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Blast Concentrated

Latest review: I found it to be the best detergent on the market i have been trying to buy it, they always take the best of the market. Blast was great on my hands, nothing else comes

Fairy Platinum Tablet

Latest review: This is the only brand that I use.Ive tried other brands and they’re not as good.Fairy tablet has a fresh clean smell and the dishes and other utensils come out very clean and shiny.I recommend this p

Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid

Latest review: Have used this dishwashing liquid for years now, wouldn't use any other at all, it always smells so fresh and really does clean the dishes well and even the floor, amazing

Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets

Latest review: As the title says, these little things are the best not only for the earth but results! Read it got number 1 in Choice tests so thought we'd try them out, 39c per wash vs Finish which is 94c per wash

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Intensive Clean and Care

Latest review: I used this dishwasher cleaner and was very happy with the results, but today i went to use the dishwasher for the first time since, and it is not working! Ie: it fills with water and then stops

Ecostore Dishwashing Liquid

Latest review: I discovered this the first time in NZ and then decided to give it a try when I saw it here in Sydney. Started with Dishwashing liquid and now use the entire range. Brilliant

Logix Platinum (Aldi)

Latest review: This product works perfectly. I always buy the value pack when it comes in which is normally 100 pack. I bought some more today for $11 something, can't remember the exact price. Same price I usually

Coles Fairy Liquid / Tablets

Latest review: Tried these diswasher tablets and was disappointed to find out that they left a strong chemical smell and taste on my dishes, cutlery and glasses. You can taste the detergent when you drink from a

Finish Quantum

Latest review: In the Hotel Inspectors episode of Fawlty Towers a guest tells Basil he is 'generally a very patient man' and that is how I have dealt with Quantum tablets, but like him I've lost my patience. The

Coles Smart Buy Original Dishwashing Machine Powder

Latest review: Do not use this product under any circumstances as it will form brown sludge and block your whole dishwasher. I used it once and had to run 3 cleaners on my dishwasher to remove the brown

Kwit Double Action Lemon Dishwashing Powder

Latest review: I never had to use rinse aid when using kwit double action. I'm very disappointed to learn it has been discontinued. Was an excellent product, I really miss it. I would even use it adding with other

Morning Fresh Dishwasher Liquid Caps

Latest review: My 2012 DeLonghi dishwasher does 2 loads a week, and is cleaned completely every month. I think I tried every powder based product on the market before spotting these in 2014 at my local pharmacy of

Palmolive Ultra Original

Latest review: I have been using Palmolive green washing up detergent for over forty years. But you have changed the scent! I do not like it al all it makes me nauseous, it smells like Woolworths home brand liquid

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

Latest review: Good cleaning product for dishes however my hands are getting very dry with small cuts in skin. I bought 4 bottles, don’t know what to do with them. Bit disappointed

Coles Ultra Action Dishwashing Tablets

Latest review: In trying to reduce costs, I tried this product. They do not dissolve at all and leave a filmy residue on all dishes. Very disappointed and now wasted money I didn’t have.

Finish Gel

Latest review: Since switching to finish gel and using the eco cycle our machine has scud all over it as if the detergent isn't dissolving. I have switch back to finish powder and rinse aid and no problems. I have

Euca Dishwashing Powder

Latest review: Guys, forget about finish or any other brand. You can open your dishwasher and get a nice herbal steam after. I highly recommend this product and I am even more satisfied with the fact that this

EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder

Latest review: In summary this stuff works so well for me that it was worth the 20 minutes of my time to compose a positive review for this site, Its good for the environment, good for the budget and works

Fairy Platinum Liquid

Latest review: I just purchased these after reading many good reviews on different web pages and sites. Coles had them on sale and i needed some, so i thought i would give them a go. Hands down they beat my Finish

Kin Kin Naturals Dishwash Liquid Lime & Eucalypt Essential Oils

Latest review: This liquid seems to be concentrated because it lasts and lasts me a long time - I cannot wait to purchase some more this week! It has the most beautiful refreshing fragrance - the Lime is

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