Faulty poor design vents

Be warned don't buy this rangehood.

It has some bad design fault with the filter vents the clips spring broke the first time I took them out to be washed I then so gently hand rinsed only it was on pulling back the clip on reinstalling then one of the cilps broken Fisher and Paykel replaced it , then 3 months later it happened a second time I'm definitely not rough with these filters clearly there is a design fault here. Customer service informed me that if it was not found to be manufacturing fault they will not fix.. As if they are going to omit to it being a design fault. To determine if is is a manufacturing fault I have to Pay $250 for a service call I'm so unhappy with this rangehood and I'm considering going to consumer affairs with my complaint.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Looks good, performs mediocre, has flaws.

We bought the HC90DCXB3 rangehood for its soft touch controls, without push buttons. We had bad experience with buttons prematurely failing on other rangehood models we've used previously.
It has a great modern look but that's where the good news end. When I say this Fisher & Paykel rangehood really sucks, I don't mean it in a complementary way.
On paper the features and specs look good but in practice, the extraction is not as powerful as its specifications suggest. At least is not as noisy as the cheapie rangehood it replaces. I wouldn't call it quiet but it's not too noisy, either.
The installation was a real PITA, for several reasons. Obviously, they didn't put much thoughts into the practicality and ease of installation.
Fresh out of the box, the protective foil on the chimney was heavily scratched in several places, even though there was absolutely no sign of damage on the outside of the packaging and didn't seem preveously opened. Probably happened when it was carelessly packaged at the factory. One of the scratches also showed up on th estainless steel but in a place which is not too visible. Still annoying.
One of the lights was out, although came to life when reseated the light bulb. Then, during the first minute of operation, the lights were heavily flickering and the brightness control was not working. After some trying it started to work and the flickering got better but never quite went away. I may have to put in a service call if the flickering stays and I'll find out about customer service!
Otherwise, the touch controls seem to work well. It would've been nice if they gave a low brightness permanent backlight to the power-on control but that may just be my preference.
Overall, the HC90DCXB3 looks good, it's performance is mediocre but otherwise disappointing.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Do not buy this hood!!!

This hood has been dodgy from the start!! From the start the lights come on randomly and then don't go off and then sometimes don't switch on at all.

Currently they are on and we can't get them to switch off. Fisher and Paykel came 4 weeks ago and said it needs a new part. haven't hard anything since so called today to chase up and was told that the part is now in but they can't come and fix for another 3 weeks!! dreading our electricity bill!!

We've had the hood less than a year. Its really noisy too, I wouldn't recommend wasting your money. We are now considering just buying another brand and ditching Fisher and Paykel

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Poor Quality

Installed in a new house build and fan motor died within 5 years. It includes an 'easy clean plate' which causes air extraction to be poor. The Fisher & Paykel Rangehood looks great but it's really a lemon, I would not recommend this product. Fisher & Paykel customer service is terrible, they showed no empathy and had no intention to put things right.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Poor quality, worse customer service

I bought this machine 8 months ago to replace an exactly same range hood which we bought on 2012, dead after only 4 and half years.

A week ago, this machine stopped working, simply dead again. Called the customer service, took a week for a "technician" come to check. checking took 5 minutes, and kept asking me what's the problem ,then told me need to wait 10 days to replace control panel, if it is motor, need to get approval before it can be even replaced.

This range hood does do the job when it's working. however, its quality is simply unreliable.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Does not work - 820m3 is not correct

Installed in a new house build, been very disappointed in how this range hood works (it doesn't). Extraction is poor, touch controls work when they feel like. The range hood can't extract steam/oil well and is all over the cupboards, I even had the installer come back to check how it's ducted and this thing is dismal. It works the same as a $250 range hood. The extraction is far less and doesn't even open the outdoor louvered vent outside where it's connected to.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Difficulty with lights

Initially very happy but have had to change the lights twice in 4 months since installation Seems to be a design fault as vapourised oil gets sucked into the space between the globe and body Very awkward to change globes as have to remove 12 screws and a plate to get at them

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Excellent extraction, great lighting, run it on lev 1 power most of the time, so noise quite good

Had this extractor for c. 12 months, no problems and does what you'd hope.
We have the unit venting into the ceiling then out a chimney.
Low noise - on setting 1 and 2 - the noise is very reasonable (given we have open plan kitchen to living room).
Great extraction – NEVER see smoke or haze in the kitchen
Fantastic lights – really illuminate the cooktop well, though if I was greedy I’d prefer 3 to the 2.
Noise - on the 3rd power setting it gets pretty loud, but we only run that rarely, and for short bursts (e.g. a steak cooking.)
The “Clean Filter” light seems to come on incessantly. Given you just push the button to turn it off, not sure it adds value. Seemed to turn on about a week after we had it installed, and now every c. 2 weeks. Not sure if that is correct or not. We wash the filters at the bottom reasonably often, but I’m not sure how often is often enough.
Instructions are pretty sparse, but that seems to becoming standard these days
Mounting the unit to the wall seems to be a little light-on in terms of the amount of fixing points required, but it hasn’t fallen off the wall just yet.

Overall no real problems with this unit

Happy with purchase

We replaced a 20 year old range hood with the F&P HC90DCXB1 after listening to all the hoods at Harvey Norman. We have found it to be reasonably quiet and easy to clean. After a year I am just now replacing a light bulb which requires you to remove a big plate, which is super annoying. Other than that, I would purchase this unit again and can't fault it really.

too noisy and took a month to replace the faulty command buttons

died within a week, the push buttons were faulty, the part was in back up order, took a full month for repairman to replace...extremely disappointed.
bottom line: looks really cool but it's as noisy as a tractor...and pray it doesn't die on you as you would have to wait dearly for the part.

Very dissapointed - Looks great, sounds like a helicopter

This rangehood was part of my package. It was expensive but I liked the sleek look and my previous experience with F & P had been good - but this rangehood has been a noisy, useless lemon since day one. Very disappointed with the product and the customer service. Have attempted to resolve the issue for over twelve months and have been going around in circles. Top price does not equate to top product !!
Looks great
Everything - poor extraction, noisy, condensation drips back into your food your cooking

Poor quality

This machine looks stunning, sucking well, but it comes with a very poor quality. It suddenly dead totally after using only 2 months and need to replace parts. And the worse thing is that it took 2 weeks to replace the broken part in ACT and the customer serivce is very inefficient.
stunning look, relatively low noise, good on sucking
Poor quality, poor warranty service

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I have just had installed a Fisher & Paykel HC60PCHTX2 purchased from Harvey Norman Mt Gravatt Qld and my wife used it for the first time today whilst preparing dinner. An hour or so later she tried to turn it on again and there appeared no power to either the fan or to the attached lighting. I turned the switch off at the power point and then on again to hear a high pitched one second tone from the unit yet still the lights and fan would not work. I left the unit alone for around 30 minutes and behold, it works now. I'll have to see what transpires tomorrow and if there is a problem I will be one my way back to Harvey Norman for an exchange with an alternate brand I think. Murphy's law comes to play all too often in todays short used by times.

Questions & Answers

In Harvey Norman today I was told that the HC90DCXB3 was only newly released and yet many of the comments you have here are from 2014 & 2017 Is there a new release of this product?
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Hi my rangehood HC90DCXB1 crap it self so i price a new board very pricey so i look ed at the HC90DCXB3 and i can get it for a bit more than the board so would it be a straight fit and change over,are they the same? cheers wayne [number removed]
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Why is this such a crap product? I have replaced my lights with the recommend replacement LED product 3 X now and can't get them to stop flickering or prematurely failing ???? Please help! It just doesn't have sufficient draw to duct steam from egg's when they are boiling directly under the central vents when set on the maximum fan strength ???
3 answers
I have had only had this product less than a year within the first month I had to replace 2 of the exraction fliters the spring that holds it together is flimsy.. I have to be so careful and Fisher and Paykel refused to replace one of them But Harvey Norman steped in and gave me another.. I also find unless I have the fan ser on maximum strength lll (boost) when boiling water it will run down the flash back otherwise. . My lights a flickering a little also guess it may just be a matter of time before I will have to replace these.I will talk to F & P and if there is no resolve to their addressing this problem then I'll take it to mediation as is my right under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act (not fit for purpose).Yep, the same flickering here. It's caused by a crappy brightness control circuit. It's either a case of bad circuit design or using low quality components. You have to learn to live with it! :-( As an owner of a HC90DCXB3 extractor, I'm so disappointed with Fisher & Paykel who used to make quality products in the past.

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