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Foxtel iQ3

Foxtel iQ3

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Absolutely Appalling Service. Actually NO Service Whatsoever

The box keeps erasing recorded shows. A technician informed me many of the IQ3 boxes are faulty and need to be replaced with IQ4. Can only speak to an overseas call centre who always say they will get back to you within 24 hours but never do. I’m still waiting many weeks later! If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they just hang up on you because they don’t want any complaints about them. After ringing numerous times, I sent an email, but of course received no reply. Presumably it’s illegal to refuse to fix faulty products, but Foxtel don’t seem to care.

Purchased in March 2018.

Modesty prevents profanity - F@#$'n trash!

We were persuaded to upgrade to IQ3 from IQ2. We get Foxtel through Telstra - big mistake! - so you can just see we're going to get reamed by both "reputable" service providers. Where do I start? It's the second IQ3 box - none have the ability to retain the internet connection despite every device in our household operating just fine, and if you get connected, the download times can vary from reasonable to getting ready to see your unborn grandchildren getting ready for marriage! Seriously, they charge hard for these devices which are not fit for purpose. You've been warned!

Purchased in September 2018.

Foxtel iq3 is Crap

I wish we still had our old foxtel box. The new iq3 is absolute rubbish. We have nothing but problems weith it since the day we got it. It randomly turns itself off and then we have to spend excessive time waiting for the phillipino customer support. When we finally get to talk to somebody we are taken through a long process of check this check that until they finally do a reboot. We have had enough! Shame Foxtel Shame

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Foxtel iQ3 - what a nightmare!

The Bluetooth option is abysmal. It rarely pairs, and when successful takes so long so carry out the potion you’ve selected that you need to start back at the main screen as the programme freezes.

Repeat after repeat after repeat. I feel like I’ve had the same programme option on Foxtel for the last 5 years.
Even the movie channels offer little variety and repeat for months on end.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Terrible compared to IQ2

If i had of known the IQ3 was going to be so bad and riddled with operating faults there is no way i would have upgraded and i use the term upgraded very very loosely. Would not record full programs as scheduled in the library, Click on a program to delete and another program title will pop up to be deleted. Screen blacks out at will. Bluetooth remote lags anything up to 5 seconds after a command prompt ( Foxtel tell you this is within its parameters of being in serviceable condition ). Think about typing a text on your phone and waiting 5 seconds a letter to appear. If you ring Foxtel with issues like these like i did i got told these are not a common occurrence however there own community forums and reviews on here suggest otherwise. I was a very happy IQ2 customer but a very disappointed IQ3 customer. And yes my IQ3 box is a new model with the latest version. Oh and if upgrading ( there is that very very loose term again ) be sure to keep your old IQ2 remote to operate the IQ3 box.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

I gave this 1 star = terrible, not because it is terrible but that is the lowest rating I can give.

This has to be the worst system ever in the history of man. The response time between remote and fox box is, at best, slow. I have to reset the system at least once a week, something I never had had to do with my previous boxes. And it has a mind of its own. Today I picked up my tv remote (not linked in any way with the fox remote) and the tv guide came up on the screen. When I fast forward a recorded programme it is a toss up as to whether, when I press play, the fast forward ceases. One time the fast forward went through to the end of the programme before I could stop it, no matter how much I pushed the play button and every other button. Some programmes, whilst series linked, will only link for a few episodes and I will find I have missed one or more eps because the link "dropped out". Tonight I wasn't able to use the programme menu because it had frozen. There was no action that worked so a reboot was done. A couple of hours later the programme I was watching froze. Nothing I could do would make the programme resume. Suddenly, the box itself decided it was necessary for a reboot. Previous boxes occasionally had problems, but this one works like it was created by a 1 year old. One point in its favour is that I can record 3 programmes at once and watch a fourth, but regarding programming conflicts, I was able to sort it out. If I knew this box was so bad I would have gone to Netflix, but I am in now and stuck with it. I would consider upgrading to the IQ4, but I think the only benefit would be in the picture quality, something I wouldn't get unless I upgraded my tv. I doubt Foxtel have any interest in fixing the massive flaws in the IQ3 because when I have called them regarding my problems, they have basically claimed it was my fault. If you are considering upgrading to the IQ3 don't. Save yourself the stress and read a good book.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

A clunky piece of rubbish!

I had the IQ2 when, sadly, the remote "died" so paid $150 to upgrade? to the IQ3, which included a new remote. Wish I hadn't because IQ2 is much better. IQ3 is just plain clunky and slow, recordings don't always work, the Library (previously known as Planner - what was wrong with that?) is cumbersome. Foxtel : please fix the problems listed on this review page asap, at no cost to your customers.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Overcharging by Foxtel do not pay more than $89/month

I was with Foxtel for 18 years, I was paying $139/month, I threatened to leave, they offered same supply for $119, said I would consider, decided to cancel month later they reduced fee by another $20 to $89/month. Still cancelled and walked away. Extremely happy with Netflix at $14 per month

Date PurchasedDec 2001

Poor technology with terrible support

I had the misfortune to take up Foxtel’s offering IQ3 - there were a number of significant issues:
1) the free to air channels reception was poor at best with many missing channels
2) the usability & speed of the remote was terrible - this product should never be allowed on the market
3) the arrogance & rudeness of the Foxtel staff is outstanding- they must do courses on how to be provide poor service.
4) the voice recognition phone system used by Foxtel just does not work right.

Overall Foxtel are just atrocious!

I’m now with Fetch TV & very happy.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Rubbish & terrible service

We already had an IQ3 that connected to a Telstra modem intermittently, so after too many attempts at trying to convey my problem to Foxtel, they said it was faulty so got another IQ3 - exactly the same problem, they insisted it was our modem, yet iPad, computer and tv all connect to the modem. Very frustrating trying to communicate with Foxtel, I rang to tell them I am cancelling, their answer was “so you’d like to upgrade” I felt I was talking in Pig Latin as they either don’t understand me or don’t listen. My solution is cancelling and not having to waste endless hours getting nowhere.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Frustrating navigation

The box itself works fine but a few issues with the total system. Mainly navigating around with the remote is a pain. Such as when you select a show you want to check out, then decide no and try to go back to the channel menu, it flicks you back to the start of the menu rather than picking up where you left off - and it is a long menu. Also doesn't seem to know/adjust record time when programs run late, so often you get half of your recording being the show that ran late. Other issues are with Foxtel's package/price structuring rather than the IQ3 box.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Foxtel disgraceful

For 2 years now... TV reception for free to air great As soon as we connect through Foxtel IQ 3 reception terrible Spent hundreds of dollars upgrading antenna and cables, numerous calls to Foxtel Will work okay from 1 hour up to 1 day then back to dreadful Foxtel staff disgracefully arrogant Where is the investigation into this and where is my refund for non provision of service?
Sadly, I just want a reception that actually works!!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Foxtel service ?

I have an iq3 after iq2 broke down 18 months ago, I find now it takes 15 mins. To come on of a morning and when trying to record overnight it comes up with the message ...failed to record.... I contacted Foxtel and waited 30 mins. on phone and then spoke to a lady who was very hard to understand as I only talk English, she indicated that all was ok with my iq3, so I still have the problem and no joy, now the charge per month is going up. ( great service ???)

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Not quite entertaining..!!

Swapped my iQ2 for the iQ3 after being persuaded to by a sales person....it's almost like having taken a few steps back. The box functions terribly, sluggish to respond, kills the broadband, has limited options on movies, tv shows, etc... I could go on....It's merely old sheep in new clothing but poorly done! All this whilst paying a 'ransom'.
Some of the TV shows for viewing are only partly available...e.g. Bates Motel is missing several of the earlier seasons and a handful of the new season episodes....
Time to get rid of this archaic service...!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

iQ3 is Slow As Wet Week

Got this a few months ago. Thought I'd give it a good run before reviewing it.
Firstly it is a bit of a nightmare to navigate because you can't default to the favourites screen on starting. You have to press a button to bring it up.
That's OK no big deal but then you press the button and nothing. You wait about 20 secs for the remote to sync up.This is not great if you want to get straight into the footy.

Secondly I got the firmware update and this error keeps popping up intermittently. Can't get rid of it.

iQ2 was zippier to navigate with. They say iQ4 is too but at $125 upgrade they can kiss my asperger

Recently I've just plugged my computer into my tv and have been using the Foxtel Go because it's so much quicker and is in HD anyway.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Worst Foxtel Box we have ever had.

Terrible Foxtel Box. We have to connect to WiFi every time we turn TV back on Wont change channels easily Most of the time it tells us that the channel we changed to is not available at present. Thats crap. Sometimes wont record programs. TV remote will not work from a distance as reported it does not have to point at the TV. Crap again. Foxtel this is the worst box ever. You should be ashamed!!!!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

How Could Foxtel Get This So Wrong?

Our last box died, and we were told we could upgrade to iQ3 at no extra cost. What a terrible decision by me to accept this new box. The navigation is dreadful & confusing (4 buttons/selections needed to simply delete a recorded program); and the 'Recorded' programs menu is way too hard to understand? It's impossible to see whether a program is accurately 'series-linked' or '30-minute extended' or not, and when you watch a recorded program it still shows the previous episodes in your list? Even after you've deleted them? Wow, I wish I could go back to my old box, which I think was called 'iQHD'. If you are thinking of switching to iQ3 - DON'T!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Foxtel IQ3

Foxtel IQ3
We can’t get free to air tv any more with the new iq3 box. They say our MER readings are too low. We’ve only had it a week and the readings when the technician came said they were okay. How can they change in a week?
He said get a new TV antenna or face the one you have in a different direction.
We called a TV technician and paid him big money, and he said our DBM readings were between 55 - 60 and were perfect for free to air tv.
We are currently running 5 TVs and they are perfect.
Foxtel are still telling me it’s my reception?............the box must be a heap of rubbish.? Our my star box was great..........

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Most expensive piece of trash

If you look uo the definintion of glitch you will see a picture of the IQ3. Barely works or for streaming and still makes you pay even more to veiw movies that are not even new release. Foxtel used to be good with the iq2, the person who created iq3 should be deported.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

The person who designed the iQ3 should be sectioned

I still have my Foxtel iQ2 and love how it works and the so easy navigation.My partner got sucked into a iQ3 from a iQ2. The navigation sucks and she is now going to cancel Foxtel because when she come to my place and sees how easy it is she gets annoyed. I tried to use the iQ3 at hers and I cant..The person or people responsible for dishing the iQ3 up should be sacked and Sectioned so they cant do it or anything again.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

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Questions & Answers

i updated my Foxtel box but, how do I dispose of my old MyStar box? As Foxtel don't want it to be returned to them.
No answers

Is there a way to get rid of the graphic overlay when picture is paused? If not, then add my voice to the litany of people who think IQ3 is about the worst piece of electronics ever made. If you pause a show, perhaps you want to look closely at something or read something on the screen. The bloody idiots have a semi transparent graphic covering a third of the screen. How effing stupid is that? My IQ3 has a mind of its own, when it comes to menus and navigation. It truly is awful.
3 answers
I just pause it then press the back button to remove the pause graphics. Do you have the problem where u press info on a show and sometimes it shows you info for a completely different show?The pause overlay on my IQ3 shows a minimal banner which does not interfere with the bulk of the screen. Have no problems with navigation.When paused on the IQ3 just press back once and it will disappear, same with when you are fast forwarding you can press back and it will hide it

Is iQ3 box compatible with Foxtel satellite?
3 answers
Hi, yes we are on Satelite, with no issues at all :)I moved to satellite on installation of the IQ3. Works well.Thank you so much for your replies. :)


Price (RRP)$125
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi and Ethernet
USB Ports2
Internal Storage1TB
Replaced byFoxtel iQ4

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