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I ordered a wiggles jumping castle for my sons 2nd birthday as it was a wiggles theme. Paid my bond a month before, everything was all booked. ) days before the party I got an email saying the castle I wanted was no longer available however they had a plain one I could have at additional cost. This didn’t suit our theme, so I told them I only wanted the wiggles one. They couldn’t do it and offered a refund of my bond.. it’s now been 10 days and I’m still waiting, can’t get hold of a manager or anyone higher than a sales rep. Save ur self the headache and hire through ash’s jumping castles. Cheaper, friendlier and u can have it for longer

Happy Customer

We used Funtime Party Hire for a jumping castle for my son's 5th Birthday party. I found them easy to deal with, flexible when I needed to make a date change and the delivery and pickup of the castle on the party day was exactly as I hoped. The kids had a great time and the castle was safe and clean. I would definitely use them again.


I ordered a jumping castle for my daughters 1st birthday. The company called me twice to advise me that they were going to drop the jumping castle off at 930am. As we were having her party in a hall we obviously had to be there so the hall was open, this was no problem as we would be setting up anyways. At 10am the driver calls me to tell me he will be 10 mins away he is running late. 1030 no sign of him 1045 still nothing so I call to ask where he is. He says he is 5 minutes away. He arrives at 11.15 and myself and my husband have been waiting there when we had other things to do. To make matters worse he storms into the hall telling us where does the castle need to go, you need to move this table move that out the way! Very rudely!!!! no please nothing!!! we left it and just did what he said. He then comes in and says you need to give me my money and sign here before I bring the jumping castle in. My husband then extremely angry said to him no mate you need to bring the castle in and put it up so we can see it is working. He refused so my husband told him to leave! Worst customer service!!!!!!! we then had to get another jumping castle from a different place after waiting 2 hours and rude customer service! it seems like a trend with this place. Fast forward a week Im still waiting for someone to call me back and for this company to give me my bond money back!!!!! absolute joke that we didnt even use the castle yet they havent bothered to give me my money back!!!! the least they could do considering they are out there making people's events an absolute disaster!!!! if you want to keep customers learn how to treat them properly and make their day go smoothly!!!!! otherwise no one will bother coming back to you!!!

Stay well clear! You have been warned.

If it was possible to give less then 1 star I would. We had 2 parties booked. One week apart. They phoned me on the Wednesday before the first party, which was a engagement party, to tell me they could not fulfill the order of 8 wine barrels. They could only provide us with 5. Nothing could be done about this, apparently it was out of their control. So me and my fiancée went out and purchased more tables last minute. At what would obviously be a inflated cost when compared to the barrel hire fees. The “contract” we had was cancelled and my fiancée and I didn’t make a fuss. Just wore the new cost for purchasing 8 barrels and tables outright.

Following the engagement, we began planning for the 21st the week after. As we continued planning, we realised we didn’t need the follow up order of barrels, as we had just purchased tables to get us through. We decided to call the company, and cancel the upcoming order, assuming they would be understanding given the situation they put us in. However we were told we had to pay cancellation fees, full delivery and the general hire cost all up front for cancelling. We wouldn’t have been cancelling in the first place if they didn’t force our hand, and force us to purchase tables to get us through the engagement.

This company is being completely unfair to us. Demanding all these payments from us, when they originally couldn’t deliver the wine barrels in the first place, and despite that, my fiancée and I where completely understanding of the situation the company was in, yet they can’t return such understanding.

Poorly managed, money hungry company. Stay away!

Great jumping castle - too easy. Will hire again

Hired a jumping castle for my daughter's second birthday. Got one suitable for adults as I knew they wouldn't be able to restrain themselves. Jumping castle came on time, super easy set up / set down. Was perfect entertainment for the party. Would definitely hire from these guys again.

Great Jumping Castle!

Great price and LOL jumping castle castle was clean and delivered well in advance. Easy to book, set up and pack down was easy and fuss free. Good communication and no issues at all.

Thanks again

Great service

We have hired jumping castles & the bubble machines - great hit with the kids!! This is the second time we have hired through FunTime Party Hire and will continue using them for all our upcoming events. Great Service & prices, always reliable and a friendly team.

Great service & affordable prices!

Hired the LOL Mega jumping castle, was very affordable pricing compared to other company’s. They delivered and set up 3 hours before the party. (Some grass through castle left from last customer). But nothing major, kids had a ball and would definitely use this service again!

Machine worked well, but dirty

Hired an ice cream machine for my daughters first birthday, machine got delivered by the delivery man. On the way inside delivery man scratched wall. Once placed on the bench the machine was completely dirty. I had the wipe over the machine before use. The bowl, whisk and measuring cup was all dirty. I called the company instantly. The lady on the phone said she would pass it on but as it was a Sunday nothing could be done. I’ve tried calling 3 more times and still have not received a call back. Very disappointed.

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Still haven’t received a phone call back. It’s not hard to take care of your customers. I paid $328 for a couple of hours for this machine. And that’s the product I got.

Would definitely use FunTime Party Hire again!

Ordered the Medium "Mona" Castle for 1st Birthday. Team at FunTime was helpful during the booking process and castle arrived on time, was clean and well maintained. Delivery driver Ken was very professional and pleasant and made sure the castle was secure and operational. The castle was then collected at the designated time without any issue. Have no complaints at all. Very surprised to see negative comments as this was not our experience.

Worst customer service, do not hire from this company!

I hired a jumping castle, tables and chairs for a party. Everything arrived dirty, I ended up cleaning it myself before the party, the delivery driver was also over 4 hours late when picking up the items. However my main issue with this company, is that they refunded my bond to another customer with similar bank details. They admitted in writing to me that they did this and still are refusing to refund my bond to me, even though it is their mistake they sent the refund to the wrong customer. It is impossible to be put through to the manager or boss of the company and the sale representatives that you do speak to are unprofessional and very rude. It amazes me that a company of this size wouldn't just rectify their mistake (especially after admitting to it!), they would prefer to receive a bad review which could possibly cost them future business and ultimately more than what it would've cost them to refund my bond back to me.

If I could give them zero stars I would

In February my husband had his 40th Birthday party!
A lot of hard work and planning went into this night considering we’d just had another baby we made sure to organize things well ahead of time!
1st thing I booked was from Funtime party hire on the 21st of December
The adult standard package for $365
This package included a jukebox machine and a slushy machine
We mainly wanted the jukebox but the package sounded like it would make the party just that bit more fun!
Funtime also require a $100 bond which I will get to soon.
On Friday 22nd of February at 5pm whilst setting everything up for our big party the following day I decided to have a quick look at my emails.
Thank god I looked!
I had an updated invoice for a slushy machine for $206
And an email saying that the juke box had been damaged and they could no longer supply it.
Party ruined.
I rang them immediately
Nothing could be done to help us.
So I told them that I did not want the slushy machine as I mainly wanted the jukebox!
They said that’s fine and they would refund my bond straight away as this was their fault.
2 weeks ago I realized hey I still haven’t received my bond so I emailed them and they asked for the last 4 digits of my card in order to process it.
Would have been nice to know that when they ruined my party, anyway I sent the details a week went by and nothing.
My husband called and called spoke to a number of different call center staff whom do not work for Funtime at this point we realized these people are scammers. If only we had read the reviews.
They have now said that because I cancelled the slushy machine I do not get my bond back as per their terms and conditions.
Unfortunately for them they have nothing in their terms and conditions about this that I can see.
Also I did not order a slushy machine
I ordered an adult package!
So they cancelled my order and took it upon themselves to create a new order instead of calling me to discuss it!
They were able to call and confirm the booking on the Thursday so it is ridiculous that they did not call when they could not supply what we ordered.
The only saving grace here is that I like to lay for things up front
Funtime only accept cash on delivery
So they could have scammed me $465 instead of $100.
The $100 that they refuse to give back to me doesn’t really bother me
It’s the principle of the matter.
This business clearly thrives on the bond process.
When a business Facebook page has no review section you know they’re dodgy when you read their 5 star reviews on here you can see that they are fake
The 1 star reviews that go in depth with the horrendous service that Funtime party hire offers should be enough to deter people from using this company.
So please do not use this company!

the worst customer service

I ordered a couple of items, followed provided instructions and the chocolate fountain did not work. So dissapointing - we had 40 guests and no dessert.
Returned the chocolate, the gross oil that they gave us to dilute the chocolate and the fountain machine and requested a refund.
Since then FUNTIME claim it is not their liability, it was user error and they will not refund.
I would not recommend them or deal with them again.

Beware!!!!! Never hire from these people!!!! If I could could give 0 stars I would!!! Unprofessional, rude robots

I hired a castle for my daughters 3rd birthday party for the 2nd March and it was scheduled to arrive at 11am as the party started at 1pm. At 12:30 i started calling Funtime to find out where the castle was. I spoke with [name removed] who advised she would check and call me straight back. I called baCk again at 12:45 as i had not yet received a call back. I was on the phone with [name removed] for 20 minutes trying to find out where the jumping castle was. [name removed] advised me it would be at my home in 15 minutes.. 30 minutes later the driver arrived with the jumping castle, my guests had already arrived. The drivers phone kept ringing, and while setting up the castle in front of 3 and 4 year olds, was swearing and carrying on.. Once completed he advised me he would be back at 6:30pm to pick up the castle and reminded me i could not turn it off.
At 8:30pm i called Funtime and went through to a call back service as they were not open and there was no way of contacting anyone in regards to the fact the castle had STILL not yet been picked up. At 9:45pm the driver arrived to pick up the jumping castle. I received no apology for the late attendance and my neghbours put in a complaint to my real estate in regards to how loud the jumping castle was and the carry on from the driver at 10pm at night.
Today i phoned Funtime and spoke with [name removed], and what an experience that was. The customer service was horrible and when i advised her i could not hear her and asked what she was doing as i could hear her shuffling around, she replied with"i am working, i am a very busy person" Oh i'm sorry, i didn't realise me being a customer calling was preventing your staff from doing their job. i then sat on the phone for about 2 minutes saying hello and i could hear [name removed] doing something else in the back round until eventually she hung up on me.
I then called back and spoke with [name removed] asking her to speak with a manager, Surprise, Surprise there was no manager available to speak with.
I am still waiting on my bond to be returned, and still waiting on a call back from a manager 4 days later!
This has been the worst experience!!! I would never hire from you again!

Best Day Ever

I ordered a juke box, pizza cooker, photo booth, tables and chairs, the delivery staff were outstanding and very professional! I'll only ever use Funtime party hire now for all my party needs, the equipment was high quality at a reasonable price and all my guests absolutely loved they party. 11/10 service :)

Friendly and professional service

You really get what you pay for and Funtime Party hire provided a top quality jumping castle and equipment for my sons first birthday. Communication was great, my sales rep was Rishel and she was so understanding and the delivery guy was so nice and funny.
Thanks for making our day so great.

Worth of money

Best service I have got for my money. We got the delivery at the correct time & they set up it nicely. Thank you Funtime party for the best product & service.

Worst experience stay away!

We booked a jumping castle with Funtime party hire for my daughters birthday.

However, 4 days out from the date of the party I received an email stating that the jumping castle we had reserved for hire had been damaged by another client. So it was being sent off for repairs. Because of this they would be refunding our deposit and cancelling our hire.
Now you can understand my stress. So I called to see if they could offer another jumping castle for the day.
We came to an agreement and a different jumping castle was sent.
The driver was 45mins late. The jumping castle was being set up whilst our guests were already there.
Our hire was for 4hrs but this wasn’t the case. The driver arrived 3hrs later and asked our guests to exit the jumping castle as he had other clients to attend to and didn’t wish to be late.
I would never trust this company with hire for an event again.
Poor service and little regard for the customer. Overall very disappointing experience.

Now We can Enjoy At any place at any time agian.

My generator was damaged and didn't worked so i hired a portable generator ,it was in good condition ,our celebration was at night and this generator helped us to light the venue and i will give four stars because they bought it half hour late .

My Children loved it!

We hired the jumping castle on my daughter's birthday, it took very little time to setup and my daughter and her friends loved it so much, I am glad it went well ,i recommend hiring them.

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