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Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia

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Michelle from Perth

We always fly with Garuda,
For many years have seen them change for the better,
I really love what you are now cabin crew are so friendly
Food and everything I really could not complain not really not even when
We had problems with the plane in Bali because you looked after us very well,
At the airport. Thank you so much you have a regular customer with me I will be flying again soon

Terrible Service Avoid this company!

I booked a flight in May from Melbourne to London, they then cancelled flights to London, I asked for a refund which took them weeks to respond and agree but they've never refunded me and will no longer reply to emails or answer phone calls it's now been 2 months

Cancelled 3 months ago, still no refund!

I had to cancel my London flight after the airline cancelled this route. After numerous calls and emails I still don't have a refund. This is definitely an example of when booking direct with the airline is not the best option!

Refund money way too long in process

Because of the web site error, the unsuccess booking was get charge. So we had double booking. I did call to call center and cancel 1 of the booking and it done. The travel assistant said they will refund our money. First call they mention 14 days but after a months not get any refund and no email, I call them again and the answer is the refund is on process will take 14 days until 3 months!! Why they not explain it at the first call, so disappointed and I just hoping they will refund our money ASAP. Cause it was a big money for 5 tickets.

First and last

Booked flights to Incheon via Jakarta, but got changed a week before fly to via bali then Jakarta. I was planning to stop over 12 hours in Jakarta, left me only 4 hours in Jakarta so had to cancel everything planned in Jakarta.
Wasn’t happy when transit in Bali as I have to colllect all lugage clear customs walked to domestic. Realised one of my luggage got damaged when arrived in hotel, Incheon.
The in-flight wasn’t that bad. Entertainment from bali to Jakarta was an issue. The screen didn’t work.
This my first flight with Garuda but would be the last too.

BAD experience - no refund processed

This airline is pathetic. We've been advised that the refund will be processed within 14 days - however when we called to follow up about the refund, we've been knocked back that the process will be 14-30 days. Fine, we wait for another days....After 30 days, we called again for a follow up and we've been informed that it's still AGAIN IN PROCESS, and the process can take to 2 months!!!....what an unbelievable experience...We feel that they keep try to prolong the refund as there is nothing we can do from here apart than calling to their call centre - and everytime we called to their call centre, their answer is just the same "In progress" ; "we don't know when, but it's in progress"

Service and food

Bad service, food lacks taste and beef tough,asked 3 times for Scotch and Coke, did never get. Didn't collect dinner trays,people were taking them back themselves,some very unhappy passengers on Garuda 728bali Perth,sat 4/8/18.

Extremely poor with some things, good with others

I flew to Bali from Melbourne recently - their online booking system was in shambles, always crashing and coming up with error messages. I paid extra money for two return tickets with extra legroom seats, only to be displayed an error message and I wasn't allocated those seats - but I was of course charged for them. I emailed the Garuda team and received a response that this would be sorted before the flight, or that I would receive a refund for the extra legroom seats. A few days later - no changes - I emailed again twice. No response. I used their online chat facility which was AWFUL - the staff there will actually stop chatting midway and you won't know that you've been disconnected until you realise after half an hour that there's probably no one there. At this point, I admit, I was really annoyed with their poor customer service and just in general having them say they are fixing something when in fact they aren't. LUCKILY, the day before the flight I called the Australian call centre and got put through to [name removed] from Sydney who was an absolute life saver and so professional and courteous. He sorted out the issue for us within a day and we got the seats we paid for. I honestly can't thank him enough, he really redeems this company's customer service. Funnily enough,I still received an email AFTER my flight from Garuda Indonesian branch saying please be patient, we're processing your refund - I mean, really??? Do they even look into the customer booking reference before sending out silly emails like that?? But anyway, to anyone who may be having booking problems or similar I would strongly advise you speak to the Melbourne or Sydney booking office, hopefully you get [name removed] or someone equally competent to sort out your problem.

And in terms of the flight itself, it was satisfactory - I slept through most of the flight so I can't really comment on the staff or food provided. The bathrooms were clean when I used them. The extra legroom seats are worth the money.

Terrible customer dispute service is nonexistent

Terrible customer service, if anything goes wrong they will divert you to an email customer service format and you will be bombarded with email but no resolution to your issues. Their goal is to prolong your dispute so it elongates the process past the time limit for the credit card company to retrieve your funds. Be wary of the bid-upgrade process as well, it sounds good unless you have a problem with the process. or need to cancel it. If it is not 49 out you forfeit your funds. If a representative tells you its canceled verify in advance or you will be screwed over and they will keep your money and resale the seat to get more money. If you call the phone representative can't help you and will only tell you to mail e-booking email representative. You will get the run around until you get frustrated and give up as this is their goal. I was told that this upgrade could not be canceled or that I would forfeit my funds, I was never properly responded to but instead strung along with continuous emails from different people until the dispute time elapsed so Garuda could claim it took to long and that the fees were justified.

Excellent Service

Flew Sydney to Bali, return in November 2017. They exceeded our expectations and the whole experience was excellent. The check in staff at both ends were helpful and the flight crew were pleasant and seemed genuinely happy to be there.
It is definitely worth the small amount extra it costs to fly to Bali with Garuda, compared to Jetstar and Virgin as the service and extra room between rows in economy (the person in front of me insisted on fully reclining their seat for the whole journey, even during meals!, and I still had enough space) is more than worth it.

Very bad airline on practically everything!

I was on Garuda flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam in September 2017. I was very disappointed and appalled for the following reasons:
1. Before take-off, a passenger had his seat reclined with the seat fully extended forward. The flight attendant ignored this situation. Only at the very last few minutes before take-off did the flight attendant ask this passenger to adjust his seat back to upright position. He only very slightly adjusted (still pretty much reclined) and the flight attendant ignored this.
2. Seat space and adjustment were not as comfy as in Cathay or SQ. The seat could only extend a certain distance forward or back before the seat back had to move to adjust. So there was less independence between the seat and back seat position.
3. The food was sub-standard.
4. My fave champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose that used to be served on Garuda Business Class was now downgraded to a fairly cheaper ordinary brand.
5. The entertainment was pathetic. Only one or two hollywood/blockbuster movies. The rest was Indonesian or other non-popular asian movies.
6. The service!!! omg simply pathetic. I pressed the call button. No one came. So I turned off the notification light. I pressed the call button again. Still no one came! unbelievable! I did it the third time, still nothing. I finally had to flag down a flight attendant who walked pass by, ignoring my lit flight attendant call button.
7. The worst however, was the bathroom. Very extremely dirty and smelly. The trash bin was overflowing. The floor was wet. And toilet paper had run out. And no, I was not in the economy class bathroom! I checked!

I wont fly Garuda anymore. Unless I get a dirt cheap low price.

Awful airline

They broke my luggage when I flew from Perth to Lombok transiting in Bali. They promised to contact me but I didn't receive any word. I tried to contact them via email, phone, twitter and got no resolution. Their call center is always busy and very difficult to contact.
Also their in-flight entertainment is horrible. They got too many advertisements. I don't recommend this horrible airline.

Impressive customer service A+

I’m thoroughly impressed with Garuda and look forward to flying with them again.
Not only did they provide good meals amoung other treats, the inflight staff were also very helpful. We required a bassinet and they were great setting it up/putting it away and working the tv around it.
The best part of all was when I lost my car keys. No it wasn’t great that I lost my keys but it was truly terrific how it was handled.
I spoke with Murray from the Sydney office. He was very thorough in taking the details and communicating with the flight and other staff. He was prompt in his follow up with me and provided several options for the keys return.
I have lost things on the airline planes before and they have never been returned.
Thank you Garuda for restoring my faith in humanity

Exceeded my expectations

I’ve flown with Jetstar Perth to Bali 3 times over the last 3 years. For the extra $100 against the budget airlines, I went with Garuda.
Why - you get check-in luggage, a meal plus alcohol and drinks without paying any extra. The chairs on Garuda are far more comfortable (Jetstar seats where terrible) they vary plane to plane)), pillows, rug, more leg room, newspaper, plus we had inhouse movies and games to choose from on the “Free” Tv screen. Landings where smooth. There are plenty of staff (they’ve won the latest international award for hostess service). The check in and the boarding gate are in the closest and best locations at Bali airport as the budget airlines have always been about 1000+m away.
I realise we are all on a budget, but my Garuda experience I’ve just had, I’ll never go budget airlines again. If you want a relaxing enjoyable flight I can endorse this airline, they exceeded my expectations.

Really bad customer service

In July 2017 my girlfriend and I were travelling from Amsterdam to Bali (with overlays in Mumbai and Singapore).

When we arrived in Denpasar after 20 hours of travelling we unfortunately found out that our luggage didn’t arrive with us.. In the airport we filled out a “property irregularity report” and the woman at the counter assured us that we could get a so-called “First Need Compensation” to buy some basic clothing, toiletries etc (as described on the website it is USD75 per person).

A bit devastated (especially my girlfriend) we went to the hotel to catch some sleep. The next day we went out to buy some basic clothing etc for a total amount of around 200 euros (which is more than the USD 150 but we were willing to pay a bit ourselves).

After 48 hours (without much updates from Garuda. It was basically impossible to get any information about the status of our luggage) our luggage finally arrived at our hotel and we could start enjoying our well deserved holiday.

After getting back home I sent an email and filled out the contact form on Garuda’s website to get the “First Need Compensation”. However, we never got a reply. So 2 weeks later I did it again and another two weeks later I did it again without any response.. In the mean time I also contacted Garuda via Facebook on weekly basis and every time I got the same standardised message “this issue is still under investigation, hopefully it will be resolved immediately”..

So now we are already 2 months after our flight, and 1,5 months after I contacted Garuda for the first time without any compensation or any reply..

If you like to have good customer service in case you might ever need it (hopefully not of course..), don’t fly with Garuda Indonesia.

Fantastic Flight!!!!

We flew Garuda from Sydney to Bali in August after being sick of poor service and constant delays from Jetstar. We flew Garuda in 2007 but forgot how much better it was!!!! The crew, the food, the service!!! We could not complain. The bit of extra seat room was great. The inflight entertainment was awesome. The food and drinks didn't stop and the crew were so lovely!!!! We had a tiny delay on way home but nothing to whinge about.
Will definitely be using Garuda again.

Rude and definitely not customer focused

Garuda Airlines seriously suck. Booking online is a nightmare, the website booking form kept freezing so had to reload the page, and then have to re-enter details many times.
Get to their check-in and met by extremely rude guy who demanded to weigh my carry on bag. "Overweight" he barks at me. "You go change your money and pay $70 or you have to leave your bag here, and bring receipt back to me for checking". Now at this point I'm thinking WTH, but I don't have any choice. I travel extensively with multiple airlines across the globe, this was the first and only time I've ever been treated like that and a first for paying. I always carry the same bag and contents. What made it feel worse was the huge obese guy standing next to me that just got waved through. I felt like I was actually paying for his excess 'baggage'. The flight didn't leave on time, it was 90 minutes late.
Then once onboard and finally get fed a snack that they call a meal I then asked for another. "NO" was the short and sharp reply. Had a look in the galley and they had dozens left over. No customer deserves their crap attitude and it's why I've never flown with them again - ever!

Worst Flight of my Life

After paying an extra couple of hundred dollars each,for my wife and myself. Incase there was trouble with the Volcano in Indonesia,and for a larger Airplane than we have flown with previously, we found that the plane wasn't any bigger seat-wise & leg-room wise. The worst was our trip home on the 28 May 2017,they allowed this woman whom looked like she had been to Antarctica she was that heavily dressed. She coughed without covering her face,sneezed and blew her nose the whole (6) six hours from warm BALI all the way to Tullamarine,Melbourne. Not once was she asked to wear a mask,or move her to a more remote part of the plane, as to think of other passengers. Well (2) two weeks later i got ill,i told the Doctors this woman was sitting in the next row accross from me,they said that's where i would have got sick. The next week i was in ICU in Hospital with Full Influenza and Pneumonia. I lost Five (5) days of my life that i can not remember. So whom ever you fly with,watch out for sick people,and even if you ask to wear a mask it might stop you getting sick.

Good Service Call Center Response

Last month our son needed to return from Indonesia urgently. Contacted Garuda through its website which promptly advised us to call its service center in Jakarta. Call center operator was very efficient and thorough in arranging a flight change, taking the time to explain all aspects of the new booking.

They do steal your money

Last year, I have booked two return tickets from Taipei, Taiwan to Denpasar, Bali for end of February 2017.
Unfortunately, I had to cancel those tickets and I made sure that I did it according to Garuda Indonesia Customer service’s instructions. So they told me to send an email to some department and then confirm it to them. I asked for the refund process and they said that they would deduct 50$ per adult and would refund the rest within 2 weeks.
I have been waiting for 2 months and a half – 11 weeks. And even though I have sent them 3 emails, several Facebook messages, I always receive the same unhelpful answer: “your refund request for ticket number XXXX is still on progress in our internally. We are still waiting for their reply, so we would like to ask you to wait for later confirmation. We will inform you as soon as we have confirmation from them. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.”
I feel totally powerless and stolen by this airline.
So beware before booking with them. That was the only and last time I did.

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Questions & Answers

what type of airplanes does Garuda operate with from Bali to Lombok?
1 answer
Daily 15:50 Denpasar-Bali (DPS) D 16:40 Praya (LOP) Garuda Indonesia GA 436 Non-stop Boeing 737-800 (738) 0:50 Daily 11:25 Denpasar-Bali (DPS) D 12:20 Praya (LOP) Garuda Indonesia GA 450 Non-stop Boeing 737-800 (738) 0:55

I have been trying to contact Garuda ALL day regarding my cancelled flight today, the Perth office number just rings out - tried about 50 times, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin contact numbers are not in service, Melb & Sydney were the only offices who actually answered and now they are closed for the day. The 1300 number also is not in service! Is anyone else having the same trouble and is there another number to try? So frustrated...
1 answer
Hai Ali. Yeah I rang melbourne office. I think They are open monday-friday.

Would like to know why Garuda are still flying from Perth to Denpasar in light of the ash cloud and other airlines cancel flights.?
1 answer
Hi Kevin & Gail, I only use Garuda for internal flights in Indonesia. I did however fly home to Perth last Saturday (8th Aug) with Air Asia at around 1330 hrs after a 7 hour delay. Same scenario - Why did Air Asia fly out at lunch time on Saturday when Jetstar and Virgin cancelled all flights on Saturday and I believe some on Sunday? I have a couple of theories extended from my Indonesian friends but nothing I could personally back... I believe Jetstar required two consecutive good reports from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre before resuming flights. Virgin required "visual confirmation" of suitable conditions and despite acknowledging the conditions appeared OK, spent an observation flight for their own confirmation. Without getting too undiplomatic about it I would suggest Australian airlines do not 100% trust the Indonesian Advisory Service..

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