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Gardenline(Aldi) Wicker Outdoor Shower SB1134

Gardenline(Aldi) Wicker Outdoor Shower SB1134

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Product is great but parts are missing

The actual shower is great.The only problem I have is that it came with 6 extra parts and missed a couple that you needed.Along with that the Allen head bolts were too short to reach the securing nut and I had to recess the holes further to put it together.If you don't have a drill and bits along with a few extra screws the right length then be warned.

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We recently bought this shower. Where the two vertical parts join, ours is quite wobbly and moves. Just wondering if this is just how they are?
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Hi.Mine is the same. Put a strap on the back to secure the two halves .

Just wondering if the Gardenline(Aldi) outdoor shower is still available to purchase?
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Hi Judy. I have not seen them in Aldi since buying mine so can only suggest you try Aldi themselves. Best of luck. Cheers LamarHi Judy, Aldi will have them on sale again this Saturday (1/12), good luck!

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