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Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Storage Bench

Gardenline (Aldi) Garden Storage Bench

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missing parts

handy box overall, perfect for storing items. however when we opened the box, there were no instructions no warranty card, no wheels and a broken clip on rear. the box itself was easy to assemble instructions weren't needed. i called the company straight away who said they would send replacement parts. i am still yet to receive them.

Disappointing - more plastic for landfill

Missing all the small parts including wheels. The front piece was all scratched up, would not have been possible that this happened in transport due to the location of this part in the box, it would have been a manufacturing fault. Not worth even a fraction of the price I paid for....terrible value and this item will likely go out in the next council clean up.

More UV Stabilised LANDFILL

We probably should have known better than to buy more of this rubbish. But we thought we'd be fair and give them another shot after experiencing the Twin Tumbling Composter debacle.

As per the last Gardenline purchase we made at ALDI, this one also came with missing parts. Although all of the required screws were in their packets this time, 2 of the critical inserts for the side pieces were absent, meaning assembly was never going to happen at my house at least. The factory assembled pieces were also cheap and nasty, as they were visibly misaligned and that issue couldn't be easily remedied by me. At least not without a portable blow mold and some matching coloured PVC to inject. The product is also poorly made in terms of fitting, as the most visible pieces that are supposed to click and lock in together, just don't, not by a long shot.

Anyway, if I could give them a bill for my fuel and the 15 minutes of lost assembly time, I would, however I seems we'll just have to concede to another inferior Gardenline product as we've now driven it back to ALDI the same day (today) for a full refund.

Sorry ALDI, but how about tightening up on the quality control and scrutinising your suppliers a bit more closely, this qualifies as nothing more than expensive LANDFILL.

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when will the garden storage bench be available?
No answers

We've purchased two gardenline garden storage units and there are no instructions or small parts in either box, can you please supply fitting instructions via e-mail ??????
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Hi, here’s a link to an identical product manual which might help you: https://www.keter.com/Download/GetFileUpload?downloadId=ed6d6947-0579-4486-aa59-49c750084bcdwell thats all well and good, however on the packaging it clearly states what should be in the box, and these items were NOT in the box, I pity someone else who makes the same purchase but doesn't have access to a computer to ask the question I did!Yeah, you’re welcome!! FWIW, I am just a consumer... I don’t work for ALDI or Gardenline. Admittedly those 2 minutes of my life spent googling the manual for you could’ve been better spent sipping on a glass of water however, I thought I’d try and help you out nonetheless as you were clearly incapable of doing it yourself. Perhaps next time you should try your abrupt approach at asking for assistance with either of those 2 consumer outlets and see how far it gets you there. As John McClane once said “Yippee Ki-Yay mofo”

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