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Finish Rinse Aid

Finish Rinse Aid

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Finish 400ml Rinse & Shine & Protect

Excellent Product makes all the glasses shine like a diamond and everything seems to be dry as well unlike other Rinse aid products. I would definitely recommend Finish Rinse aid to others. It has to be the best Rinse Aid out there on the market at the moment. 5 Stars.

Seems to work

I decided to buy rinse aid as I was recommended it for dry and streak free dishes, after going through a cycle, the rinse aid does seem to appear to have further aided in the drying of my dishes, glasses have more of a streak free shine and plates and cutlery are all generally dryer, would recommend product.

Who would have known?!

I was always skeptical about the claims made about dishwasher rinse products and never used them, for 40 years of having a dishwasher. Why would you when all the clean and sparkling claims made on the wash capsules are bold enough? Well last night I tried it, on eco setting and this morning I've opened up the machine to everything so shiny, it was truly astonishing. I am a convert.

Rinses Away the Garbage

If you've read my other reviews, we've got a dodgy drain filter on one of our DishDrawers. If you run the machine with our soils, you'll find garbage littered around EVERYTHING! I can see why filters are so important! (Laugh out Loud Moment?) During the Final Rinse, when this stuff is dispensed you can see 100% how it works. All the garbage slides OFF the dishes and is drained away! Who could want more?

Sadly, Finish's claims aren't 100%. You glasses certainly don't "sparkle." Although they DO look good, and don't have any milky stains on them.
If you still get hazy glasses - up your Dishwasher's rinse-aid setting and use some Citric Acid or STPP with your detergent (1 tsp.) to help fight lime stains.
Water Loses Surface Tension - as advertised!
Finish's Claims aren't 100% - Isn't it the Same for all companies?


It must be me, but I really dont know if I am using this one correctly. I have followed the directions on the pack, but havent really noticed the results. I have seen and tried other rinse aids which have worked just as well as this one. As mentioned, after using this rinse aid, I havent really noticed anything sparkly or spectacular with this product.
I always see the Finish Rinse commercials and end up going out and buying the product.
This is really expensive and I really dont know how well it works. It would also be nice if the instructions were a bit clearer. I know youre just supposed to put it in the dishwasher and run it, but not all the dishwashers are the same.

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I always use rinse aid and recently bought the tablets, two of which have not disolved and left a mess in the dishwasher and on crockery.


I always use the Finish rinse aid in the dishwasher as it makes the dishes and especially glasses shiny. I have tried using the dishwasher without the rinse aid but noticed how dull the glassware looked especiallyl after a few washes. It also seems to have some type of drying effect on the dishes and I know when to check the dispenser because the dishes end up looking damp even after the heater drying cycle has finished at the end of the wash cycle. A little goes a long way so I don't have to buy it very often.
dishes and glasses come up shiny
none I can think of

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I do like the product. But lately instead of being able to pour out of the bottle, now it only trickles out. ( It has a small nozzle on top). This is frustrating as you need to fill the rinse aid dispenser, and by only trickling out, its impossible. Please bring back the bottle which you can pour with not trickle. Thank you.

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