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the worst customer service

I ordered a couple of items, followed provided instructions and the chocolate fountain did not work. So dissapointing - we had 40 guests and no dessert.
Returned the chocolate, the gross oil that they gave us to dilute the chocolate and the fountain machine and requested a refund.
Since then FUNTIME claim it is not their liability, it was user error and they will not refund.
I would not recommend them or deal with them again.

Beware!!!!! Never hire from these people!!!! If I could could give 0 stars I would!!! Unprofessional, rude robots

I hired a castle for my daughters 3rd birthday party for the 2nd March and it was scheduled to arrive at 11am as the party started at 1pm. At 12:30 i started calling Funtime to find out where the castle was. I spoke with [name removed] who advised she would check and call me straight back. I called baCk again at 12:45 as i had not yet received a call back. I was on the phone with [name removed] for 20 minutes trying to find out where the jumping castle was. [name removed] advised me it would be at my home in 15 minutes.. 30 minutes later the driver arrived with the jumping castle, my guests had already arrived. The drivers phone kept ringing, and while setting up the castle in front of 3 and 4 year olds, was swearing and carrying on.. Once completed he advised me he would be back at 6:30pm to pick up the castle and reminded me i could not turn it off.
At 8:30pm i called Funtime and went through to a call back service as they were not open and there was no way of contacting anyone in regards to the fact the castle had STILL not yet been picked up. At 9:45pm the driver arrived to pick up the jumping castle. I received no apology for the late attendance and my neghbours put in a complaint to my real estate in regards to how loud the jumping castle was and the carry on from the driver at 10pm at night.
Today i phoned Funtime and spoke with [name removed], and what an experience that was. The customer service was horrible and when i advised her i could not hear her and asked what she was doing as i could hear her shuffling around, she replied with"i am working, i am a very busy person" Oh i'm sorry, i didn't realise me being a customer calling was preventing your staff from doing their job. i then sat on the phone for about 2 minutes saying hello and i could hear [name removed] doing something else in the back round until eventually she hung up on me.
I then called back and spoke with [name removed] asking her to speak with a manager, Surprise, Surprise there was no manager available to speak with.
I am still waiting on my bond to be returned, and still waiting on a call back from a manager 4 days later!
This has been the worst experience!!! I would never hire from you again!

Best Day Ever

I ordered a juke box, pizza cooker, photo booth, tables and chairs, the delivery staff were outstanding and very professional! I'll only ever use Funtime party hire now for all my party needs, the equipment was high quality at a reasonable price and all my guests absolutely loved they party. 11/10 service :)

Friendly and professional service

You really get what you pay for and Funtime Party hire provided a top quality jumping castle and equipment for my sons first birthday. Communication was great, my sales rep was Rishel and she was so understanding and the delivery guy was so nice and funny.
Thanks for making our day so great.

Worth of money

Best service I have got for my money. We got the delivery at the correct time & they set up it nicely. Thank you Funtime party for the best product & service.

Worst experience stay away!

We booked a jumping castle with Funtime party hire for my daughters birthday.

However, 4 days out from the date of the party I received an email stating that the jumping castle we had reserved for hire had been damaged by another client. So it was being sent off for repairs. Because of this they would be refunding our deposit and cancelling our hire.
Now you can understand my stress. So I called to see if they could offer another jumping castle for the day.
We came to an agreement and a different jumping castle was sent.
The driver was 45mins late. The jumping castle was being set up whilst our guests were already there.
Our hire was for 4hrs but this wasn’t the case. The driver arrived 3hrs later and asked our guests to exit the jumping castle as he had other clients to attend to and didn’t wish to be late.
I would never trust this company with hire for an event again.
Poor service and little regard for the customer. Overall very disappointing experience.

Now We can Enjoy At any place at any time agian.

My generator was damaged and didn't worked so i hired a portable generator ,it was in good condition ,our celebration was at night and this generator helped us to light the venue and i will give four stars because they bought it half hour late .

Great Staff and Customer Service

Hire small jumping castle for my baby's first birthday. It's brilliant and the experience with them is great. Representatives are nice and delivery staff are early, they also keep you on the loop with their delivery so you would know what's going on,

My Children loved it!

We hired the jumping castle on my daughter's birthday, it took very little time to setup and my daughter and her friends loved it so much, I am glad it went well ,i recommend hiring them.

i am glad it worked well, Nice Experience Guys. Hire if you want to cook a lot of hot dogs

We made tons of food but wanted to have something that would be fun and different. We rented it. My guests loved it. Had cooked a lot of hot dogs. Can't wait for more opportunities to use it.

Great company, Great Experience

I recently ordered the large water slide jumping castle, slushy machine and tables and chairs, I was impressed with the professionalism of the company and the delivery person, they arrived an hour early which was great and picked it up the next day which was awesome because we were able to use it all longer

Do not hire from this company!!!!

On January 26th we had hire the large combo Micky Mouse jumping castle to be delivered to our property at 10am and removed after 5pm - 7 hour hire service. Here is a breakdown of what went terribly wrong.
1. Delivery man was late. I was told he would arrive between 9:40am and 10am. I gave the benefit of the doubt and waiting 15 minutes and still nothing. I rang the office and they said the driver was caught behind with the last customer and that is okay. He arrived at 10:45am left at 11am. $20 removed from total price so that was fine. Still the driver was late and no one seemed to care.
2. Once it was set up, I found a dirty bandaid, dirt, rocks and grass inside. It was NEVER CLEANED! I rang up to tell them and they stated it was clean and that's that. I have photos and im telling you now it was not clean. I requested it to be removed and have a refund.
3. I was told that someone would come out A.S.A.P to remove it and I wouldn't get a refund! I argued and stated i wouldn't return the item if I got no refund.
4. They rang the police and told them I stole the item even though It was still in my lease time frame 10am - 5pm. I agreed to have it collected and collect A.S.A.P
5. There is no manager on call? The call centre didnt have the managers phone number which sounds completely stupid.... how can you run a business without having your bosses phone number? Just stupid.
6. Told I would have to wait until monday the 28th before someone could decide if i can get a refund by a manager. Apparently they tried calling me but i have no record of a missed call or voicemail message.
I admit I spoke to the lady on the other end of the phone rudely, but she just wasn't listening and wasn't making any effort to resolve the conflict.

Very unprofessional and would not recommend at all. I've read the reviews of other people and it seems like a lot of people have a problem with cleanliness of hired equipment. If the owner reads this.... get your business in order and stop disappointing so many people.


I hired 3 machines during xmas and they were dirty could not use one....I have been trying to call and leave messages 7times requesting my bond back which I have not received and no one has called back.... Its ok I will now handle it myself...They have messed with a wrong customer........ People dont ever and I mean ever hire from them....Thankyou

Thank you for your review Gloria Lahood, we have already emailed in regards to this. You had made contact with our office over the Christmas break and we had replied once we had got back to the office. We delivered the machines & didn't hear anything from you about the dirty machines, you had contacted us to provide a cord for the fairy floss machine in which our staff delivered that to you very promptly again we weren't told about any dirty machines. On pick up the machines were not cleaned as we had instructed you and they were left dirty. When this happens our warehouse staff need to clean them and a cost is associated with that and you were informed about that.I cleaned all the machines thankyou...and your driver was told about the fairyfloss machine as being dirty and didn't work which the driver contacted the office and told them... you guys make up sooo much excuses and always think you can get away with it with your comments.......your company is soooooo shifty its unbelievable....

Do not hire from funtime party hire

Dear potential customers of Funtime Pay Hire - Don't ever hire from this company! They delivered a slushy machine 1 hour and 10 mins late and then told us it would take 2 hours to freeze. I called them 3 times to find out where the driver was and no one returned my call. They also delivered it without lids which meant the liquid kept evaporating and couldn't get cold enough to freeze. We kept trying to make it work from 9.10am until 1 pm and at no point did the entire syrup freeze. I have video proof but can't post it here. They also picked up 45 minutes late despite the fact I explained there would be no one at the property after 1pm. I left a message on their sms service with the video asking for a manager to call me on Monday - they replied saying they would let the manager know. By 1pm on Monday still no call. Of course when I called they said no refund is possible because some of the syrup and all the cups had been used. Well Yes! The over 100 children were drinking the syrup instead of the frozen slushy and we were able to use a metal spoon at the top of the machine to extract some lightly frozen slushy! Why did they think we would not have used the syrup?!!! Without putting the syrup in the machine, how would we know whether the machine would freeze! I asked for a discount and I was told that the terms and conditions explain that they could be late and in fact that they had to cancel other customers to deliver to us! Seriously! I paid for a service and it is up to you to deliver something that actually works and on time! How can we be held responsible that you couldn't meet your orders?!!! At no point did anyone say it takes 2 hours to freeze and if they had delivered at 8am when we agreed, it would have given us enough time. But in fact, the machine at no point over a 4 hour period properly froze! I keep hearing "I understand" and then when I get upset, they hang up on me. Why would I not be upset? The words "I understand" are only valid if they display action like "We are sorry and here's what we will do to make it up to you." Who needs the stress of over 100 disappointed children and their parents? I repeat do not hire from this place! This is a sad end to what could have been a positive experience fixed by old fashioned, honest and compassionate customer service.

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Thank you for your review Carmelina Read, we had already replied in regards to this. The standard time for the slushy machine to freeze is 2 hours, however on days that are above 34 degrees it can take much longer to freeze. Because your function was at a church we couldn't complete the delivery earlier then we would have liked too and only had a certain time for drop off & pick up. On pick up of the machine all the syrup was used and the cups & straws were gone, after this you wanted a refund in which we couldn't offer as the product had been used in full.

Highly DISCOURAGE using this company!

Highly DISCOURAGE using this company! Mainly because they did not deliver the correct jumping castle ordered AND when delivered the Delivery Driver was beyond RUDE. BUT also when I emailed (x3) and called (x4) to complain the company did not have the courtesy to reply to emails or return our calls. Again, there are a lot of other CHOICES for Party Hire Rentals and I would highly ENCOURAGE using a different company because I Highly DISCOURAGE using this company!

Slushie machine didn't work

Not a great experience. Rented a slushie machine and it didn't work, waited 8 hours and no luck. Machine was clean, but old and was putting out a lot of heat. Delivery time also kept changing.

Thanks Laura for your review, unfortunately when we went back to collect the machine the syrup, cups and straws were all gone. We were only informed when we were there for pick up of the machine it didn't work. We have staff at the office 24/7 and at any point you call during the day or night we'd have someone either on the phone helping to fix the machine, replace it or have notes placed on file for a refund. The machine you had was a GBG slushy machine, the best type of slushy machine you can buy / hire, we pride ourselves on clean items so I thank you for that feedback. We however have reached out for a credit on your next hire as we want to keep all our customers happy as that is what makes our business great.No thank you. Won't be using you again. We did call. We have the cups and straws, would you like them back? The syrup had to be thrown out as per your instructions to return machine empty.

The worst business in the industry !

I had a jumping castle i booked rock up 3 hours late, no one answered my calls and when the driver finally showed up he said he doesn't care its not his fault.
Never ever hire from this company, take your hard earned money to a reputable business.

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Unfortunately this isn't a valid or real review and has been reported, I run this business myself and we have never delivered a jumping castle late and always hours before start times, our phone number is open 24/7 and at any point in time you can speak to someone. Our delivery drivers would never speak to any customer in that way or show any rudeness we pride ourselves on this and have a proven track record of this since our business first started 9.5 years ago.

Such an easy experience!

Showed up on time. Put jumping castle up in 10 minutes and collected on time. Castle was in great condition.

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Thanks so much Emily :)

Excellent party!

Funtime party were excellent, I messaged them few days before my son's bday party and they were able to help me out. They delivered the jumping earlier than the date of my son's birthday party and picked it up second day after. My son and his friends enjoyed it so much. Their jumping castle is very affordable. Staff are very friendly as well. Next year we will book it again. Thank you for bringing us the entertainment!

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Thanks Mary Jane for your review, we really appreciate your support.


Thanks so much for all your hard work over the weekend! The staff was super friendly and were very nice, the photo booth was outstanding the photos it took were amazing and the prop range was great.
All items were spotless and high quality.

Thanks so much :)

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Thanks Jade for taking your time to leave us a review :)

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