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Finish Max in 1

Finish Max in 1

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The worst Finish product I have ever used!!

I have used this product 6 times now and have had to rewash almost the entire dishwasher load each time. I always
remove, by rinsing or scraping, any food from the dishes, rinse glasses etc but the results after using the dishwasher are very poor. Whether I place the tab in the dispenser or in the bottom of the dishwasher the results have been similar each time. Incredibly disappointed with this product.

not for use with silver plated cutlery

Just started using finish powerball super charged quantum max lemon sparkle. Very annoyed that sometimes food left on plates. Even more annoyed and shocked that all silver plate cutlery comes out very tarnished. This has not happened with finish products before.

Works Well, Not Cheap Though!

We started off using the cheaper powders and tablets when we first got our dishwasher. After experiencing chalky residue, cloudy kitchenware and no dried up "drip stains" we realised that we might have to invest in some better products. As it mentions on the packet, don't use these on quick cycles! They seem to be super-concentrated and don't work properly if you do a quick 30 min cycle. However, if you set a full load of dishes on a long cycle before you go to bed, rest assured you will wake up with clean, slightly scented, spot free kitchenware. Honestly quite surprised how shiny and spot free the glasses come out, seems a shame to give them a wipe! Quite pricey though, we have these exclusively for long, full loads, otherwise we still use some other cheaper stuff. Worth having in the cupboard to use sparingly.

Finish Dishwasher Gel - MAX in 1

Handy liquid gel, so great in short washes for lightly soiled items like glasses & cups, but beware - it is not for exclusive general use.

I'm one of those people that rinses everything before it goes into the dishwasher, anything heavily soiled I wash by hand. My dishwasher has a very easy life. So I only have to give it a wipe down every so often to keep it clean. But after using Finish Gel for a short while, the machine was smelly, the filters full of black slime & my cups had developed a heavy stain.

If you need to do the occasional quick wash & the tablets won't dissolve in that cycle, this product is good, but definitely not for exclusive use - you could be risking your health & machine.

Finish Max in 1 product - Thought my dishwasher had died

Nearly called out the repairman the wash was so bad with bits of undisolved powders and the red ball still in the dispenser and gunge through the dishes. Water flow is down also - blades are not rotating properly when the door is opened quickly. I hope the pump is not choked with the plastic goo residue also. Tested the last remnant in the dispenser for 20 mins under a slow running tap in a cup in my sink and still had about 1/3 left undisolved. Waste of money. Poorly tested by consumers if at all. If it costs me to clear the blockage it could b a case before the Fair Trading for false advertising.
Great Idea but does not give advertised results.
Does not work. Zero rating for this product. Expensive rubbish. Has to be withdrawn from sale.


It may be coincidental that my dinnerware is showing wear after about 2 months use of this product but it may be just too strong. I am going to try using something that is not so strong and put up with the watermarks.
Gets things clean and only leaves behind light watermarks on plastic items.
Since using this product I have noticed that my crockery has suddenly started to feel rough around the edges (it's that Corelle almost unbreakable stuff) and my good quality stainless steel cutlery has developed a few rust spots and several really bad wear marks on the knife blades. The cutlery container holds each piece separately so they are not rubbing together.

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I am very disappointed I have been using this product since it came out & i have never had any problems with these in the past, but the last 4 packs I bought i have been finding the tablet on the floor of the dishwasher & still in the wrapper, so then I leave it on the floor of dishwasher & start the dishwasher up again. I just wanted to know are these going to be doing this all the time from now on? should I try something else? Are these just a bad batch? because it costing me good money for the 2 dishwashing cycles in water & power & also for the Finish tablets that I purchase from woolies. Please let me know what you think should be done regarding our problem. Many Thanks Tracey


This is a strong cleaner to be used in the dishwasher. I will not buy this unless it is on sale, and even then it doesnt do a great job. I think I got fooled by the ads on tv, but it didnt work so well at home. Not good value for money.
I bought this product because I have seen the commercials and also because it was on sale. It didnt live up to the hype and I really don't know what cleaning it does. The good part is that the wrapper dissolves, so you don't need to unwrap or touch any detergent.
Price, it is very expensive (as are most diswashing tablets) and I would never buy it unless it was on sale. I think it cleans just okay, it really didnt make my glasses sparkle and sometimes, there are soapy powder remnants in the cups, so I have to clean them out again anyway.

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