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Forelife! Ultra-Sensitive Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

Forelife! Ultra-Sensitive Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

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Apparently didn’t ovulate

I have used this product for a few months and not once have I seen a positive result that I was ovulating. I decided to purchase this product because it was cheaper but I regret my purchase. I wish I stuck with another brand that worked in the past. A

Fiddle difficult to understand product

This is an Overly complicated product to use. The Tiny test stick so very easy to stuff up test and only 1 in box. Don't recommend at all as test kit from for anyone to use unless you have a lot of patience! Price point was cheap compared to others.

Waste of money

This is a horrible product and a definite waste of money. It is an attractive product due to the price but you get false positives and results that are very hard to decipher and once you do they are incorrect anyway! Stick to a better brand like Clear Blue Digital, more expensive but at least it's a reliable product!

False positives

Waste of money

First box I bought the control line strips were put in the wrong way? meaning I had 1 vertical line and 1 horizontal line in the windows, very strange and difficult to read. A few months later I thought I'd give them another go, also testing with a Clear Blue Digital ovulation test. Both said positive on CD 12 which is spot on but since then CB Digi has been negative and Forelife still says positive... it's CD 17 now and obvious from other signs that I ovulated days ago. Useless!
Cheap price
Doesn't actually work

Didnt get a clear positive or negative!

I had a dark line on CD10 on a 26 day cycle but was very thin and didnt match the width of the control line all my ovulation tests are darker on one side of the test line and lighter on the other, wont be using them again i would rather spend money on accurate tests.

no accurate result

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