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Blast Concentrated
Latest review: Like others, I have been buying this product 3 bottles at a time. Am so disappointed that the stores are no longer stocking it. Why? No other product does a good job like

Earth Choice Dishwashing Liquid
Latest review: it leaves a toxic smell on all the dishes which does not rinse off. When a pot is on the stove it stinks of this dish soap so. Have to rinse everything three times. Absolute garbage. This is

Fairy Platinum Tablet
Latest review: Absolutely love it cleans well and reasonably priced needs to be a bit cheaper though I will try other products if it doesn’t go down in p

Earth Choice All in One Dish Tablets
Latest review: Bought this after recommended by Choice on the Today Show. Might clean but soap suds ALWAYS left no matter what cycle I use. Even when I ran the machine a second time just thru a rinse cycle didn't

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Intensive Clean and Care
Latest review: I haven’t experienced anything bad on this product.. since I made sure that the Stickers are properly removed Have kept the bottle upside down in the bottom level plate rack and the cap not t

Ecostore Dishwashing Liquid
Latest review: I discovered this the first time in NZ and then decided to give it a try when I saw it here in Sydney. Started with Dishwashing liquid and now use the entire range. Brilliant

Logix Platinum (Aldi)
Latest review: Logix dishwashing tabs..dishes and glasses come out smudged with food still on inside and out. I'm off to Aldi to take them back. I usually use Platinum dishwashing sachets with wonderful

Coles Fairy Liquid / Tablets
Latest review: I found unless I used the hottest setting on my dishwasher I was left with stubborn food on the plates.. I doubt I would buy them

Finish Quantum
Latest review: Plastic wont dissolve. Chunks of undissolved product stuck inside container or still sitting at bottom of washer. Dishes left unclean. Not worth money. Cheaper product like coles or fairy much

Coles Smart Buy Original Dishwashing Machine Powder
Latest review: Do not use this product under any circumstances as it will form brown sludge and block your whole dishwasher. I used it once and had to run 3 cleaners on my dishwasher to remove the brown

Kwit Double Action Lemon Dishwashing Powder
Latest review: I never had to use rinse aid when using kwit double action. I'm very disappointed to learn it has been discontinued. Was an excellent product, I really miss it. I would even use it adding with other

Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid
Latest review: I use a dishwasher and only use this for things I don't put in the dishwasher but I did notice the difference in quality. Before if u added more than a drop u had a hard time getting rid of the suds

Finish Gel
Latest review: Since switching to finish gel and using the eco cycle our machine has scud all over it as if the detergent isn't dissolving. I have switch back to finish powder and rinse aid and no problems. I have

Fairy Platinum Liquid
Latest review: I just purchased these after reading many good reviews on different web pages and sites. Coles had them on sale and i needed some, so i thought i would give them a go. Hands down they beat my Finish

Euca Dishwashing Powder
Latest review: Fabulous product, smells fresh but not overpowering. Only need a small amount. Only improvement would be the inclusion of a scoop or a spout to make it easier to top up the

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel
Latest review: This is an awesome product, that actually cleans the dishes better than any tablet or powder. I was having all sorts of issues with powder and tablets not removing all debris and leaving a horrible

Orange Power Dishwash Concentrate
Latest review: I have been using this for ages, started because it was palm oil free but continue because it works. Not the cheapest but at least trying to do the right thing by not using palm oil. You only need

Dishmatic Pro Handle
Latest review: I love this product...I have 3...with both green heads and yellow micro soft heads.... This is the 2nd incarnation....the 3rd Pro handle...I do not like all...handle is too thick...and screw top

EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder
Latest review: In summary this stuff works so well for me that it was worth the 20 minutes of my time to compose a positive review for this site, Its good for the environment, good for the budget and works

EcoStore Auto Dish Powder
Latest review: I generally run my dishwasher on the short cycle and a number of the tablets are not suitable for this. I had been using the Finnish Liquid however was not really happy with the performance or the

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