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Forelife! Extra One-Step

Forelife! Extra One-Step

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Very strong false positive

Used the new forelife early pregnancy test purchased from Coles and got a very strong false positive. The test line was pink and pretty dark. Followed up by testing next 2 days which were both negative. Very unhappy with this product.

fales negatives 3 times

I tested day of missed period and Evey 2 days for a week all negative but I felt like I was pregnant so went to doctors for blood test week later and I'm pregnant (thank you Jesus ) I will never buy this again lucky I red previous reviews and went to doctors


You get what you pay for! I used all three tests every few days (after 10 days after ovulation) before my period was due and all came up negative when I was actually pregnant. I did another test (First Signs) and that even showed a faint positive at around 11 Days past ovulation but nothing with those. I would not recommend them because when you can feel pregnancy symptoms and use very sensitive tests like these, when they show nothing it is very upsetting. You don't need the stress!
They are unreliable


This brand of pregnancy test caused me anxiety and stress I will not use or recommend this brand to anybody. They don't do what they are suppose to.

I tested with these strips on 11dpo,12dpo and 13dpo (with first morning urine) with negative results. I used Crystal Clear on 10dpo afternoon urine with a positive and then again on 11dpo 12dpo and 13dpo all positive and then a blood test at 14 dpo with a positive result (Hcg 85).What I did not like is these so called strips pick up 10mIU of Hcg which was not happening in my case.


I bought a heap of cheap pregnancy tests online, but after doing three positive ones, I decided that just in case I should get a 'real' one from the shops and this is what I bought. The cup is a little hard to pee into without peeing on yourself, but not too bad, and the test itself is simple to use. You can get a one or a three pack, which is convenient if you want to do multiple tests like me just to be sure!
Cheap in comparison to some of the other tests, easy to use
Having to pee in a cup


I was disappointed with these. You need a pregnancy test that shows a strong positive line, not one that has you wondering if it is a line, or not. That's what these do if used in early pregnancy. I wouldn't waste my money on these ones ever again.
Doesn't really show strong positives in early pregnancy...


This test is really good value. It’s cup collection method is not as convenient as some other brands but they do provide a fresh cup for each test you buy so you’re not reusing the one.
All in all I would buy this product again.
This test is really cost effective! I got mine in a three pack at less than $9. It is in a small pack so it is quite discrete. I like that they come in a three pack option (as positive or negative I tend to want to test again the next day lol).
One key reason that I bought this test over another is that the other one I was looking at advertised the method on the pack showing it was a pee in a cup test. I had only ever done the pee on a stick ones and I didn’t want the mess of the cup. I felt it was a bit deceptive to no show it on the outside of the pack.

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I lost my instruction, what does 1 line mean?
1 answer
It means negatuve

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