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First Response Pregnancy Planning Kit

First Response Pregnancy Planning Kit

2.8 from 12 reviews

One of the worst ones i tested

I tried other brands of ovulation test strips as well as these which i tried to list by name (for you guys) in my review but whoever reviewed my review for publishing didn't allow me to list the others i tested. So check my reviews and you will find the one which worked the very best. Had i just relied on first response ovulation test strips i would have missed ovulation and not fallen pregnant. The other brand of test strips which i don't seem to be able to name here (i bought online) had me fall pregnant the very first month i used them and i'm 46 years old. So i don't have time to waste on test strips that don't work!!! I do however find the first response pregnancy tests to be the best of three brands i tested.

Wrong results and customer service doesn't want to admit it.

I have used this ovulation test kit for over 2 months and was confused. As I got results of LH surge detected for more than 2 weeks. The reason I kept using the test was I was using Clear Blue at the same time, and it never detected LH surge. So, I contacted First Response's customer service with pictures of all my test results (the sticks). Their response was "Anything after picture 1 (it shows LH surge detected) should be disregarded as you should not have kept testing." I asked them to confirm which pictures are showing LH surge, they picked first 3 and ignored the other images that are showing LH surge as they thought it was done in the same cycle. But, obviously, there were more. This is the last message from them.

*The pictures 1-2-3 are showing a surge. Anything after picture 1 should be disregarded as you should not have kept testing. I think you should decide to test with one brand only and then you wouldn’t get confused. If you choose to use First Response you must follow the directions that I have given below and stop testing when you reach the surge. Start testing on the correct day of your cycle which is on the chart and the test should be in the urine for 10 seconds. *

I was doing the test correctly but First Response kept showing LH surge for many days. Recently, Clear Blue detected LH surge for the first time. It was matched result with my temperature. I believe in Clear Blue as it doesn't make me confused.

First 2 great. Faulty third packet

just opened my 3rd packet, to find that all the tests are folded in half & bent because the cup has been shoved in. just tried the first test & found the fluid didn’t travel the length of the test rendering it useless. Assuming the remaining tests are useless.Feel like I’ve just wasted $22 and missing this months positive result.

Inaccurate Results

I had more than 10 days of the test line being much darker than the control line, however my CM was dry. I found out later that my ovulation was a week late as at the time, my CM showed I was fertile and my period was a week late, so the tests were coming back as fertile earlier on when I was not, completely missing the ovulation window! Listen to your body and not rely on these sticks!

did not work

I bought this when i stopped taking the pill. Obviously i know it can take a few months to ovulate after stopping the pill but i still tried this product anyway.
After using it for a month i came up with negative every day for ovulating.
Today (6 days late) i decided i might as well take a pregnancy test just in case something was going on; and it turns out i am pregnant :) i took two different pregnancy tests both from different brands and both were positive. I have a doctors appointment to confirm but with my symptoms i am pretty certain its a positive.
i dont know why it said i didnt ovulate at all but i guess im happy with my end result anyway.

It's easy and it works !

I used the ovulation kit for the first time, a little concerned at how difficult it sounded and if I would be able to tell the results. It was easy !!! Pee in the cup, dip the tester and use a smart phone as a timer then use the phone to take a photo of the result to compare to other days. On day 4 the LH surge occurred and the indicator was very clear (compared to prior days) that it had occured. I continued testing for the next three days with clear consistent results. Taking the photos helped to compare the days. The ovualtion kit ended up being very accurate as I am successfully pregnant after the first month using it. BUT wait at least 2 weeks to do the pregnancy test. It can be hard to wait but worth it. I tried the test 5 days before my expected period start date (as the instructions indicate) and got a negative reading. I was extremely disappointed. But then two weeks later when my period was overdue, and other pregnancy signs started to occur, I tested again and have a positive result. Wait until after your period is due to do the pregnancy test. The ovulation kit is a great little helper towards successfully falling pregnant.

Inaccurate results

I used the First Response Pregnancy Planning Kit correctly for three months. In the first two months, the only result was a faint test line once during each of the seven days. In the third month, there was no test line at all. Assuming I wasn't ovulating (despite other signs of ovulation), I had a CD21 blood test (which measured oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, LH, etc.). The test results indicated that I had definitely ovulated during the month that the First Response OPK strips had failed to predict ovulation. My GP has advised against using OPKs again.

false positive pregnancy test..

Okay so you get an early pregnancy test in the kit. I done mine and to my surprise a positive. Brought a box 3 first response test and all negative. Its so sucky that I got a false positive from a kit that helps to track and helps to conceive. .obviously you want a positive if your using an opk

It works!

Considering my menstural cycles are like clockwork, this kit proved that I was at least three days out on predicting my ovulation. Bought one packet, used it according to the leaflet, and fell pregnant!
I recommend doing the test strips in the morning (try to do it the same time each morning). Always wait the full 5 minutes before checking the strips (I used the timer on my phone). And if you're using your phone in the bathroom too, take a photo of each strip on the 5 minute mark. That way you can compare the colour of the previous strips (the darker the better).
Good luck baby-making!!
It does wat it says!
Expensive for what it is.

Great! Really useful tool

I got the best results when I used in the afternoon. Usually after 2 pm. A bit hard if you are working, might be a bit much to carry the pee cup in your handbag and test during your afternoon break. But early evening is good too. If you test in the morning, chances are you will get a negative result, even if you are ovulating. So timing is very important.

Highly recommend!

This worked for me first try and i am so happy about it! I had been trying for 5 months before i decided to give these kits a go, and not long after i tried it i found out i was pregnant :) the ovulation window is so hard to detect and using a kit like this helps hit the nail on the head and know exactly when its about to happen. I used this one and a very expensive digitial one at the same time (this one in the morning, the digital at night) and found this one to be better as you can gradually see the lines get darker each day the closer to ovulation it becomes. This helps to keep a better eye on the progress and know that ovulation is on its way any day now. I recommend keeping each one you use, it helps to compare each day so you can clearly see the lines gradually getting darker closer to ovulation. I also recommend buying two, using one in the morning and at night over the 7 days, just so you can keep an extra eye on the progress.

Just a quick tip, as the lines progress into darker lines, it doesnt always match up with the ovulation line, just keep that in mind as i was waiting for the lines to completely match up, not realising that the somewhat darkish lines i was getting were considered positive lines. Thats why its good to keep them as you go so you can see the progression.
Very easy to use and I loved that it actually worked!


I used this when planning my pregnancy and wish I had tried it sooner. I fell pregnant the first month I used it as I knew exactly which days were my most fertile. Having the pregnancy testers in the same kit was very convenient. I will definitely use this product again next time around.
Easy to follow instructions & quick/ easy to read results. Value for money & in my opinion a very accurate product.
Nothing. As long as you calculate which are the best few days to test on, you won't run out of supplies too quickly (I only needed to use half the kit so I had another month's worth left).

Questions & Answers

I had a dark line in control window and a dark horizontal line in test window and one week onwards dark horizontal line is still there.what does this mean?
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Ur pregnant

I have no clue what to do can I find out if I'm pregnant by using the ovulation prediction tests?
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Some people say that if the line stays dark continuously for more than 3 days you could be pregnant. But this opk is best to be used to detect when you have ovulated. I wouldn't use this as a pregnancy test, use a proper one

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