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Fluid Momentum

Fluid Momentum

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Not happy

The rear tyre blow off the rim at 40psi ofcorse they tryed to say i over inflating it witch never happened, the gears were clunky and ruff, lost all conference in the bike now witch is a shame because its the first new bike I've owned . Thinking about replacing the tyres myself witch i shouldn't have to do.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

good triple purpose bike

Bought one 9 months ago after having many bikes over the years . its my main mode of transport in a large country town .
I fitted it with 2 rear panniers and a camera for great off road footage . with a 21 inch frame it took my 6 foot 3 height and all my gear any where I like to go .
Not one issue with bike or the great anaconda staff . I ordered another bike last week as this one just got stolen .always maintain your bike and keep it stored out of the weather and these bikes will last for years .

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Budget bike with extra features

We bought this bike about 2 years back for $400, and it is about the cheapest you could get a bike with disc brakes, 24 speed, and suspension forks. However quality of the finish is poor, with rust patches now beginning to show through the black painted parts, especially the handlebar, and some chrome parts rusting eg the quick release hubs. The spokes are also tarnishing. However remember the price.

The supplied seat is good, and gear shifts are OK, although some thumb force is needed to get right down to low low gear. The brakes are cable type, and work well with minimal squeal. The suspension front fork is the cheapest type Suntour make, but still has a lock-out, and seems effective to my uncritical self.

I have caused it to lose the chain off the sprockets a few times, but I think that was due to over-enthusiastic shifting. If you go at it deliberately it is OK.

I fitted thinner Maxxis tyres to it, 1.25" Detonators, and it goes very well on these for road use.

It is quite a suitable budget bike, with some bling, just don't expect too much.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Don't buy fluid bikes

Hello I purchased a Fluid Momentun womens bike. it has been ridden only short rides around 4 times & the drivetrain would click and slip. Returned to store & was serviced . A few more rides then same again . Returned to store & advised wrong cranks were fitted from factory causing poor alignment & causing drive chain wear. they have replaced cranks only - fork seals also Leak & wheel bearings noisy, with 6 rides & 12 months old. Quality of these bike vary however best to stay away from. I have now bought a Scott bike $200 more however quality is much much better.
The bike staff at Annaconda were excellent however the manager showed no interest - my strong advice is Buy a bike at a dedicated bike shop not Annaconda

Built for purpose. No drama's with it

Bought my Fluid MTB back in 2013 as I needed something to do the Peter Mac ride on. I live in the Yarra Valley area and don't like riding on the road so this was the best option for me. Anaconda people were great and still do the odd service on it from time to time. It's a heavy bike but durable. Haven't had any issues with it. RRP was $950 down to $550

Pros - Comes with good gear, great price and doesn't proclaim to be more than what it actually is
Cons - A bit on the heavy side.

Fluid Momentum 650

I have been doing my homework on bikes for a month, eventually buying a Felt QX85 @ $900, I am sure it's a nice bike but the seller assembled it wrong and the gears kept shifting, really annoyed me, luckily they had a 30day no questions asked full refund on return policy and I took it.
On my way home I went to Anaconda more out of courosity than intending to buy but I loved the Momentum 650 and it was massively reduced, from $749 down to $429, a steal almost, with helmet water cage and bottle and a fair $20 for assembly I actually rode the bike out of the shop happy to have forked out only $506.97.
Now I have only ridden it about 20kms so far but it's every bit it as impressive as the Felt and at half the price there can be no argument.
Anything I have ever purchased from Anaconda has been of the highest quality, be it camping gear, backpacks, cloths (North Face) etc , so I have every belief I have bought a good bike.

pretty good

i got the 2014 model and it was just an exelent bike. it could doanything that i faced it up to and road really smooth on the roads. the only downside i had was i changed the pedels over from the stoke to toe cade ( because i used it on the road more than off road at the time). asoon as i pulled out the stock ones and tried to put the others in they cross threaded within a day. all the thread that was holding them in came straight off. was not happy forking out another $100 for new crank arms. apart from that an exelent bike.

Poor quality bike

Really disappointed in this bike. I noticed after my first ride to work along the bitumen, that it had a slight buckle in the disc on the wheel used for braking, and when I took it back to Anaconda, they wouldn't fix it or replace it. In my opinion, save a few extra pennies, go to a reputable bike shop, and buy something decent. My bike is now pretty useless, so I have taken the front brake assembly off the bike altogether so I can at least use it. Poor service from Anaconda, wouldn't even call me back.
Good look to the bike.
Poor quality components compared to my roadbike.

mmm. I'm happy with my Fluid MTB. It's ride doesn't seem as plush as my Giant Talon 27.5.1 (or 2?) but there doesn't seem to be any major differences between them. Possibly Giant manufactures Fluid?Brad, Under Australian Consumer finance law , they HAVE TO fix it. Its just that many companies inform their staff to use the line that they cant do anything. This is actually illegal. Call Anaconda, and state that you will pursue this matter under ACF law, and see their reaction. im sure they will help you then, Rick

Awesome bike fast, durable!

I got this bike for my birthday and love it going in a triathlon soon can't wait too use it properly has not let
Me down with performance has disk brakes and has a durable body built well I would recommend this bike to competition rider and general riders has good Tyers and is an awesome bike!
Fast,durable,good value, love it

Awesome Bike

We purchased 2 of these bikes the female and male style they are both really well built, our experience with Anaconda staff was fantastic they are very helpful and we got an awesome deal on these 2 bikes. i highly recommend Anaconda and their Fluid bike range.
Value for Money, Reliable, Great Service, Awesome bike

Questions & Answers

Hi there, have a Fluid Method just wondering if i can adjust front suspension, clunks everytime i pull up on the handle bars,getting front wheel off the ground etc etc.
No answers

What is the reason for discontinued Fluid Momentum?
2 answers
Hi Sara Just a normal marketing ploy . Most manufacturers regularly release new models to attract new customers or for old clients looking for that new experience . Its also important to keep up with modern designs and technologies and market trends . You can still get fluid momentum cycles online from Anaconda ( womens only) . Hope this helps CliffI just bought the mens one is store, both are available


Fluid Momentum
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