been getting there water forever and now it's fenced off and they sell it and the people have to go for kms to get there water now.
Say no to Fiji water.

that's better

when it comes to water the only water worth paying for is natural mineral water, the unique minerals makes them taste so much better than the dead 'Spring' water we find everywhere.
I don't mind Fiji water if I can't find my favorite water. Not a big fan of the square shape, it feels big in all angles and hard to fit in my bottle holder, trying to be too different :(
It's good to see water with a pH over the neutral 7 as most of the other brands are all under which is no so good.
tastes better
over priced


I have tried Fiji Water a few times and have found it to be taste very clean and fresh, with no bitter aftertaste. Although it is nice, in the end, it is just water so it is difficult to justify paying the higher price. You will probably come across Fiji Water if you visit one of the many resorts in Fiji so it might be worth a try if you are curious to see what it is like. Overall, its a nice product, but too expensive to purchase on a regular basis.
Clean, fresh taste.
More expensive than some other bottled waters


We were given this water all the time on our recent trip to Fiji. I'm not a big drinker of bottled water so it was a nice change to have clean tasting water, but I don't think I would go out and specifically buy this brand. To me all bottled waters are kind of the same and in most areas of australia the tap water is fine.
Tastes great, pure and fresh.
Bottles were sometimes difficult to open.


the large square type shape of the bottle makes it stand out on the shelf full of water bottles in the supermarket,that plus the pretty flower picture is what attracted me to buying this water but makes it uncomfortable to hold.
I also found that the plastic was a bit thin which made it difficult to get the bottle open as the plastic buckled.
the water though is better than the usual mt franklin water, it tasttes very pure, i could detect no chemicals and the water was perfectly clear.
very pure tasting water
badly shaped bottle not designed to be held or opened

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The silica reputably pulls aluminum from the body's cells. If so, should the water be consumed on an empty stomach?
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