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First Response Early Result Instream

First Response Early Result Instream

1.8 from 193 reviews

Don't waste your money!

Used many times; between children, scares & losses.
Proper results every time until two years ago when they stopped working...
Instructions are easy to follow, but
Don't waste your money, use Dollarama test!
Expiry date shows 2020.
I took a test out & the clock was already flashing... used It cuz the box had no indication that this was not normal! Results took 5min as usual; came up "Yes+" then after about a minute changed to "No -" then immediately went blank. this is complete crap! Highly disappointing & a waste if nearly $30!! I should have just gotten a Dollarama test

Purchased in February 2019 for $30.00.

Regular PeriodsYes
Test TakenAfter a Missed Period
Time between missing period and taking testA few weeks

Early pregnancy test

I have no idea why it is getting so many negative comments. This is the best pregnancy test which can be done at home as early as 4 weeks. When all other pregnancy tests showed negative because it was only around 5 weeks, first response gave me right result followed by a confirmation by a blood test result which confirmed 4 weeks. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Purchased in February 2019 for $17.00.

Regular PeriodsYes
Test TakenAfter a Missed Period
Time between missing period and taking testUnder a week

Absolutely crap

Two lines and oh, I get my period! Absolutely disgraceful! And for someone who has had consecutive miscarriages, it was the most heart breaking thing. This needs to be taken off the shelves! Don’t buy First Response! Not fair!! I would love to take this further, this should not be allowed!

First response is no longer the best tests

Instructions clear, easy to follow. First response tests are truly the worst tests on the market now. They already had to remove the curved and now the old design is even worse. Positives on other tests long before even a hint of a line on frer. Go with a cheaper test. First response is not reliable anymore.

False positive

Out of a 7 pack I got 5 false positives with a faint second line that appeared within 3 mins. They didn't get darker over time.
Caused me so much confusion and anxiety I missed work too.
From previous comments I can see that the company is doing nothing to rectify the defective tests. Pure disrespect to theor customers mostly very vulnerable ones.
I'll be looking into AU government bodies where i could complain about this.

Used to love this test

First response used to be my go to for pregnancy tests. This year l used this test (countless times) it seems to have a very deceiving light line, and its on most of the first responses l have used. Its a shame, will be looking else where for a better brand.
Whatever they did to change this product l wish they would change it back to no fake lines or indent marks, its ridiculous, especially since women buy more then one test anyway, even double checking after getting a positive, its a shame. So disappointing.
Trying to fool people is no way to keep your brand alive.

False positives

I have received several positive tests, after several miscarriages, I now test early so thought these were great! Until I got a positive everytime I tested. I went back to the dr and had bloods taken which proved my HCG levels were normally and that the pregnancy tests should not have been picking them up.
Clear blue 6 days early all came negative and were correct.
Even to this day they are still producing positives when I am definitely not pregnant.
Heartbreaking for people who are desperately seeking that positive result. These should be recalled.

False negatives, second time happening!

Last month In Oct, 2018, i found out i pregnant unexpectedly. I had a bunch of cheapie test but i always had relied on First Response for confirmation. Well I got Clear Blue, FRER, and First signal. To my surprise the cheapie came up positive, so i took the Frer, and nothing. So instead of getting upset, i took the Clear blue cross line, and digital, and both popped up blazing positive, even the digital. So i took the FRER digital i had, and it said no. So i went to the Dr and had the pregnancy confirmed the following monday. Unfortunately, i miscarried 2 weeks later. So I BBT Chart my cycles, and to my surprise, i ovulated this past Black Friday/11/23/18 (didnt expect to after a miscarriage so soon. So on Dec 3rd, 10 days past ovulation, i took a cheapie, and it was faint. So i went out and bought two packages of FRER, one with digital, thinking it was just a fluke, a first signal, and a clear blue double pack with the digital. So i got my positive on my cheapie, the first signal, and on the FRER NOTHING!. So i took the clear blue and, boom, two blue lines. Im sitting here going what the heck!. So i wait a couple days, and my cheapie lines keep getting darker, so i take another FRER at 12-13 dpo, and NOTHING. These things have to be defective. I've never been so disappointed in a product that is advertised as early result. I used the old FR with my other two children just fine with no problem 3 years ago. I dont get it! I wrote the company and they basically told me that after a miscarriage, hcg can be detected up to 5 weeks after, i was only 4 weeks when i miscarried. Very early. My Hcg went from 69 - 5 on Nov 4th, 2018. Its December 6th, aint no way in hell its the same. Just giving everyone a heads up that if you get a negative on these tests, get a different kind, because it hasnt been accurate TWO MONTHS in a row with 3 different batches. Thanks

False positive

Received 2 false positive when I was not even pregnant! Did on 6 days early and a line showed within 3 mins, then the next day I did another test and a darker line showed when I was not pregnant to begin with! Very annoying especially since they cost quite a bit!

False positives causing emotional upset!

Used this product 4 times 2 months after the birth of my daughter. All came back with faint positives within the 3 minutes. Scared me silly as was too soon for me to be pregnant again. Numerous scans, blood work and tests later confirmed not pregnant!! Wish I had never used this product in the first place as has caused me so much emotional confusion!! It's difficult not to believe it when you see a faint second line but the doctors and hospital are convinced the tests were faulty. Never again will I be using them!!! Anyone else had a similar experience? I have had severe anxiety over this. These tests should not be allowed to be so inaccurate as whether you are ttc or not ttc the results can be devastating! What a joke! Wish I had just used a different brand and saved myself this rollercoaster of emotions!!!

Giving faint second line, But not pregnant

I have used these test from few years ago when I conceived my son.
I’m embarrassed to say that I have got 3 packs 3 and they all showed second faint line. This is why I got more because I wanted to see if line was getting darker.
The line didn’t get darker. Not sure if these test are picking up on other hormone levels.

You should recall these products

I have had 5 positive results with first response all other tests done with clear blue or cheaper brands all came up negative. I since started bleeding I've been to hospital for various scans and bloods which state my hormone levels were below 5 indicating that I was never pregnant in the first place. This is disgusting that your brand would show someone who has been waiting years for this to happen there dreams had come true for them to be ripped away within a few days. Bearing in mind I did not use the early indicator I was 9 days late for my period before testing I am emotionally drained at what I've had to go through Ang by the looks of the reviews this is a common thing. These need recalling and looking into as there is something clearly not right! Disgusted with first response

Terrible heart wrencher

I Tested with this product 12+times and each time it’s given me significant false positive. The second pink line appears well within the 3 minutes. This is a Terrible product and considering the sensitive nature of the reasons people using this product it’s disgusting to have this product on the market.

You should be mortified at your terrible product

16 false positive pregnancy test! 16! And that’s just this month, 2 days ago I saw a very faint positive, the next day it was darker but only so very slightly. Today my period is due and it’s still a faint positive, I have had similar test every single month. You should be embarrassed at your terrible product, I have been trying to convince for 2 years now the amount of false hope these test have given me is absolutely appalling.

I have purchased a bulk pack 6+1 and dip and read test and a normal 3 pack and even a digital. All with multiple different darkness levels showing positive! Confirmed with bloods yesterday I am not pregnant.

Take the product of the market NOW!

Keep getting defected tests

So I bought my first test I only bought a single because they are so expensive and I got a grey line where the positive line was suppose to be so I was obv not taking that as a positive so I went back and this time bought the 2 pack the red dye and the digital so I took the red dye and this time I got the same thing but with dye smudge streaking threw so I took the digital and on the digital I got a question mark and then it turned to a yes with a clock like these test are not cheap to be getting this many defected tests

Very sad

Very inaccurate i had 6 false positives spend lots of money... Er vist because i thought I was having a miscarriage very disappointed.. I told my daughter she was going to be a big sister.

Do not use this product!!!

Ladies, don't use this product. I used it twice after my periods were late and got a positive result twice doing the test 4 days apart. Went to the dr and had a negative test and blood results came back negative. It's cruel to show positive when obviously I was not pregnant. Heartbreaking.

Need to recall!!!

It’s cruel I got a positive result with 4 days until due period then the next two days have been negative! When you’ve been trying for a long time and get a positive only to discover it could be wrong it gives false hope! Recall this product! There's obviously an issue!

Used to be my go to, now can't be trusted

All my opinion only: Over years of infertility and one pregnancy I used and recommended these as despite being more expensive, I have never ever gotten any evaps or false positives with them. Unfortunately as of this year they started having a visible white line as soon as you open them (that's fine, part of the product), but in 9/10 cases, the line then changes to a dull grey 'evap' line, which gives so much confusion and false hope to women TTC. On occasion it will even have a tiny bit of pink in it! The FRES dip tests are even worse IMO. The lines I refer to all appear within the time you're supposed to read it, making it even more confusing. I even tried taking one while on my period to test, and sure enough, there was the line. The test were different boxes, from different shops, and I wrote to FR with evidence and photographs, pointing out the difference as a consumer of their product over many years. Their response 'that's not a positive line, a positive line is pink'. I had no doubt it wasn't a positive, my point was the line was there and shouldn't be, and if it was strong enough to photograph then obviously there is an issue with the quality control. I wont be buying FR again. I tried Pregnosis instream on the same cycle to compare, and zero false lines, will be going with them in future :)

First Reponse Pregnancy Test need to get RECALLED!!!

I purchased a pack of the 6+1 free first response tests from chemist warehouse too. I tried a test 3 days before period and it was positive as it had a faint second line. Tried the test again 2 days later, got the same result but thought the line would be darker. Tried it again the next day (morning) when period due, No Line. Tried again that night and got the Line again but still faint but clear enough to see it. I was so confused and went to the doctor to do a blood test and it was negative, not pregnant! I’ve tried the test again this month the day after period was due and a very dark line has appeared. Don't want to get too excited as it may not be positive again!!!! :(
These test give false hope to women like me who have been trying for a while and should be recalled.

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Questions & Answers

When i usually use these tests first of all liquid comes over the whole result window then a line popped up that is control line. but this time no liquid nd a line popped up immediatly. are the tests defective?
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I’m beginning to notice some symptoms like missed period, mild cramps, nausea, tiredness. I took a first response test and to my surprise a light pink line showed up. Seeming though I’m only 16 I want some advice before telling my mum and causing myself some trouble. I’ve read many have had trouble with False positives so has anyone had any accurate results from this first response test?
2 answers
First response is my usual go to, though lately l have had a lot of evap lines, if its clearly pink odds are you are pregnant. l googled indent and evap lines pics for first response l found the pics accurate for what my evaps and indents looked like. Clear as day pink (it doesnt have to match the control line) most of the time means pregnant. Thats how it was with my pregnancies. Good luck, l hope all goes well.I’ve seen and researched the difference in lines and it isn’t a faint line it’s just really light pink and definitely isn’t an indent or evaporation. So I can’t help but assume it’s a positive result. I’m going to buy a few different branded tests tomorrow. I took the first response during the day and had already drank loads hence why i think not much hcg was detected. Very scary situation but I hope for the best x

I took this test today and the results window was blank until about 7 minutes after I took the test, to which it showed a dark negative. Is this a reliable negative?
1 answer
yes I would trust it. But it could be early so you could still be pregnant


Early Result Instream
Price (RRP)10.95
Release dateSep 2010

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