Excellent oven

This is great outside oven for BBQ areas. It is good for cooking pizzas, roasts and any type of dish that may be somewhat odourous (I.e. garlic, onion and curry dishes) where you don't want the whole house reeking. Does need some practice in temperature adjustment as control is rudimentary but does have temperature gauge in door.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

What a great pizza oven

We got given to us a brand new Pizza oven and omg it is so awsum perfect pizzas just like the resteraunts I recomend it to everyone whom luv yummy pizzas

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Awesome pizza oven

Picked one up on Ebay for $250 brand new, model PO104GM. Easy to assemble, the thermometer is accurate, it can hold high temperatures for hours on end. An addition of a smoke box for wood chips is a good idea for that wood-fired taste. Downsides, if you really count it as that, it doesn't cook 3 pizzas at one time, it cooks 2. If there was a 3rd pizza in the bottom it would probably spontaneously combust in 10 seconds it's that hot. Also we have keep our in an indoor/outdoor area, if it was left outside I reckon it would rust. We bought it for my daughter 18th birthday party, cranked out 50 pizzas so it's paid for itself already! Great for mini pies too. I'll have a go at doing a whole rump in the summer...
Update, cooks meat beautifully too, keeping the heat out of the house, thermometer seems pretty accurate :)

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Don't buy this stand!

Don't buy the stainless steel stand, its a nightmare to setup, half the screws dont line up and the order it tells you to set it up in is completely wrong, asks you to put the braces on before the middle strut, so you have to loosen the braces to get the strut in again,to add insult to injury, the door doesn't stay closed, there is no latch, wasted $345 on just the stand, taking it back to BBQs Galore today, piece of crap

Date PurchasedDec 2016


We have a pizza oven on our rusty complete kitchen. The oven works well but the surface rust is really bad.
We live in Ashgrove Brisbane and approx 100km from beach.
I called them and they advised it must be I cause. Not at all. And the kitchen is the same.

Cooks well, poor quality

Oven is 4 months old, won in contest. Stainless has begun to pit and rust. Tried cleaning it today with a VERY worn nylon kitchen scourer which scratched the surface if rubbed against the grain. Doesn't happen to my kitchen benchtop! No invoice because it was won, but would not be happy had it been paid for

fantastic oven cooks anything from roasts to sausage rolls

great addition to the barbie area,cooks anything you can cook in your oven in the house only better i do roasts ,pizza, sausage rolls,cakes, lasagna, it does it to a treat, highly recommend you get one, grab a second handy, if you cant go the newby,i got mine for a $100 bucks best $100 bucks i ever spent

Rusty cheap stainless steel

Our stainless steel oven is kept undercover and we don't live near the ocean yet in less than 12 months it is covered in surface rust. Even more disappointing was the customer service when this fault was reported. I was told how to clean it and that surface rust was not warrantable. Very disappointing considering I purchased stainless steel to last. I have a stainless BBQ in the same location with no rust that is 12 years old.
Cooks well
Inferior stainless steel that rusted in less than 12 months. Terrible warranty service.


A true pizza maker! The results were amazing and a conventional oven can not compete with this at all! I was surprised and now enjoy pizzas that can rival my local pizza joint! Considering the price of this as well makes it worth while to buy! I am glad I bought it!
Easy to use
None to mention

makes grest pizzas

We bought this pizza oven on a stand for our back deck. It cooks pizzas to perfection. We don't even use our oven in the kitchen anymore it is easier to use the pizza over. It is really decently sized you can cook up to 3 pizzas at a time. You also get wood chips if u wanted a smokier flavour. This thing is portable we take it to friends houses for pizza nights and we even take it camping. Vlvery versatile pizza oven.
versatile.good quality


I wanted the pizza oven as we like to do our own pizza's, but also wanted a back up oven. It has been fantastic, and it really looks great sitting on our new stainless benching.
Cooks well, looks great, inexpensive

Great Entertainer When Guests Are Over

Husband bought this as an early Xmas present for himself. At first we had an issue with the flame staying alight & the temperature dial was quite stiff so we had to return it to Melbourne & the problems were rectified. We have had quite a few "pizza nights" at our place with friends & family. My husband is coming up with some great pizza varieties.
Cooks the pizza to perfection & it also cooks a great roast, very inexpensive to run.
Minor problems from new out of box but these were dealt with quickly.

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Purchased a gas mate pizza oven for xmas entertaining product was described as capable of cooking 3 pizzas at a time unfortunately when we tried to use all 3 racks on 2 separate occasion the pizza stone on the bottom shelf cracked so obviously it is a 2 pizza oven I will be contacting the manufacturer re this problem

Questions & Answers

The gas starter is not sparking
No answers

I tried to light the pizza oven, pressed button turned the black knob. The gas won’t stay lit, and I can’t turn the knob anymore. Not sure what is going on as it worked ok the other day. I have a gas fuse connected? Could be the cause.
4 answers
Not sure if a gas fuse is going to cause any issues, a standard Aussie regulator is all you need. Remove the fuse and use a standard regulator, to reset the regulator, turn the gas off, try to start the pizza oven and hold the button in (it won't light as the gas is off). Turn the pizza oven off, turn the gas on the cylinder on very slowly until fully on. Hold the pizza oven knob in and keep twisting until it lights (you should hear it sparking), when it has lit hold the black knob in for 10 seconds before releasing.Is it possible that the knob has become loose on the spindle or the flame detector has been moved therefore no gasI think you could be right with that one

Followed ignition instructions, no problem... then the temp flew up to 320c in 5 minutes... turned the controls to lower- made no difference, and black smoke started coming out of the flue! Turned the whole thing off, and when it cooled down I found the whole interior covered in black soot! H e l p
2 answers
There is something wrong with your air intake. Black smoke indicates insufficient air. Check air intake behind control knob (have to undo front panel)I don't think it would get to 320C if it had insufficient air (oxygen). More likely burning the paint and combustibles. If it is new take it back, if it is out of warranty I suggest replacing the regulator

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